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Feminist Groups Silent on Arnold’s Sexist Slam on Melania Trump

The 'True Lies' alum's vile Tweet isn't the first time he's degraded conservative women

Feminists have spent the last week mourning Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s failed presidential bid.

The Massachusetts Senator had a plan for everything, they cried. Only sexism could explain her shocking fall from front runner to also ran status. She wasn’t “likable” enough, sexist reporters alleged.

What else could explain her failure?Whatfinger News

The Guardian said Sen. Warren “endured sexism at every step of her campaign.” The Senator herself happily played into the narrative.

“Gender in this race — you know, that is the trap question for every woman,” Warren said, standing outside her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, after announcing she would be suspending her campaign Thursday. “If you say, ‘Yeah, there was sexism in this race,’ everyone says, ‘Whiner.’ And if you say, ‘There was no sexism,’ about a bazillion women think, ‘What planet do you live on?’”

Feminists finally grew silent this week, but it had nothing to do with Sen. Warren’s delegate debacle.

Over the weekend actor/comedian Tom Arnold lobbed a gross, offensive Tweet at First Lady Melania Trump. Arnold’s fame of late involves his relentless attacks on her husband, President Donald Trump.

The “True Lies” alum even hosted a show on Viceland called “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.” The conspiracy-laced series ended after one season, the titular tapes still out of reach.

It appears Arnold loathes the First Lady as much as her husband, given the following Twitter message.

tom arnold Melania Trump

Certainly the same feminists who rallied behind Sen. Warren would rise up against Arnold.

Feminism is about female empowerment, not partisan bickering. No First Lady, regardless of party affiliation, deserves to be treated in that fashion. The comments play to the ugliest tropes that sexualize women.

Feminists would lead the bipartisan charge against Arnold, no doubt. Or so one would think.

HiT reached out to five feminist groups for comment on Arnold’s Tweet.

  • The National Organization for Women (NOW)
  • NOW’s Hollywood branch
  • UltraViolet
  • Equality Now
  • The Feminist Majority Foundation

The groups were asked Monday for either a brief interview tied to Arnold’s comments or a statement reacting to his verbiage.

No group so much as responded to HiT’s press requests. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, though.

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Feminists routinely look the other way when conservative women are under attack. Consider the crude comments made against Nikki Haley, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Laura Ingraham and other right-leaning women.

Groups like NOW rarely, if ever, speak up on their behalf. Yet when TBS sent out a Tweet comparing Hillary Clinton’s cackle to that of a hyena, the network’s own Samantha Bee called the joke beyond the pale.

And TBS swiftly withdrew the Tweet with a full-bodied apology.

It’s why the current First Lady will get no apology from Arnold. Nor will feminists rally around her in any way, shape or form.

Modern feminism doesn’t think conservative women deserve equality, let alone respect.

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  1. So “liberal groups” are lying hypocrites and Tom Arnold is a pig? I thought you might be telling us something we didn’t already know…..

  2. Lies, bloody lies–strong conservative women never give gratuitous blows or allow themselves to be grabbed by the pu$$y. You must win them nobly.

  3. Tom Arnold … married and divorced four times … is someone whose opinions regarding women are suspect.

  4. They don’t even realize that blaming sexism for Warrens loss and racism for Harris/Booker loss is attacking their own democrat voters as this is a democrat primary and only those socialists are voting. So Trump supporters are deplorable while democrat voters appear to be racist and sexist.

  5. Sexism was definitely a factor in Warren’s campaign — it informed practically everything she said. I suspect that it’s her sexism that turns off male supporters, not theirs. Self-awareness isn’t her strong suit.

    Arnold was very good in True Lies, a film I liked a lot. But he’s a swine.

  6. “Modern feminism doesn’t think conservative women deserve equality, let alone respect.”

    That’s true, but very incomplete and therefore confusing. Modern feminism doesn’t think conservative women are authentically women. After all, being gay is inborn, but being a woman is a choice!

  7. Nice job fooling search engines by putting “Arnold” and “True Lies” in the hed and subhed.

  8. Libs are fascist terrorists in word, deed, and belief. Treat them accordingly. And it’s true regardless of gender.

  9. It all makes sense. Republican women are strong and can take care of themselves. Democrat women are victims, and need all the protection / defending they can get.

    Just curious: how many Republican leaning women did Harvey boy molest?

  10. Tom, this is the Trump White House, not Hollywood. Women do not have to blow men to get work. How’s your friend Weinstein by the way?

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