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‘Fall of Minneapolis’ Crushes 1 Million Views on Rumble

Jason Whitlock, Megyn Kelly promote doc exposes lies following George Floyd's death

The truth can’t be kept hidden forever.

We’ve seen that time and again over the past few years. Consider the following stories we were told by the media were impeccably sourced:

  • The Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation
  • The COVID-19 lab leak theory is wrong (and racist)
  • “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” before Michael Brown’s death
  • Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election

Lies. All lies.

Now, it’s time to shred the narratives surrounding the 2020 death of black Minneapolis resident George Floyd.

The Fall of Minneapolis” does just that, expertly combining raw video footage, court documents and expert testimony to show how so much of what we were told about Floyd’s tragic death and its aftermath wasn’t accurate.

There’s another word for that …


The repercussions behind those false narratives are still felt today, above and beyond the four officers in question sitting in jail after trying to arrest Floyd.

  • Soaring crime rates.
  • Spiking homicide cases.
  • Businesses that will never be recovered.
  • Police officers retiring rather than find their hard work undercut, ignored or dismissed.

The film, inspired by journalist Liz Collin’s book, “They’re Lying: The Media, The Left and the Death of George Floyd,” is a harrowing look at how key institutions failed the American public.

And people are keenly interested in seeing what it has to say.


The film just passed the 1 million view mark on Rumble, the free speech alternative to YouTube. It had some high-profile help along the way. 

Consider the following right-leaning influencers who spread the word about “Fall” since its online release six days ago.

That’s just a sample of the pundits and journalists sharing “Fall” with their followers.

Alpha News, the independent media company behind the documentary, used crowdfunding methods to produce the film. The company didn’t bring it to theaters or a prominent streaming platform. It shared it for free on Rumble – viewers must watch a single ad at the beginning.

That’s all this critic saw while screening it.

Now, more and more Americans will watch, and learn, how the media, government officials and others twisted reality to shape a narrative that divided the country, and its citizens, like never before.

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  1. What I have to say about how Minneapolis, a city I(who have lived in the Sun Belt all my life) once wanted to move TO but am now increasingly glad I NEVER did would get me in trouble with the Uber Left.

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