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Ex-Mumford & Sons Banjo Player Made the Wrong Choice. Here’s the Proof

Winston Marshall forgot Carolla's Cancel Culture rule - you retreat, they encroach

Banjo players rarely get to tour the world like a rock star.

Winston Marshall did just that.

Marshall’s days with Mumford & Sons found him spanning the global as part of the neo-folk band. The quartet, formed in 2007, earned international accolades along with Grammys and other industry nods.

The banjo player’s time with the band officially ended earlier this month. He quit after a Cancel Culture ruckus ensued following a single, harmless Tweet.

Said Tweet praised intrepid reporter, Andy Ngo, for doing the work mainstream journalists refuse to do. Ngo covers Antifa, the violent, freedom-snuffing outlaws who commit vandalism across the nation.

The Violence of the Radical Left

He’s been savagely beaten twice by Antifa thugs, yet he continues to work the dangerous beat while his fellow journalists refuse to rally by his side.

Marshall praised Ngo’s book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” causing a wave of far-Left rage on social media. The musician apologized for his sane Tweet and took a break from the band following the maelstrom.

Recently, he quit the band to speak more freely on the issues that matter to him most.

Some, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, hailed his decision.

We’re already seeing signs that he made a terrible, awful mistake. Let’s start with the obvious – why would you let the woke mob chase you from the gig of a lifetime?

What a terrible precedent. “You retreat, they encroach,” Adam Carolla warned on his podcast about the radical Left.

Marshall clearly doesn’t understand how the woke mob works, nor the journalists who worship at the Cancel Culture altar. Marshall will forever be identified with the so-called radical right no matter what he does or says next. That won’t change, even though he describes himself as ideologically hard to pin down but generally left of center.

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Once you take what appears to be a conservative position in the public arena, it’s a mark the Left won’t let you forget.

The far-Left Slate weighed in on Marshall’s decision. The headline alone is blatantly dishonest.

Mumford & Sons’ Banjoist Traded Rock Stardom for the Allure of Owning the Libs

Already he’s lumped in with the Right and there’s little forgiveness for a rocker who dared to share a thought outside the Left GroupThinkTM. The site also mentions how the band, including Marshall, once met Jordan Peterson. That act alone was, according to Slate, part of Marshall’s “radicalization.”

He has firmly taken the leap into the political strata, throwing his hat into the ring as yet another exhausting personality within that inscrutable symposium of center-right weirdos who can’t stop concern-trolling about the perils of wokeness.

The blowback from a single, innocent Tweet was so severe the guy quit the greatest gig in the world. And he’s far from alone.

  • Roseanne Barr lost her signature show, and millions of dollars, for one gross, racially-charged Tweet
  • Gina Carano got canned by Disney, Inc. for a Tweet far less radical than one shared by her liberal co-star, Pedro Pascal.
  • Sports broadcaster Grant Napear got the ax for saying, “All Lives Matter.”
  • Google “Justine Sacco” and read her horror story

The “perils of wokeness” couldn’t be more genuine, more frightening. To say otherwise is gaslighting at the highest levels.

The article wraps by saying Marshall should have logged off in the first place rather than share his thoughts. You can see Slate’s free speech hypocrisy from space.

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The far-Left Uproxx mocked center-right talker Meghan McCain for rushing to Marshall’s defense. Meanwhile on Twitter, the far Left similarly seems unready to cheer his free speech bona fides.

Marshall never should have quit his band, but it’s too late now. His false image as a far-right radical is stamped on his forehead. The media and Big Tech will treat him appropriately, and leaving the band won’t soften any of the forthcoming blows.

Even worse? 

If he dares to deviate from the GroupThink again the recent attacks will look like child’s play by comparison.

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