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D’Souza’s ‘Police State’ Gets Shocking ‘Boost’ from YouTube

Filmmaker's docudrama sparks perfect example of Thought Police in action

YouTube inadvertently proved Dinesh D’Souza’s point about his new film, “Police State.”

Hollywood in Toto’s interview with the author-turned-filmmaker appears on the platform along with a “context” warning from left-leaning Wikipedia.

The note says Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

YouTube Police State warning

Why would YouTube mention that? Perhaps because D’Souza’s previous film, “2000 Mules,” made a provocative case that voter fraud helped swing the election for Biden.

The HiT interview with D’Souza didn’t mention Trump’s allegations of voter fraud or the 2020 presidential election.

 At all.

Just talking to D’Souza apparently was enough. (And let’s assume the same warning doesn’t appear whenever election-denier Hillary Clinton graces the platform)

Sadly, you can’t buy that kind of advertising for “Police State,” a docudrama arguing the United States is heading toward Banana Republic status.

Police State Trailer | New Dinesh D'Souza Movie

The evidence is both compelling and raw, told via interviews with Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rand Paul along with talk superstar Dan Bongino. The film also features recreations of FBI overreach featuring actor Nick Searcy.

Here’s just a sample of the film’s frightening points:

  • The GOP’s presidential favorite, Trump, is facing dozens of indictments that could send him to jail before Election Day next year.
  • Moms and dads have been dubbed “domestic terrorists” by the FBI for speaking up at school board meetings.
  • A pro-life activist faced a staggering jail sentence for pushing an abortion clinic worker who berated his son.
  • The current, two-tiered justice system lets BLM rioters and Democrats off the hook while throwing Michener-sized books at Jan. 6 protesters.

It’s why D’Souza created “Police State” in the first place.

“I began to see, one by one, the key features of police states show up in America … some of this goes back to the aftermath of 9/11, that was the root of the police state,” D’Souza tells HiT about “War on Terror” weapons turned on U.S. citizens. “Some of it goes to COVID … suddenly freedom of assembly was restricted, even censorship.”

“What do these events have in common? They all appeal to the politics of fear,” he says, which leads to a haunting question. “Are we even still living in a free society?” asks D’Souza, who previously stood up for far-Left filmmaker Michael Moore when his documentary “Planet of the Humans” got yanked by the platform.


“Police State” features several brave whistleblowers who share insights into government corruption on a shocking scale.

“Our police state is a very complex phenomenon and quite unique … it involves many many agencies of government,” he says, which sets it apart from other totalitarian regimes.

In China, President Xi Jinping calls the shots. Period.

“Who’s running our police state?” he asks. “The answer is not clear … we don’t know who is making the most important decisions. Biden is in the canoe but he’s not steering the canoe.”

'Police State' Virtual Premier | New Dinesh D'Souza Movie

It shouldn’t take a filmmaker to reveal the horrors accumulated in “Police State,” but that’s part of the country’s problem. And D’Souza’s theory as to why mainstream news reporters won’t explore these issues makes sense.

“The Hunter Biden laptop story is telling in this respect,” he says. “There are thousands of journalists … what is the mechanism by which all these people come together to suppress a single story by the New York Post? They don’t get on an early morning Zoom call and all agree, ‘let’s not cover this story.’”

“They operate almost like birds in a flying formation … they’re not in direct communication but they somehow get signals from each other.

“Even a lone brave journalist … who were to say, ‘Hey. listen if you guys don’t want to cover the Hunter Biden story, I’ll cover it … it’s a huge story. It’ll make me famous,’” D’Souza says. “That guy must say to himself, ‘No I can’t … journalism is my career, and I know if I were to take the step and cover that story the rest of my own colleagues would essentially encircle me, they’d destroy my career and ruin my reputation and I would not in effect be able to work in this town again.”

“There is so much regimentation that not a single journalist of note was able to step forward and break with the pack,” he says.

Some elements of “Police State” will be familiar to conservative Americans. They’ve read about the Biden regime’s censorship schemes and saw FBI warnings that Joe and Jane Sixpack were “domestic terrorists” for speaking up at school board meetings.

D’Souza had another target audience in mind for his film.

“I wanted to have a number of stories that were eye opening and emotionally riveting… so I could answer the guy who says, ‘I’m not Donald Trump. I did not go into the Capitol on January 6th. I pay my taxes. I’m a law-abiding fellow. The police state is never going to come for me,’” he says. “I wanted to convince that guy by showing him case study, case study, case study … [until he says] ‘Whoa, these are a bunch of my fellow citizens. Why is the FBI targeting these kinds of people?’”

“Police State’s” message is clear.

“We can all be next … there is a window of time in which you can roll back and challenge the police state. If the police state becomes full-fledged I can’t make a movie like this,” he says.

To hear the rest of the interview check out The Hollywood in Toto Podcast.


  1. Conservatives: “The Police State is real and is after us.”

    Black Americans: “Welcome to our world.”

    The Police State would not have become a threat if conservatives had helped nip it in the bud back in the 1960s or earlier. But they didn’t.

    Instead, conservatives dismissed the existence of the Police State and showed no sympathy to its victims. See Martin Luther King.

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