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Dems Try, Fail to Disown Loony Liberal Celebrities

Katy Perry must be wildly confused these days.

The “I Kissed a Girl” superstar figured she could join the Resistance, score some positive headlines and ride the Trump Era wave like Laird Hamilton.

Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley

It hasn’t worked.

The same is true for her fellow liberal celebrities. They keep beclowning themselves in the political arena, their rhetoric growing hotter by the moment.

Now, reporters are gently telling liberal stars to take a hike … and trying to disconnect their rants from the progressive movement.

It’s too late. Reporters spent the last few years elevating celebrity activism as the will of liberal America. There’s no turning back now.

Reviews for Perry’s new album, “Witness,” are withering. They’re even peddling listicles from all the awful reviews. She’s generating reams of negative press she couldn’t have predicted when she ditched her flirty pop stylings for grrl power activism.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected president, Katy Perry would still be just Katy Perry: a famous white lady whose feminism was predictably limited to endorsing a fellow white lady’s political campaign. In other words, Perry would have been just another complacent, cheerful celeb offering vacuous musings on girl power and glass ceilings.


The same article also dubbed her “cultural appropriation” crimes indefensible.

Perry is the queen of co-option, sampling from aesthetics and latching on to trends. Sometimes this habit is fun and harmless; other times, it’s appropriative and poorly thought through.

Perry publicly whined about the criticism. “This is really me!” That only made matters worse most likely.

More recently, The Daily Beast published a stemwinder trying to disassociate liberal celebrities from the “true” Democratic party.

Marlow Stern, a dedicated liberal journalist, attempts damage control for his party following the Johnny Depp debacle. Turns out wishing for a sitting president’s death isn’t a good look for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. Or Hollywood.

There is also the idea that these celebrity outliers represent not only the views of Hollywood as a whole, but the base of the Democratic Party.

Now, whatever could he mean?

Bernie Sanders – Republicans are trying to pass a bill that could kill up to 27,000 in 2026 so they can give tax cuts to the wealthy (He later deleted the Tweet)

Hillary Clinton – Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the death party.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren – I’ve read the Republican “health care” bill. This is blood money. They’re paying for tax cuts with American lives.

Any one of those statements sounds so much like a liberal celebrity’s tweet you have to triple check that it’s not from George Takei, Mark Ruffalo or Joss Whedon. It’s why efforts like Stern’s will fail.

He isn’t done, though.

The notion that Johnny Depp, Kathy Griffin or Madonna—or really any celebrity with significant name recognition—somehow speaks for the entire industry is absurd.

Well, they have the loudest voices. They share said voices constantly – on social media, in press interviews and even on the red carpet. The media tries their hardest to amplify each and ever celebrity comment. The subtext? They speak for all of us. And sometimes they’re given plum spots at the Democratic National Convention. Just ask Lena Dunham.

Reporters had no problem when stars like Alyssa Milano, who doesn’t live in Georgia, rallied their celebrity cache to help Jon Ossoff with the recent special election the state’s 6th District seat.

Plus, how many “Handmaid’s Tale” Q&As from the cast and crew tied the show directly to Trump?

Stern fears the increasingly wacky liberal celebrities will hurt his party in next year’s election cycle. And he’s right. He just watched Hollywood pour tons of cash and attention into that Georgia race and come up empty. So it’s time for some tough love.

If these Hollywood liberals want to truly make a difference—that is, make any sort of dent in 2018—then they need to realize they’re easy targets, knock off the outrageous antics, and stick to the issues.

Mediaite jumped the gun on this new narrative. The site ran a piece weeks before the Georgia special election warning the Ossoff campaign its star-studded SuperPAC could hurt, not help, the cause.

That proved prophetic. Republican strategists painted Ossoff as tied to the hip with not just House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi but Hollywood at large.

it worked.

The Democrats and the Hollywood elite are joined at the hip in 2017. And the American public, even those aghast at President Trump’s antics, are getting that message.

Loud and clear.

Photo credit: Supermariolxpt via / CC BY-SA


  1. You know, back when Russia really was the enemy, and conservatives were desperately trying to remind everyone of the fact, Reiner derided us as warmongering jingoes and mocked us with the tired “seeing Reds under the beds” trope. But today the same people who a year ago Reiner was just fine with because they were Barack Obama’s bestest flexible buddies, (well, besides Muslims), are now suddenly “the enemy”. Because convenient.

  2. When the ctrl-left dissents, it’s patriotism even though it’s just the opposite. When the right dissents, it’s insurrection even though it’s just the opposite.

  3. It’s not the acting. Reagan was an actor. It’s the lefty-nuts! Why does even the right always blame groups instead of individuals?

  4. “Perry is the queen of co-option, sampling from aesthetics and latching on to trends. Sometimes this habit is fun and harmless; other times, it’s appropriative and poorly thought through.”
    Isn’t this the M.O. of pretty much every female pop star of the last 25 years? Madonna “reinvents” herself with every new album; “adopting” whatever new sound is hot at the time. Now Katy Perry is getting flak for this? Not that I care of course.

    The press needs to worry about the rabid moonbats in their ranks too. There are a lot of “journalists” tweeting some pretty angry stuff.

    1. The criticism of appropriation, especially in pop culture, is the fascinating sound of generally blue-on-blue fire with the Left eating their own more often than not. While I’m happy to get out the popcorn, I do not endorse that any attack based on “co-option”, appropriation, adoption, etc., especially where an artist is concerned. I would suggest that the conservatives and libertarian types should both know better.

      Just my 2 cents.

      1. Conservatives and Libertarians generally don’t care about that stuff, and the Alt-Right simply cheers it on because watching the Lefties disembowel each other means they are not trying to attack the rest of us.

  5. Poor Katy’s looks left her along with her sanity. She needs treatment for her mental problems ASAP.

  6. There is a logical fallacy called “Appeal to Authority”. It would be like Einstein being asked what our health care policy should be. Now, Einstein is a giant in physics, but he knows nothing about health care policy and choices. As, anything he says is merely uninformed opinion. There is this seeming belief that expertise in one area is transferable to another area. It is not.

    Our celebrities may be very good at acting or being noticed, but it is clear they are pretty empty headed in every other are and know nothing about politics or policy. Any pronouncement celebrity makes should be taken as just another uninformed opinion. I am looking at you Susan Sarandon.

    1. There are no experts in how the healthcare system should work. Jon Gruber of MIT was considered the foremost expert in this area and crafted the FAILED, CATASTROPHIC Obonzocare.

      1. Gruber crafted ObamaCare so he could mislead about it. Others (including me) would say : “so he could lie about it”.

  7. I first noticed the negative celebrity effect with Brexit. There was one particular week when the barrage of smug virtue signalling from gurning celebrities and the Great & Good was particularly intense. That weekend, the polls showed Leave ahead for the first time.

    The star system became a thing because the stars were genuinely talented and unique. People started listening to pop stars because the likes of the Beatles and the Stones were witty and cool.

    Nowadays, after a few decades of movie and pop culture being produced more or less as a homogeneous brainwashing paste, artists and entertainers have almost entirely lost their cachet.

    1. That’s the thing. These stars are manufactured by The Machine. So when they talk, especially in big coordinated lockstep campaigns, it sounds like The Machine talking. Especially since liberals, attuned to class warfare, spend all their time railing against big corporations. Now here those mega corp spokesmen are, all in lockstep, while Donald Trump rails against rigged systems. And that’s not even counting Bernie Bro radicals who saw their own party primary rigged against them.

      It’s so blatantly artificial that it refutes itself.

    2. Dada Art isn’t actually Art at all. Dada Art is actually Anti-Art. The arts are the supreme indicator of INDIVIDUALISM. The collectivist left can’t have that. Hence Dada Art.

      When the lil lefty submerged a Jesus statue in a Jar of piss and called it Art I realized what Dada Art is.

  8. Hey Hollywood, here’s the brutal truth: You’re just not that creative. Your ideas of entertainment are stupid and boring. Nobody cares about your agenda except the other uncreative smug morons.

  9. You just keep calling them antics, pal, and see where it gets you. He’s changing the political landscape, that’s political power.

  10. Alfred Hitchcock: “I did not say that actors are cattle. I said they should be treated like cattle”.

    1. and Hollywood and its ctrl-left handlers demands the rest of us moo like Cows too.

      It’s always easier to herd Cow than it is to herd Cats.

  11. Hey Hollyweird, please keep yapping about politics. Go to states out in flyover country and tell us rubes to vote for Democrat candidates. Put that 3rd grade education to work for “Progressivism”.

  12. Hey hollywood…..1) yo bitches…you are only eye candy…flaunt your titties and shut up….2) And you male sluts…you are only faces…stand on your mark, bark your lines and back to your trailer…..Don’t give a shit what you think….but have been saving a lot of money on not paying to watch you anymore.

    1. Most of them, male and female, had to prostitute themselves to get their big break, leaving them mentally ill.

  13. Sticking to the issues won’t help. Hollywood celebs need to learn that there is enough social media power out there to reveal their real personalities and to destroy their credibility when they speak on anything outside their career. Singers should sing and talk about their songs, but not force politics into their songs unless they want to be seen as overtly political (with the attendant penalties to their fanbase). Actors are paid to pretend that they are a certain character. They do not have PhDs in political science, economics, public policy as well as years of working in bureaucracy. That doesn’t mean they can’t talk about those subjects, but they need to understand that there is a growing group of people who HATE when they do speak outside of the acting performances they have done, and the future projects they hope to work on. We trust them to know about those. I’m not sure anyone expects Johnny Depp to know the first thing about government spending. (Heck, he can’t control his own.)
    But that’s my $0.02. Your mileage may vary.

    1. You’re right that that’s how it SHOULD work. But Toto’s right that given that celebs-as-politicians is how it DOES work, we can’t let them put the clown nose back on with impunity. Hammering on Hollywood is easy, fun, and richly deserved. And btw effective, at least for now.

    2. ESPECIALLY when Hollywood types talk down in their morally superior style to flyover regarding issues they personally are insulated from have not been exposed to the results of destructive social policies that they think, sound good (make them feel better about themselves).

    3. Political science and public policy aren’t real subjects of study. Working in a bureaucracy only qualifies a person as a PARASITE.

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