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Cyber Big Brother: Conservatives Silenced, Trump Deranged Stars Given Pass

Twitter Censors President Trump, Neglects Hollywood Elites Calling for Violence

While speech itself has been identified by social media giants and the Left as ‘inciting’ violence — why won’t Twitter censor literal calls for violence?

Trump Derangement Syndrome has caused Hollywood to do shameful things over the past four years.

In 2017, comedian Kathy Griffin tweeted a picture of her holding the severed head of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Admittedly, Twitter did in fact label this example as “potentially sensitive content,” but this did not stop Griffin from reposting her tweet on Instagram in June 2020.

Nor did Twitter stop her from sharing it anew in recent weeks.

Need more examples of Cyber Big Brother in action?

The flow of rage didn’t end on Election Day.

Last week, Alec Baldwin suggested in a slew of tweets that we pepper spray the President, put a knee on his neck, and “cut of his oxygen.” Most recently, “Arrested Development” star David Cross responded to Joe Biden’s call for unity by tweeting, “F— that. I want blood.”

None of the above violence incitement tweets have to date been marked by Twitter as “Potentially Sensitive Content,” or removed by the platform. Twitter told the Washington Examiner that the Cross tweet “did not violate any of the tech giant’s rules or policies.”

Meanwhile, President Trump and other conservatives’ tweets are routinely flagged if not censored. Each time the President and other Republicans raise questions pertaining to election fairness, a tag saying, “This claim about election fraud is disputed” appears.

US election: Jack Dorsey grilled by Ted Cruz on Twitter's voter fraud disclaimer

This isn’t a new development against conservatives, though.

In 2017, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) was censored from paying for her campaign ad on abortion by Twitter. Likewise, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was barred from publishing his campaign video on Twitter — as was Daily Wire writer Ryan Saavedra.

When Daily Wire host Candace Owens encouraged Americans to defy Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order, her Twitter account was suspended for a violation of “the platform’s COVID-19 misinformation policy.”

Emmy award winning actor James Woods was suspended from Twitter for sharing a photograph of Andrew Gillum with the words “…#WuhanCoronaVirus pandemic. Make sure you vote #Republican in November like your life depends on it. Because it does. #Trump2020Landslide.”

On Feb. 24, the Media Research Center tweeted a video of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) praising Fidel Castro. Almost immediately, it was flagged to include “potentially sensitive content.”

Contrast this with Twitter’s treatment of protecting those on the left on their platform. When The Daily Mail Tweeted the Red State investigative story on Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) and her scandal with a staffer, Twitter censored the link and said it “may be unsafe.

Twitter is also a major ally of partisan group Planned Parenthood — having deleted 19 tweets by Center for Medical Progress journalist David Daleiden on court proceedings between the two organizations.

Most notably of all, the platform showed their allegiance to mob rule this summer. When Antifa group Smash Racism DC threatened Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his wife at their residence, Twitter could not care less about the organization’s violent video on their platform; it took them quite a while to delete it.

Nor did they care about deleting Carlson’s home address posted online.

Fox News issues statement after mob targets Tucker's home

It is clear that there are two standards in the Twittersphere. If you are on the Left, you are largely sacrosanct from censorship. You can joke about killing the President, his kids, or any conservative, and you will be revered by the mob. Your incitement for violence is not violence — since it’s politically correct.

If you are right-of-center, you are subject to endless scrutiny. Your views that are not literal incitement of violence are supposedly violence because they can be categorized under arbitrary hate speech terms and conditions.

Speech is only violence to those on the Left, such as Twitter and cohorts, if it disavows a sentiment they hold true. Baldwin is permitted to go on a disturbing rampage because he is Alec Baldwin, and he is a liberal who spent years mocking President Trump on “Saturday Night Live.” Cross is likewise permitted to call for “blood” on 50 percent of the country, since his rationalization of the issue (that he was referring to “menstruation”) is appreciated by the Left.

Can you imagine if Trump tweeted “we need blood” when referring to the left? And then tried to walk it back?

It would be impeachment all over again.

So, until Twitter changes course, I’ll be sitting on the sidelines.

We need our institutions and companies to better represent our American values. We need platforms that spawn discourse but understand law and order. Twitter is the primary cog in the mob’s wheel — driving their each and every move — serving as an engine to ambiguously define what should be censored, and what should not be.

Twitter is Anti-American. There. I said it.

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