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Comedians React to Woke Club Cancelations: ‘Hope It Goes Belly Up’

Metzger, Smith, Florentine and Gomez too much for far-Left comedy club booker

Cancel Culture’s stranglehold on comedy is slipping.

The woke mob tried to silence Dave Chappelle, Roseanne Barr and Shane Gillis in recent years. And, in every case, they failed.

Chappelle’s contract with Netflix got renewed after his 2021 streaming special, “The Closer,” enraged far-Left activists. Barr joined the podcast revolution and is playing gigs at Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership club after one racially-charged Tweet ended her Hollywood career.

Gillis hosted “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, roughly five years after the NBC sketch show fired him for telling problematic jokes. He’s grown exponentially more successful since the firing.

Cancel Culture still has some clout, especially among the easily triggered.

Warning: Adult language ahead.

Four prominent comedians – Kurt Metzger, Luis J. Gomez, Jim Florentine and Dave Smith – just got “un-booked” at Capitol Hill Comedy / Bar in Seattle. The club’s booker/owner, Jes Anderson, claimed the decision came after hearing feedback from “local advocacy groups that are deeply embedded in our community and work towards upholding its values.”

Comedian Lou Perez of “Comedy Is Murder” fame had a sense of deja vu after hearing the news.

“’Clubs are still doing this?’ I thought. Which in a way is a positive,” Perez told Hollywood in Toto.

“The booker didn’t do herself any favors. ‘Cancel culture’ aside, from a professional standpoint a booker should know the comedians she’s booking— especially in this case of four comics with such large audiences,” Perez added.

He noted that Gomez took the cancellation in stride, saying he already had gigs at other local clubs. This won’t stop, or even slow down, the “Legion of Skanks” podcaster’s professional momentum.

“They can simply be right and move on,” Perez said of the comedy quartet. “Which they will do to much (continued) success.”

Steve “Mudflap” McGrew knows all too well what it means to be canceled.

He’s been blacklisted by club owner/“Everybody Loves Raymond” alum Brad Garrett as well as two Colorado comedy clubs (Comedy Works and Loonees Comedy Club in Colorado Springs).

So the conservative comic has little patience for Anderson’s decision.

“I hope the club goes belly up, the empty building burns down from drug addicts using it to shoot up with the free needles the city gives them and the shell of the business is bulldozed down. Then the bricks are washed and used to build a new church for better humans than the ones who owned the club,” McGrew told HiT.

Other comedians lashed out at the club via social media, including “Gutfeld!” regular Tyrus.

Metzger laughed about the decision via his X account, but he expanded on his thoughts as co-host of “The Jimmy Dore Show.”

Metzger mocked the venue’s decision with the host for “practicing group think.” The comedian laughed at Anderson for claiming his comedy doesn’t represent the values of the community, noting residents put up with homeless who defecate on Seattle sidewalks, but can’t handle jokes they don’t like. He predicted the club will go out of business. But he did note that he is not upset and doesn’t want to see her fail. Indeed, he tells the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that he wants to help her by pointing out the absurdity of her decision. But he does want to mock the decision because that’s the only way to end the woke madness, he said.

Comedians Curse Out Seattle Club Cancelations

Comedian Don Jamieson weighed in on the subject via his Facebook page.


Free speech comic Chrissie Mayr also railed against the cancellations via her podcast.

Comedy Club CANCELS Kurt Metzger, Dave Smith, Jim Florentine, & Luis J. Gomez Shows! Keanu Thompson

Mayr read Anderson’s statement regarding the cancellations on-air.

“That’s how you know it’s a comedy-loving crowd when they have ‘concerns,'” Mayr cracked in a profanity-laden exchange. “None of this has anything to do with comedy.”

Mayr, who is eight months pregnant, suffered a different kind of attack over the weekend. Following her Feb. 24 show at The Dojo of Comedy in Morris Plains, N.J.. someone pepper sprayed her and people around her.

Other comedians may not have heard about the cancellations. The news got very little mainstream media press attention, even on free speech-friendly conservative news sites.

UPDATE: Comic legend Rob Schneider weighs in on the matter.


  1. Celebrity gets privately told no. Celebrity throws a public tantrum and uses all of their power and platforms to elevate person or person who said no. Person who said no then have their private information and locations shared, are threatened, intimidated and their business and clientele are threatened. Celebrity does not grasp the irony that they are not the victim of cancel culture. They are now the ones actually currently trying to cancel. Shut up Jim.

  2. The scary part is that these aren’t Trumpers, outside of Florentine maybe. They’re regime critics. I guess we’re all going to have to learn to lie back and think of the Party.

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