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FLASHBACK: CNN’s Bell Praises Antifa, Curses Tucker Carlson

Americans didn’t need to see journalist Andy Ngo getting attacked by Antifa to know the group’s violent roots.

Antifa doesn’t hide its lust for destruction. It shouts it for all to hear from beneath its black face masks. It’s part of its DNA, as much as hating free speech and denouncing anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders as a “Nazi.”

Still, seeing Ngo pelted by milkshakes laced with cement, and worse, should be enough for clear-thinking souls to denounce the group once and for all. 

It’s still important to consider the folks propping Antifa up. CNN is a prime example. The unhinged network’s key news players have gone out of their way to promote Antifa.

CNN contributor W. Kamau Bell is even more to blame than his peers.

Far more.

Bell spoke at a 2017 Antifa rally replete with violence.

The black-clad antifa protesters chased the small number of “Patriot Prayer” attendees out of the park and threatened and attacked right-wingers and journalists.

That appearance drew precious little condemnation, nor did it stop CNN from continuing to work with the far-left comic, who hosts the network’s “United Shades of America.”

The show is currently in its fourth season.

Last month, Bell continued doing PR work for the terrorist group. He invited “Ariel,” an Antifa member, to appear on his CNN show. She openly discussed using violence against those who disagreed with her world view. She bragged about having brass knuckles and a knife during the segment.

CNN Host In Interview With Antifa Member: 'F*ck Tucker Carlton'

The host shared plenty of laughs with his guest, even as she described attacking someone at a protest.

It didn’t end there.

She went on to explain how Antifa “doxes” certain individuals and then Bell went on to display a flier doxing an ICE employee. The flier labeled this individual as “a modern Nazi” who is “putting people including children in concentration camps.”

Again, more potential violence aimed at innocent Americans doing their jobs. 

Did Bell denounce her tactics? Instead, he used her appearance as an excuse to curse out Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. The popular host previously spoke out against Bell’s appearance at the 2017 Antifa event, rightly labeling Bell “a supporter of Antifa.”

“They hate this country and want to tear it down. None of that seems to matter to Kamau Bell… You are peddling hate and Bell is,” Carlson said.

A year later, Antifa targeted Carlson’s home. About 20 activists pounded on the door, frightening Whatfinger NewsCarlson’s wife who was home at the time. She ended up calling the police for help. That assault, including an anarchy symbol painted on the home’s driveway, drew little mainstream outrage.

Bell offered mild sympathy for Carlson’s family following the attack. But he watered it down by saying he had to take steps to protect his family after Carlson rightly called him out for supporting Antifa.

Once again, a liberal tries to weaponize legitimate criticism as an attack that must be stopped. It’s a similar tactic to one Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez embraces when anyone dares to critique her word salad pronouncements.

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With that context in mind, consider Bell’s anger at Carlson and the lack of it for a terrorist on his very own show. The comedian later told a podcaster why he wouldn’t extend the same interview courtesy to Carlson.

Even if CNN had allowed it, “There is no circumstance in which I would do that,” he says. “I’d rather talk to the Klan again. At least they’re honest.”

In the very same podcast interview, Bell bragged about being open to engaging with people who share different views.

“Despite what maybe my wife would think, I’m a really good listener. I don’t have to agree with you to listen to you. I think a lot of times it’s important, especially when you disagree with someone, to be quiet and let them get all their stuff out.”

Bell turns a blind eye to hate and violence, division and destruction. He’s still gainfully employed at CNN, and he’s suffered zero repercussions for his stances. Compare that to Roseanne Barr, chases out of Hollywood for firing off one racially charged Tweet for which she instantly apologized.

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