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Chelsea Handler Denies Cancel Culture Exists. Tell it to Tom Papa

Far-left comic ignores fellow (clean) comics punished by woke mob

Some comedians may have an ulterior motive for going woke.

Their old material could get them canceled if they don’t toe the progressive line, and fast.

Take Marc Maron, who admitted last year that his previous stand-up sets are no longer appropriate according to the woke bylaws. Now, the podcaster rails against comics who complain about Cancel Culture’s wrath.

That may explain why Howard Stern, whose classic material could get him canceled in a New York minute, is now an MSNBC devotee and Trump hater.

Chelsea Handler may be a woke true believer, but she still fits snugly into this theory.


The comedienne once bragged about her drinking exploits and sexual high jinks on E!’s “Chelsea Lately.” She routinely mocked celebrities in an often cruel fashion, and she wrote the book on her boozy ways.


Now, Handler sings from the progressive hymnal. She joins Women’s Marches when a Republican is in the White House and transformed her stand-up shtick to be more progressive.

Handler left her Netflix talk show several years ago to concentrate full-time on so-called activism. Now, she’s back on the streamer with the Dec. 27 comedy special “Chelsea Handler: Revolution.”

Chelsea Handler: Revolution | Official Clip | Netflix


Handler, promoting the special tells the LA Times what she thinks of Cancel Culture.

I don’t have a problem with people saying, “Don’t be sexist. Don’t be racist. Don’t go for the lowest hanging fruit.” There’s no reason to make fun of trans people — they already have a target on their back. There’s no reason to make fun of these marginalized communities. Instead, we should be making fun of the communities that have the power. If you want to go after somebody, that’s a bigger target. It’s not that hard to be more clever.

Her rant ignores the reality comedians face in the Cancel Culture age. Kevin Hart lost a dream job as Oscars host when a decade-old routine “resurfaced” with homophobic inferences despite his repeat apologies for the material.

Sarah Silverman lost a plum movie gig because she donned blackface a decade earlier, except the bit in question attacked racism in an unconventional way.

Even the cleanest comics aren’t immune to Cancel Culture. Just ask Tom Papa.

The veteran comic doesn’t wallow in blue material. Nor does he get political on stage. He’s smart, inventive and eager to make audiences of all ages howl.

That didn’t make him immune from Cancel Culture, though.

Papa, promoting his new Netflix special, “Tom Papa: What a Day!” told the far-Left Daily Beast about his brush with Cancel Culture.

Tom Papa: What A Day! | Official Trailer | Netflix

Papa shared how he often gets grief for finding humor in darker subjects, like suicide. Other times, his self-directed “fat-shaming” bits inspire blowback.

None of that cost him work, though. Except it didn’t stop there.

He was set to host “In the USA Today” for the Game Show Network when somebody attached to the project found fault with a joke from one of his previous comedy specials.

“And then they went through all of my material from my whole career,” he adds, including all of his appearances on Joe Rogan’s podcast, “and they couldn’t come up with one other thing and they still yanked it.”

“They pulled a plug on the whole project,” Papa told The Daily Beast. Cancel Culture “definitely exists.”

Especially for comedians unwilling to become woke “allies” to the cause.


  1. I wish that evil witch, Chelsea Handler stops getting more comedy specials. She was never funny to begin with. And now I hate her even more.

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