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Chappelle Compares Trump Election to Emmitt Till’s Death

Dave Chappelle isn’t an official member of the comedy “Resistance.”

Each weeknight comedians like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah tee off on President Donald Trump.

Night after night. The relentless attack moves beyond typical late night humor into snarling partisan rage.

Chappelle lacks that kind of perch. He does have a home at Netflix, though. He followed up his double barrel blast of comedy from earlier in 2017 with another stand-up salvo released Dec. 31.

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity + The Bird Revelation | Two New Netflix Specials | Trailer

“Equanimity” and “The Bird Revelation” hit the streaming service just as 2018 beckoned. The former found Chappelle doubling down and defending his trans humor for much of the hour. Then he segued to Trump.

The revered comic trotted out the usual anti-Trump banter. He’s dumb, unfocused and wildly unpresidential. Nothing ground breaking there.

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity | Clip: Voting in the 2016 Election | Netflix Is A Joke

Chappelle isn’t your standard comedian, though. He’s considered the best of the best, the standard bearer for modern comedy. So he wrapped part 1 of his two-part comedy barrage with an inventive take on Trump’s election victory.

The bit began with Chappelle recalling the horrendous murder of Emmitt Till. The 14-year-old black teen from Chicago allegedly whistled at a white woman while visiting Mississippi. That simple act, assuming it was true, caused two area men to hunt young Till down and shoot him for his “crimes.”

Till’s mother insisted on an open casket for her late child. Why?

“The world needs to see what they did to my baby,” he recalls her saying. The press images from the funeral spread the news far and wide. The murder, and the mother’s decision, helped fuel the civil rights movement.

“His mother was a f***ing gangster,” he says. And it all began with a lie by a white woman who Chappelle says admitted as much on her death bed.

So where does Trump factor in? Just wait.

“That murder set in motion a sequence of events that made my wonderful life possible, that made this very night possible,” he says, a black man given a prestigious stand-up special on a major content service. “How could this be that this lie could make the world a better place? It’s maddening. And that’s how I feel about this president.”

I feel like this motherf***er might be the lie that saves us all because I have never felt more American than when we hate on this motherf***er together. Jesus Christ, it’s brutal.”


  1. Oh, well. We’ll always have his two seasons on Comedy Central + the two specials from last year to remind us of his brilliance, notably his prescient announcement Rosie O’Donnell’s underwear’s got dick holes.

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  2. . . . . AND, this is how we get more and more Trump!

    I really enjoy watching these overpaid butt-wipes commit professional suicide while taking Dems down another and still another drug & hate-addled notch

  3. You might feel more American as jobs continue to return to the black community after 8 or more years of job flight. With jobs comes not just money but a sense of self-worth that can be life-changing.

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    1. Chapelle doesn’t live in the Black community, has never lived in the Black community. He talks about that and the fact that he’s a rich man in his act. He also talks about the people voting for Trump as poor whites. But the connection you’ve made, jobs, he doesn’t make. Probably because he can’t let himself think poorly of Obama. None of the Lefties can as far as I can see.

      1. All true, but blacks outside of the community are aware of what happens within the community just as everyone else is, and when life in the black community improves the media lies about Trump will become more and more obvious. Hopefully then a few will change their tune.

        1. Like they did under Reagan? Like they did in New York under Guiliani? I wouldn’t bet on either the lies becoming obvious or the tune changing, but I hope you’re right. It would be the best thing for the black community and the nation.

  4. My empathy tank for black plight ran dry about 20 years ago. I’m now suffering from acute black oppression charges fatigue.

    And I know longer give a hoot what the black community thinks of pinky, most of these racists indoctrinated from the crib to hate pinky.

  5. Another black “comedian” attempting to reclaim the moral high ground by reliving the Civil Rights era. Of course blacks no longer live under LEGAL Jim Crow systems, which – incidentally – were run by the DemonCraps, whom they now support; and the problems of blacks are mostly self-inflicted, which means they can only be solved by blacks themselves.

  6. I remember years ago when I saw on of the last George Carlin shows in Las Vegas. I was so excited to finally see him. But, comedians “jump the shark” when they go full political.

    Carlin rehashed some old bits to get some laughs and then announced he had just written some of his best material ever. He launched into an anti-Bush screed and continued with Global Warming and every other lib “issue.”

    Best material indeed. I wasted money on that and left disappointed.

  7. Dude is funny. Not always right, but funny. Not going to get too bent out of shape about it. But this IS how you get more Trump.

    1. Yep.

      The more over the top they go, the more hate they admit to, the less rational their opinions look about everything including their next presidential candidate.

      And the more irrational they allow themselves to be, the more radical their next candidate will be.

      So, more Trump. Which is good for America.

      Make a Lefty Crazy today everyone. For the Children.

      1. I’m imagining the mushy middle looking at the freakshow that is the left and thinking Trump’s a better bet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he won in a landslide next time — and the freakout/death of the American left will be something to behold.

  8. Not only more jobs for POC but also higher pay as The Donald succeeds in reducing immigration related downward pressure on wages. I also think Trump will move to reduce the incidence of jail time for minor drug offenses. Tax cuts. No healthcare mandate penalty. These are all beneficial for minorities(and everyone else).

  9. “I have never felt more American than when we hate on this [blank] together.”

    Who is this “we” you speak of, Mr. Ultra-Privileged One-Percenter?

  10. Chappelle is the best of the best, the standard bearer for modern comedy? Really?? Modern comedy is in worst shape than I imagined.

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