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Stars Celebrate Fourth by Cursing out Republicans

You’d think the Fourth of July might be the one day of the year where political differences are put aside for love of country.

Not for some Hollywood stars.

They spent the holiday weekend either cursing out the GOP, wishing President Donald Trump would soon be in jail or smiting anyone who dared to call themselves a Republican.

And, of course, one A-list director joined the fray in a way only he can.

“Glow” star Betty Gilpin shared a picture of her “Glow” character Liberty Belle doing a double “bird flip” on July 4th. The star of the new Netflix series explained that she intended the image to send a message to today’s Republicans.

She subsequently yanked the image and left this comment:

Lucas Neff, the star of the recently canceled comedy “Downward Dog,” is apparently proud of his GOP attack. The actor not only left up a series of scathing comments directed at every single Republican he kept doubling down on his attacks.

Ron Perlman took a more magnanimous approach. The “Sons of Anarchy” standout chose to curse out members of President Trump’s communication team, not ordinary GOP voters.

Bette Midler couldn’t get in the holiday spirit given the man currently residing in the White House. So she wished him a speedy trip … to the nearest penitentiary.

Joss Whedon is renowned for his angry Twitter attacks against Republicans. For the Fourth, he decided to slam a key GOP member as ready, willing and able to murder millions.

Not every celebrity took that approach, though. Many, like actor Gary Sinise, kept the message positive and hopeful.

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