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Carolla Torches Newsweek Over COVID Misinformation

Podcaster roasts 2020 hit piece attaching him to Trump, MAGA nation

Adam Carolla has a better track record on COVID-19 than most so-called experts.

That includes the mainstream media, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The podcaster and comedian sussed out the dangers associated with the pandemic from the jump. He noted, early and often, that the elderly and those with compromised immune systems should worry about the virus’ impact.

Full stop.

The rest of the population had little to fear from the virus despite what mainstream reporters said.

Carolla called out COVID hypocrisy, too, from politicians who locked down constituents but partied sans regret (Gov. Gavin Newsom) to scolds who yelled about mask compliance but often wore theirs below the nose.

Now, Carolla is targeting Newsweek for a September 2020 hit piece with overtly political purposes. Carolla shared the full story on “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” this week, aided and abetted by his colleague, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The article mocked Carolla for saying the virus proved lethal to old people and the immuno-compromised community. Everyone else should go on leading their lives as more or less normal, he said on social media.

Looking back, that’s more accurate given how easily young, healthy Americans shrugged off the virus and how few deaths occurred in the under-18 set.

Newsweek, part of the media landscape stoking fear 24/7, wanted to make Carolla an example. And, as both Carolla and Dr. Pinsky note in their latest episode, it all went back to Trump.

If you doubted the media narratives surrounding the virus you were part of MAGA Nation and not to be trusted, they argued.

“The people who attacked everyone vis-a-vis COVID were attacking them for political reasons,” Carolla said. “Otherwise it would have been ‘live or let live…’ the concern was political.”

“I’d outed myself to them as MAGA. That’s why they write these articles. Otherwise it’s just a comedian with thoughts, which happen to be correct,” he added.

Carolla torched the article’s writer for dubbing him a radio show host – even though he hadn’t been on the radio for at least 10 years back in 2020. Radio is home for conservative talk, the comic noted, feeding the article’s true purpose.

“Talk radio is Republican. Talk radio is right wing,” he added.


Carolla shared how the article trotted out what we now know to be either lies or factually wobbly claims about the virus’ impact on the general population, “Long COVID” and much more.

“This entire article is inaccurate. It’s in Newsweek. These are the people that are constantly talking about Fake News and false information and that Dr. So and So has to be taken off of Twitter because he’s spreading false and inaccurate and dangerous statements,” Carolla cried.

The article then shifts to President Donald Trump and QAnon, implying Carolla’s claims made him part of MAGA Nation. Again, this wasn’t accidental.

“You’re Ultra MAGA,” Dr. Pinsky said.

“This whole article is just a political article,” Carolla said.

The author then cites two “prominent” celebrities who attacked the podcaster for his views – George Takei and Valerie Bertinelli. Carolla and Dr. Pinsky cheekily questions if either could be considered “prominent” stars in today’s culture.

“Who turned out to be right about this … you or I,” Carolla said, addressing the article’s author. “Come on the show and defend it … she’ll never do it.”

So why publish it in the first place? Carolla has a theory.

“This article is from the very beginning of September 2020 and they had an election to win,” Carolla said.

“It’s breathtaking when you think about it,” Dr. Pinsky said. “It’s very disturbing.”


  1. Adam Corolla is not a scientist. He’s kind of an imbecile. I wouldn’t put my faith in what he says. Doesn’t matter if you are liberal or conservative you should listen to the experts; not a podcaster with no medical degree.

      1. Actually the experts were not wrong. You can watch videos with Neal deGrasse Tyson who is better at explaining why someone like Adam Corolla is wrong. I don’t have the time, energy or expertise to explain it to you.

      2. Do you have a link to that explanation? I’ve watched some of Neal deGrasse Tyson’s explanations and he mostly says science! You must trust the science!

      3. What part of the comedian’s covid opinion are incorrect? Should be easy to nail it in a few sentences.

      4. Tyson is an astrophysicist, not a medical dr, and he also was wrong about covid.

      5. So, we can take your non answer as you have no evidence to back up your claim. Carolla was dead on target with his assessment and the experts were 1000% percent wrong on everything. Yes Everything. The entire Covid experiment was engineered to control the masses.

      6. The so called experts were wrong about every single thing! The scientists who were misinformation spreaders were right about everything. Masks never worked, distancing was not based on anything. Deaths were all called covid. Ivermectin, and Hydroxycloroquine known to work in April 2020 in military docs. Covid tests didn`t work. Lockdowns known to never work. Experimental shots killed, and injured more people than covid bioweapon funded by Fauci. Deaths still at elevated levels. If you got the gene editing shot you were more likely to get covid.

    1. Yet, the so-called “experts” spread the vaccines like crazy. You clearly take advice from Jimmy Kimmel.

      1. Tony, that is simply not true. But in the end it doesn’t really matter what either of us think. The two of us agreeing on this will not change anything one way or another.

    2. The “experts” were bagged and bought by who ever was running the S. Show since the start. If you have/had a thimble full of common sense you knew from day one that covid-1984 was mostly propaganda pushed for a political end. I saw A woman today riding in her car (alone) wearing the whole Covid mask and gloves. I hope she was on her way to see a psychiatrist to get free of the fear these “experts” implanted into her fevered head.

    3. Wow, just wow. You know the CDC posted COVID deaths by age and you can simply look up the death rate per age bracket, right? and if you did that you’d see Adam is spot on.

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