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Bryan Cranston Calls Trump, Trump Supporters Insane

The 'Breaking Bad' star remains silent on Biden's mental state

Celebrities mocking President Donald Trump is so 2016.

The new craze sweeping the industry is stars mocking Trump’s supporters. Sure, celebrities still torch Trump for actions both real and imagined, the latter fueled primarily by Fake News.

To truly trash Trump, actors take their rage out on his voters. It began with shows like “Conan” and “Saturday Night Live” comparing the president’s fans to Nazis, or worse.

Voters For Trump Ad - SNL

That gave way to entertainers like Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and Eminem directly telling Trump fans not to watch their shows or buy their products.

“Not good riddance but riddance,” as Kimmel succinctly put it.

Lately, even more stars are targeting Trump supporters, at a time when Hollywood is reaching its own existential crisis. Yes, we’re all streaming more content than ever, but TInsel Town remains on lockdown for the foreseeable future.

When, and in what fashion, the theatrical experience resumes remains anyone’s guess.

Enter Bryan Cranston.

The “Breaking Bad” alum and multiple Emmy winner took to Twitter this weekend to lash out at more than just the president. Cranston put Trump supporters in his cross hairs with this Tweet.

Meanwhile, the progressive star will presumably pull the lever for Joe Biden this Fall. The former Vice President verbally stumbles in nearly every press appearance he makes these days.

And there aren’t that many.

He forgets common phrases, confuses his sister for his wife, forgets the president he served beside and loses focus … even when leaning on prepared notes.

Cranston questions the sanity of those still supporting the brash, unchecked president while staying mum about Biden’s mental health.

The vast majority of Cranston’s Twitter flock rallied to his side. Others brought up Biden’s name in their cutting retorts.


  1. I like cranston as a paid liar (actor), very much. However, he has just earned a lifetime ban from me, for presuming I am crazy, for embracing the greatest president in American history.

  2. What an old hypocrite. Made fabulously wealthy from a television show that glamorizes illegal drugs and violence. He’s bought and paid for.

  3. Dear Hollywood,
    You are good for playing dress-up, making jokes, and maybe a little tap dancing. In other words….make believe.
    Leave the real thinking to those of us who stayed awake in math class.

  4. Down right funny! He worries about Trump supporters “sanity” when he’s going to vote for Joe Biden who’s brain isn’t functioning.

    What a loser!

  5. Bryan Cranston – the smartest guy to ever walk Gaia – barely squeaked out a high school education – his dumbarse daughter has a BA in Theater Studies – he has since struggled with Common Core.

    This wanker clearly considers himself privlaged yet forgets how he got there and will vote for a truly mental pedophile in November.

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