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Springsteen’s Unity Plea: Virtue Signaling at Its Worst

The ageless rocker's message couldn't be more hollow, less inspirational

The iconic image of then-Cassius Clay standing over a defeated Sonny Liston in 1964 said many things.

What didn’t it convey?


Super Bowl LV offered a similar sentiment from start to finish. It had little to do with Tom Brady’s Buccaneers dismantling the Kansas City Chiefs.


  • President Joe Biden’s unnecessary appearance (imagine the reaction had a newly re-elected President Donald Trump showed up?)
  • Woke commercials spread across the telecast
  • Ads for “The Late Show” featuring the hateful, far-left “comedian” Stephen Colbert

The message couldn’t be clearer to one half of the nation.

You no longer matter, especially after Time magazine revealed how many institutions colluded to influence the presidential election.

Yet Bruce Springsteen’s Jeep commercial stood out amidst the progressive messaging.

His “unity” plea, spoken in his signature croak, hoped for a new American age. It was inauthentic to the core. Like most Super Bowl ads, the message wasn’t about the product or how it can help Americans. Jeep hoped “The Boss” could enhance its corporate brand.

Social media quickly reminded us why Jeep picked the wrong pitch man.

It’s worse than that.

We just spent four years listening to celebrities like Springsteen attack President Trump in ways no U.S. leader of either party deserves. The rocker said this mere weeks ago about the 2020 presidential election.

In the intro, Springsteen calls for “an exorcism in our nation’s capital” as spooky Halloween-themed music plays. “In just a few days, we’ll be throwing the bums out,” he says. “I thought it was a f***ing nightmare. But it was true.”

Does that sound like the best person to start singing, “Kumbaya?”

Progressive stars like Springsteen also slammed ordinary Americans, mocking them for rejecting science-impaired lockdowns and daring to support Trump’s unconventional leadership. In between, major TV shows called MAGA fans KKK members, and worse.

Springsteen wasn’t calling for unity then. Nor was he defending blue-collar Americans, his alleged fan base, for choosing a leader they thought cared about their needs.

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The last few weeks, however, showed another side of Progressive USA. Big Tech is clobbering conservatives from platform to platform. Progressives suggest former Trump associates shouldn’t find gainful employment. Many others are lumping Trump voters in with the radicals who violently stormed the Capitol Jan. 6.

Springsteen doesn’t seem to care about any of that. And, had President Trump been in office over the weekend there’s no way the Boss would sign on to Jeep’s “unity” plea.

He’d be plotting more ResistanceTM instead.

It’s worth noting Springsteen hasn’t said a peep about American symbols being deemed hateful, racist and worst in recent months. Mount Rushmore suddenly epitomized White Supremacy, and America’s bard stood down. Far-left radicals torn down statues of the American founders and leaders like President Lincoln … not a peep from Springsteen.

But now? Now that his party has the White House, Senate and Congress? Springsteen wants us to come together.

Spare us from the very worst virtue signaling of the Biden era … so far.

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