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Could Kyle Rittenhouse Sue Bill Burr?

Freewheeling comic slanders acquitted shooter in Netflix comedy special

Bill Burr jokes about his “intense” web research in his newest Netflix special.

He Googles material and wings it on stage. And, if that’s not enough, he repeats what he hears at the bar. And that’s fine since we shouldn’t turn to stand-up comics for the latest, accurate headlines.

Burr still screwed up one of the most publicized media stories in recent memory during “Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill.”

Backstage at Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill

The Massachusetts native isn’t the star of the show. It’s a showcase for hilarious comedians who “kill,” to use industry vernacular. Burr does open the Netflix special, delivering a darkly comic look at the pandemic and other societal ills.

His short set steers into the Kyle Rittenhouse saga, the tale of an Illinois teen who shot three BLM protesters, all white, during a chaotic protest tied to the shooting of a black Wisconsin man, Jacob Blake, by local police.

Two of the men Rittenhouse shot died.

Kenosha shooting: jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty

Burr brought up the 2020 incident, which took place in Kenosha, Wisc., to prove a point about gun control.

“I don’t have a problem with guns,” the left-leaning Burr said. “Liberals gotta quit taking away conservative people’s guns.

“Because when you try to take away their guns, then you get them in a corner where they gotta start defending everybody with a gun. You know, like that f***ing idiot Rittenhouse?”

“Turns out the two people he killed were a convicted child molester and a skateboarder, two of the most annoying people in society. So as dumb as this kid is, he somehow went two for two.”

Edgy stuff, the kind of material many comics might avoid.

Not Burr, who savaged the woke mindset in his 2019 Netflix special, “Paper Tiger.

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Next, he jokes about Rittenhouse’s mother offering him a ride to the “riot,” something he couldn’t confirm with his crack Google research.

“You gotta drop me off like two blocks away so my other racist friends don’t see my mommy drove me,” Burr said.

The comic then says Rittenhouse shouldn’t trace his heritage in case it comes up with something unexpected.

“With those big pouty lips I don’t think he’s gonna like the results,” he said, insinuating Rittenhouse may be part-African, presumably, given a stereotype regarding black people’s lips.

His racist friends won’t accept the young man after that.

“C’mon, man, I’m like 91 percent you!” he cried, imitating Rittenhouse trying to unite with his fellow racists. “Und the Fuhrer only accepts 100 percent Caucasian,” the doorman answered in a mock Hitler voice.

A jury acquitted Rittenhouse on all counts last year in the shooting incident. Yet the media and then-candidate Joe Biden, instantly considered him guilty despite the video evidence to the contrary. Many, including Biden, insinuated he was a white supremacist, too.

Without evidence, as the media is fond of saying.

Reporter Miranda Devine debunked the widely-spread narrative.

In one story, the Intercept used the term “white supremacist” 16 times. The accusation has become holy writ, but there is zero evidence. The FBI scoured Kyle’s phone and found nothing about white supremacy or militias, the court heard. All they saw were pro-police, “Blue Lives Matter” posts from a kid who had been a police and fire department cadet, wanted to be a police officer or paramedic and once sat near the front of a Trump rally.

Even the far-Left Snopes dubbed the claim then-Candidate Biden called Rittenhouse a white supremacist “mostly true” without suggesting the Democrat had a point.

That didn’t stop Burr from slandering Rittenhouse as a racist in three separate jokes. His “Google” research, apparently, has some flaws.

The story may not be over, though.

Rittenhouse said Johnny Depp’s recent defamation suit victory over his ex-wife, Amber Heard, inspired him to take legal action against the outlets that slandered him in the days and months after the shooting.

And he has more than one target in mind.

The lawyer who represented Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann during his defamation cases has joined Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team, and says there will be “at least 10” defamation lawsuits against prominent figures and companies for comments against the teenager.

Sandmann settled lawsuits with CNN, NBC-Universal and The Washington Post for undisclosed sums after the liberal news sites unfairly framed him as racist for a Jan. 2019 incident in D.C. He also targeted NPR, ABC, CBS, The Guardian and more media companies.

Could Burr be on Rittenhouse’s list?

He’s a comedian, not an alleged news source. That may not matter. Conservative podcaster and pundit Ben Domenech fought his own legal battle over a joke, so it’s hardly without precedent.

That also didn’t stop Sandmann from attempting to sue comedienne Kathy Griffin for her defamatory framing of him shortly after the D.C. encounter. A judge threw out Sandmann’s case against the self-described D-list comic, despite her attempt to dox the teen and his fellow students.

The best comedy is based on truth. Burr remains one of our best stand-up comedians, but his act might get better if his Google skills improved.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Blake did not die as a result of the police shooting. This story has been corrected.


  1. Rittenhouse should own-up to some accounability for going-out and looking for conflict. Burr is a comedian, who makes fun of people and controversial topics. “Humor” is both a little bit wrong, and a little bit right. that’s what makes it funny. “How do you like them apples?”

  2. That is the purpose of humor. Rittenhouse should not sue. And thankfully, he killed two armed men, one of them was a convicted felon who should NOT HAVE HAD A GUN AT ALL.

  3. Burr has lost a step over the years. He’s breaking for material.

    I didn’t find this set funny and I’m a big fan of Burr. Or was. I can’t decide. He used to seen like a liberal who made fun of both sides, but didn’t generally take it this far. Calling someone a racist without cause is as low as it gets.

    1. As low as it gets? You have to have a good life and a small one to think that calling someone racist is “As low as it gets”. Killing of children, pedophilia, human trafficking, false imprisonment…yet you land on using your 1st amendment? In this case Bill Burr, a professional Comedian, used it in the context of a joke. And what you are saying using your 1st amendment is in the context of trying to make a point. Jake is another word for “unmemorable” or “unexceptional”. Big Jake indeed.

  4. The writer of this article needs to do better research as well. Or maybe he did research and left a lot of stuff out, like Rittenhouse partying underage with a hate group.
    And leave it to a conservative to believe a site that fact-checks is “far-left.”

    1. He wasn’t partying with white supremecists. They saw him at a restaurant and asked for some pictures. And be real…most fact checkers are lefties. Facts to them means their warped beliefs. Like a man can be a woman.

      1. So where’s the “better” right wing source? One America News? Every piece of historical media has bias and it is up to the individual to think through the material. Don’t take anything at face value when people started using “Tweets” and ‘Facebook post headlines” as news.

        Stop your bias as well. I feel bad for the kid, but to be fair, he is not a bright kid. Whatever his “intentions” were, he set up his narrative pretty badly by showing up to a protest with guns….no matter who he thinks he was protecting.

      1. Rittenhouse shot 3 people who supported BLM, killing two and maiming one. You fell for the lie that he is pro-BLM.

    2. Proud Boys aren’t a racist group they’re a men’s drinking club. Their chairman for years was an afro-cuban FFS. As for fact-checking websites they’re all leftist garbage propaganda and that’s a FACT-check…

    3. What on earth does partying underage with a hate group have to do with with what happened? It doesn’t show any intent, maybe an unwise decision but doesn’t mean he is hateful. Why can’t people see that standing up against tyranny (which is what BLM 2020 was) and protecting business’s from murderous vandals, who have no desire to protest but wreak havoc isn’t bad it’s honourable.

  5. I like Burr’s Netflix specials. Does Rittenhouse have such a case against Burr? I would doubt it. Comics deal with satire. I wish Rittenhouse well in life, but Burr is not an investigative journalist or a publishing powerhouse like NYTimes. Humor and satire is his wheelhouse. If we can sue for jokes, our entire culture is doomed for the ash bin of history.

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