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Bill Burr: Liberals Proved Gina Carano’s Point By Firing Her

Hard-charging comic calls out fellow progressives for 'bizarre' cancellation

Bill Burr once called Gina Carano an “absolute sweetheart” after Disney fired her from “The Mandalorian.”

The 53-year-old comic isn’t done defending Carano.

Burr, whose 2019 Netflix special “Paper Tiger” shredded the woke community, opened up on the subject in a new interview with the far-Left Hollywood Reporter. 

The occasion? Burr is working on his directorial debut, a parenting comedy called “Old Dads.” The wide-ranging interview touched on Burr’s work, his marriage and the ability to say what you want on a comedy stage today.

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger | Official Trailer | Netflix

Burr leaned the chat to Carano, though, when the subject of “The Mandalorian” came up. And he did so in ways many might not have expected.

The comic called the former MMA star “cool,” and how unfair her dismissal from the red-hot show was.

“I thought it was funny that the liberals proved her point. They just use outrage because they don’t like your politics. As someone who considers himself liberal, it’s disappointing to see the left become how the right used to be when they went after the Dixie Chicks after they criticized George W. Bush. There’s not a lot of people like that — most are just trying not to get in trouble — but there’s this small collection of lunatics — either on the right or the left, at any given moment – that cause hysteria. And now there’s so many [media outlets] that want eyeballs, they make money off advertising, that they give attention to these crazy fringe people.

Burr, who repeatedly barked at the outlet’s progressive interviewer, says he mostly stayed quiet on the issue to keep pressure off the show itself and their co-stars.

He still slammed the mindset that brought Carano’s dismissal, something he sees across the culture at large.

“That somebody’s opinion — or their political beliefs — makes people try to destroy their ability to make a living, it’s f***ing bizarre to me.”

Carano uncanceled herself by teaming up with counter-culture voices like Ben Shapiro and Phelim McAleer for projects including “Terror on the Prairie” and “My Son Hunter.”

Terror on the Prairie | Official Teaser Trailer

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