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Biden’s Late-Night Gotcha on Trump? Fake News

Liberal Fact Checker Politifact gives Seth Meyers interview another black eye

President Joe Biden’s handlers fear he can’t handle softball interviews on Super Bowl Sunday.

The 81-year-old dodged the easy Q&A two years in a row. He also refuses to submit to a cognitive test despite growing talk about his serial gaffes.

He still can go on a late-night program and muddle his way through what’s presumably a crush of pre-arranged questions.


President Joe Biden Addresses Concerns Over His Age and Shares His 2024 Agenda

Biden confused 2024 with 2020 during his Tuesday morning chat on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” He also proved slow on the comedic draw and rambled off in a manner all too familiar for Americans concerned about their leader’s mental wellness.

Even Variety couldn’t pretend all is well in BidenLand.

The Commander in Chief also spat out some Fake News along the way.

The New York Times shared an exchange from the show where Meyers teed up Biden to diminish concerns about his age. The issue went nuclear earlier this month when a Special Counsel report described Biden as “a well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.”

The report stated Biden couldn’t even remember when he served as the country’s Vice President.

Enter Meyers. He let Biden tackle the question without the kind of framing that a journalist might offer. Biden took his cue and ran with it.

He then went on to jab Mr. Trump, who is 77, over a video in which he seems to call his wife, Melania Trump, by another name. “You got to take a look at the other guy,” Mr. Biden said. “He’s about as old as I am, but he can’t remember his wife’s name.”

The far-Left crowd roared with approval. Except the quip got fact checked by a site that rarely holds Democrats accountable for their missteps.


The site unequivocally described reports that Donald Trump referred to his wife, Melania, as Mercedes as “false.”

Former President Trump was talking to Mercedes Schlapp, his former White House director of strategic communications and wife of Conservative Political Action Conference chair Matt Schlapp, who was sitting to Trump’s left in the audience. Trump was not referring to his wife, Melania.

Meyers mentioned the Melania/Mercedes confusion earlier in the broadcast, too.

That means Biden’s meandering late-night appearance, meant to highlight his opponents’ mental decline, blew up in his face.

Note: The Times has yet to correct its story on the Biden/Meyers conversation. Since most media outlets haven’t corrected their false information on the COVID-19 vaccines and the Russian collusion hoax, don’t expect any Editor’s Notes to accompany that story.

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