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Variety Waves White Flag on President Biden

Far-left site can't defend 81-year-old's gaffe-filled 'Late Night' appearance

Journalists treat late-night television like their personal megaphone.

Reporters, who violently lean to the Left, can’t say everything they’d like to say in print and on the web. So they aggressively quote and promote hosts who share the same views.

Case in point:

This week, President Joe Biden made a surprise appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” The chat comes after the president refused a softball Super Bowl interview for the second straight year. He rarely gives press conferences and hasn’t done any serious, one-on-one interviews in months.

The appearance also took place weeks after a brutal Special Counsel report that described the 81-year-old as an “elderly man with a poor memory” who could not stand trial for allegedly mishandling classified documents.

Biden didn’t do much to assuage concerns about his age during the NBC appearance. The conservative site Breitbart News noted Biden “appeared disoriented at times and struggled to complete many of his thoughts.” The octogenarian also claimed it was 2020, not 2024 and that Donald Trump was still in the Oval Office.


Most media outlets danced around Biden’s latest gaffes. They cherry-picked his quips and comments, preventing readers from grasping how poorly he faired during the conversation.

Red State noted how The Hill said Biden was “staying up late” for the interview, even though the show is taped mid-to-late afternoon.

This Hollywood Reporter article suggests the interview went smoothly.

Not Variety.

President Joe Biden Addresses Concerns Over His Age and Shares His 2024 Agenda

Variety is as hard-Left as The Hollywood Reporter, but columnist Daniel D’Addario couldn’t camouflage the terrible performance.

“President Biden’s ‘Late Night’ Appearance Indicates the Tough Road Ahead,” reads the headline.

Buckle in.

“[Biden] made game attempts to riff on the so-called “Dark Brandon” persona constructed for him online, but appeared ill-at-ease …  [host Seth] Meyers and [guest Amy] Poehler were handing the President a gift of sorts — the opportunity to play into a long-running joke that his amiable and aloof personality conceals a mastermind. He seemed a beat behind in catching the joke each time, and missed the opportunity to use it to say anything more substantive.”

The column noted that Biden’s allegedly “long-held rhetorical traits — like trailing off and stopping himself when he spoke angrily about Trump, as he did twice — can read now as his having lost a step.”

You don’t say. Plus, the article didn’t ignore Biden referring to 2024 as “2020.”


Biden, Seth Meyers … a Love Story

The column reminds readers that Biden’s unwillingness to undergo softball chats “felt either like a missed opportunity to reach a wide audience, or like a concession that he wasn’t up to it.”

Variety is suggesting the most powerful man in the free world may be incapable of answering softball questions.

Let that sink in.

Next, the author commends the far-Left Meyers for “handling a delicate brief well,” meaning the comic served his propagandist purposes.

So how did ol’ Joe do, you ask?

“…He stayed on message, he volleyed back a joke made to him (if woodenly), he came out alive.”

That’s your Democratic nominee, folks. He’s strong enough to survive a late-night shmooze-fest.


  1. The election year has started and the Libs are still scratching their heads about how Brandon can still be in office. So the Media will make soft little jabs like this. They can’t cut him down too much because he’s their front – runner for the election. Meanwhile, Kamalama Ding Dong, Occasional – Cortex, and Killary wait in the wings, salivating, and restrained only by the Brandon/Obama dog trainers.
    (Yeah, it does sound like a circus.)

  2. Seth Meyers will be voting for Biden and hip hip hooray for him. I’ll be voting Trump. Hopefully the Left won’t steal the living daylights out of this election like they did back in ’20.

    1. Clearly I’m right about most of the country being liberal because Trump has never won the popular vote and he will most likely lose the next election.

      1. This is a canard, Wendell. And the fact that you use generally coherent syntax to sketch out your fantasy version of the American political landscape suggests you know it.

        Because of the Electoral College and voter turnout issues, the absolute number of popular votes any one major presidential candidate receives relative to any other is effectively meaningless. Back in 2020, Joe Biden almost certainly left votes on the table in high-population Texas, and Donald Trump almost certainly left votes on the table in even higher (for now)-population California. Even worse, each candidate probably left votes on the table in the OTHER state as well, because getting 51% of the vote in a blue state is the same as getting 75% from an electoral perspective and vice-versa.

        I’m not expressing any opinion whatsoever on the legitimacy of the 2020 election, nor would I ever want to try. The key point is that I can’t predict with any certainty what the popular vote totals would have been under a different set of incentives. And neither can you.

        I realize, of course, that you’re a troll, Wendell. And I understand that your MO is to maximize the asininity-to-word-count ratio of your comments to provoke maximum response for minimum effort on your part. Still, it’s kind of fun to respond to your faux-intellectual goalpost-moving. So thanks for a brief respite from a day otherwise devoted to performing real work.

      2. I’m not trolling anyone. I just disagree with you. I was also hoping there might be other likeminded people here but I am finding out only conservatives read this site. My views aren’t as crazy as you think. Lots of people would agree with me. Just not the people here I guess.

      3. One of the regular features of our contemporary political life is conservative complaints about being victims of “government oppression.” You know what I mean: having to pay taxes to help “losers” is an outrage. Having to buy health insurance is tyranny. Not being allowed to discriminate against gay people is a denial of religious liberty. Letting employees enrolled in government-subsidized health care plans choose types of contraceptives you don’t approve of is complicity in murder. Not being able to expect the IRS to rubber-stamp your application for tax-exempt status for your political group so you can hide your donors is living under fascism, making one fear jackboots kicking down doors in the night. No wonder the most terrifying fear harbored by many of these folk is that Big Government will take away the guns they keep under their pillows!

      4. Stop lying, Wendell. You clearly are a big government shill. Leave this website, you communist pig.

      5. Okay, Tony. None of what you have excused me of is true. Never the less, I will leave this site. Bye.

  3. Might have to revisit that “strong enough” finish since apparently the interview was so hard on him, he’s now at the hospital…

  4. “You are exaggerating things beyond reality to paint the left as evil.” Philip needn’t bother, the left has done all the painting necessary, and painting you into a corner while at it.

  5. You mean the left that’s down for child genital mutilation or the rape and murder of Jewish civilians or the invasion of millions across our borders? Tell us, Wendell.

    1. Nice try, Phillip but none of what you said is true. You are exaggerating things beyond reality to paint the left as evil.

      1. I think Philip nailed it. All true. Nothing overstated. Like most libtards, you are just in denial of truth and reality.

  6. I watched the Seth Myer interview and thought Biden did great! Also, I wouldn’t describe Seth Myers as far left. The right has moved so far past old school conservatism that the left only seems far by comparison. If the modern right were more like Reagan, today’s left would look more normal to conservatives.

      1. Phil, you must only listen to and read right wing media. Believe it or not most of the country thinks similarly to what I posted.

      2. So that’s what you are shooting for, Wendell. ….to be in the most popular group? Aim higher my man. Try to be in the principled, freedom loving, humanitarian group. That was hard to do in Nazi Germany , but it should not be too dangerous today…..yet….because the Left is definitely on a trajectory to make it dangerous.

      3. Every policy that the democrats have moved further left since 2009. President Obama’s fundamental transformation meant that the squad democrat politics became mainstream democrat policies. The right didn’t move. In fact, when compared to the left’s current positioning, someone in the dead center appears to be far right wing.

    1. “today’s left would look more normal to conservatives”
      LOL – the left dividing the world into good races and bad oppressor races, the racist conspiracy theory of “systemic racism,” and equity race discrimination where things are taken away from people based on their race, and given to others based on their race – that’s normal? Only if you’re looking at Democrats of the Reconstruction era after the US Civil War!

    2. You must be joking – on every social and tax/spending issue, the left is far further left than ever. Gay marriage, gender transition, pronouns, military spending, etc. John Kennedy’s politics would be a horror show for the left today

    3. This is not true, Wendell. The movement began in earnest around 1990, and has almost entirely been the Left moving farther Left. It’s not hard to chart with actual policies like racial positioning and immigration: positions on many issues have changed very quickly for the Left, the reaction from the Right on voters has been very mild in comparison.

      The Left has pulled farther Left while defining *previously* Left-wing positions as “right wing” now: it’s just a definitional game to present the Other Side as bad and extreme.

      The number of substantive issues the Left has gone insanely Left on are nearly infinite:

      The repudiation Free speech,
      affirmative action turning into ‘pushing whites out’,
      the destruction of due process (aided by neo-cons in the Patriot Act),
      prosecuting political enemies,
      Legalizing pedophilia,

      everything has changed for the Left, almost nothing has changed on the Right.

      In 1990 the House and Senate had 68 centrist and blue dog Democrats, the so-called “traitors”: today they have four. In 1990 the Republicans had 44 “RINO’s”: today they have 57. I’m not saying they are less Right, but not by much at all. While it is true that the conservatives in the Legislature are more set-piece conservatives than in the past, the general Republican party has changed very little EXCEPT to move LEFT on several issues: for instance, the Republicans have moved Left on trade (issuing previously Democrat-only protective measures) and on general issues of war. Those are Left-moves of the Populism right, NOT further right. They are also where the Left was on race as recently as the 90’s: that is NOT right wing. The Republicans are center-Left on race issues.

      The Left is no longer Left-Liberal. They hate Left-Liberals now. Now they are mostly critically conscious (ie “woke”) That is a form of Adaptive Marxism, not Left-Liberalism.

      The Democrats have completely repudiated all principles of democracy and are looking to shut down the few institutions of freedom that are remaining.

      The Right has barely moved at all except to get more entrenched.

      Basically, the Democrats are extremist religious Left and the Republicans are center-Left.

      If you gave it any thought or defined your terms in concrete ways (like actual policy), you would laugh at your opinion. The Democratic Party is no longer a party of democracy at all it has moved so far Left. No party has ever been this extreme, including in the 20th century.

    4. You jest, Wendell. The right has moved left in the last 20 years on a range of issues from things like gay marriage, pot legalization, and less military adventures overseas……the Left, well they now support mutilating gender transition surgery for children, Orwellian censorship, and mandated medical treatments. It is the left that has gone full out bonkers….the right has moderated. Riddle me this….would former President Clinton more likely be a Democrat or Republican on policy matters today. You are in a confirmation bias bubble Wendell. Peace out.

    1. I never watch this crap show. I didn’t watch it last night. Biden is a liar, always, was, is and always will be. Biden is an old fart. I wish we could get rid of him and the other globalists now.

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