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Audiences Punch Bully Robert De Niro in the Nose

Robert De Niro has been barking about Donald Trump more than your average Daily Kos blogger.

De Niro: I’d Like to Punch Trump In the Face

The Oscar winner said he’d like to punch Trump in the nose late last year. On Friday, he doubled down on his Trump rhetoric. He told the ladies of “The View” that “punch” quote was symbolic, but he meant it all the same.

“…sometimes when people are bullies like that, that’s what you have to do to shut them up….Bully them back.”

This weekend audiences did just that to the screen legend. How? They ignored his newest film, “The Comedian.”

Big league.

Deadline.com reports “The Comedian” won’t even make $1 million during its first wide release weekend (848 theaters). The initial estimate for the film stands at $767,000. That’s a “bomb,” to use the left-leaning site’s own adjective.

The film is loaded with name actors. The cast, heavily featured in the trailer, including Leslie Mann, Harvey Keitel and Danny DeVito. It’s De Niro’s film all the way, though. He’s the most bankable star, and his performance carries the film.

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Are there other factors behind “The Comedian’s” awful numbers? Of course. Critics haven’t been kind to the film. Any Oscar buzz the movie hoped to generate late last year evaporated once those critics caught a glimpse of it.

De Niro’s name above the title doesn’t mean much these days, either. His 2016 boxing drama “Hands of Stone” tanked with a $4.7 million haul.  The critically reviled “Dirty Grandpa” fared better, but with $35 million for a mainstream comedy it was hardly a hit.

FAST FACT: Critics torched Robert De Niro’s “Dirty Grandpa.” Here’s just one sample: Robert De Niro’s efforts to completely obliterate his once-sterling cinematic reputation continue with Dirty Grandpa.

Even “Joy,” his reunion with “Silver Linings Playbook” director David O. Russell, disappointed given the high expectations ($56 million).

Joy Official Trailer #2 (2015) Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Drama Movie HD

The actor continues to work at a feverish pace, particularly for a 70-something star. And he often reminds us of his still-formidable skills. His work in “Hands of Stone” proved that artistic fire still burns within him.

The reservoir of good will he’s generated over the years may be fading. For starters, he keeps appearing in dreck like “The Big Wedding” and “Dirty Grandpa,” projects miles beneath his talent level. And then there’s his political rants.

They aren’t meant to change hearts and minds. They don’t support a particular cause. They’re ugly and mean. Yes, Trump himself can be just that, too.

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So could Nancy Pelosi. She recently said rural Americans “pray on Sunday and prey on people the rest of the week.” That’s as ugly as anything Trump has said.

When stars attack politicians, and by default their supporters, they risk trashing the bond they’ve forged with fans. And when an icon like De Niro tries to bully the Commander in Chief, more than a few movie patrons are happy to bully him right back in the only way they can.


  1. So many in Hollywood are making it difficult to enjoy watching them. The RIAA tested the waters for hating on your customers and nearly destroyed the music industry. The Dixie Chicks attempted self immolation as well. Hate is ugly. No one wants to pay money to see people who hate in general and hate them specifically. As easy as it is to look at Jennifer Lawrence, I will not pay to watch her again.

    1. Very well put. I used to like DeNiro. No longer. Same goes for Jennifer Lawrence. If I ever want to see any of their movies, I’ll wait for them to be available free on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.

      MAGA, baby.

    1. Ed Asner fell for his role as a crusading editor and tried to be that guy in real life. Did a metaphorical face plant.

  2. The headline of this article will be repeated often following newly released and upcoming movies. Middle America has lost interest in watching entertainers who have taken to slamming their elitist political views down our throats; lecturing us for exercising our right to vote for a president of our choosing instead of their choice. They will continue to look down their noses at us, continue to denigrate us, until the reality of their declining finances snaps them back into reality. Too late, Hollywood will realize Middle America doesn’t need them, but they sure need Middle America. Meanwhile, we will find something else to fill our time; anything will be preferable to watching, and indirectly supporting, those who have forgotten their place.

  3. That piece of cinematic trash of set box office records in Vichy Town, where Bobby de Zero Jr. is also known as the son of the best damn finger painter that two-bit tank town ever produced.

      1. Yes. His old unlamented man was another notable contributor from Pyongyang On-The-Hudson to the demise of America.

      2. love the name”DEPLORABLE~ We should have The Reality Deplorable Show!!! instead of the Trumps AP SHOW!! BETthe ratings would b great!!

  4. De Zero thinks hes still playing a tough guy like he did in the 70’s! Well, Bobby, you aint living on those Mean Streets, you certainly arent The Don, and Travis Bickle wouldnt waste his time with you! Youre a craggly, skinny, old man who couldnt knock down a paper wall! Jake La Motta could blow on you and youd topple! AND you being a HUGE lib isnt helping your long ago tough guy image! Retire already!

  5. Maybe DeNiro and George Clooney et al. should shut up and just be entertainers. Only the hipsters care about what Hollywood celebs think about real issues. What makes them think that their opinion is worth more than the local plumber’s?

  6. “For starters, he keeps appearing in dreck like “The Big Wedding” and “Dirty Grandpa,” projects miles beneath his talent level.”

    Miles beneath his former talent level. Completely even with his current talent level.

  7. I’m filling an imaginary dung barrel. I got George Clooney, Robert DeNero, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd, Sean Pean, Ashton Kutcher and Maddona in it now. Couple more and I will slam the lid on it and toss it in the dump.

  8. why do these old actors continue to show up and try to get younger audiences to come see them! they do not want to see old style movies they want start to finish action with cgi! movies like john wick or triple XXX is what the younger audiences want to see! dude retire with dignity not as an a-hole like that creepy lady in sunset blvd!, she just could not turn off her ego like you! so revel in your irrelevance!

  9. He was one of my favorite actors, I loved him up until Meet the Parents, but he’s an AWFUL comedic actor, no timing, no charisma, flat, you can tell he’s not a funny person, just saying the lines…. The punch him in the nose BS was embarrassing, for a 70 year old man to be that childish is just nauseating, but his work had been dogs!#@ for years, IMHO

  10. My wife is a BIG DeNiro fan. But – she was disgusted by “Dirty Grandpa”. She had nothing but scorn for the movie and was so disappointed in DeNiro allowing himself to appear in such a vile movie. She said it attacked every moral norm that she holds dear. She wasn’t aware that DeNiro held such ugly and corrosive views. I didn’t and won’t watch anything DeNiro is in since I was disabused of his so-called talent since the last movie I did watch – with the obvious “Fokkers” in the title. That movie confirmed that I he was, well, to paraphrase Michael Corleone: “Robert, you’re dead to me now.”

    1. yea the fuokers movie was the last I went to c~MERYL SHIT &BOBBY & THE REST R WASHED UP W.BOTOX!!

  11. Let’s see: DeNiro makes somewhere around $15 million per movie, owns properties throughout New York, is helping to build up the Tribeca area in NYC, contributes to charities and causes like Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, AIDS & HIV, Animals, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Diabetes, Disaster Relief, Education, Environment, Family/Parent Support, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, Miscellaneous, Parkinson’s Disease, Peace, Poverty, Senior Citizen Support, Veteran/Service Member Support, Women, and on top of all that has artistic acclaim. How many commenters in here can claim such?

    No problem, DeNiro will continue being who he is and have his fans even if some of them say his best work is behind him. Not a bad track record for someone who is now 73 years of age.

    The rest of you can keep watching Donald Trump’s remake of ‘Triumph of the Will’ while wearing your red caps made in China.

  12. When Hellywood puts Politics before their jobs,they get what they deserve!!We pay them! Find another career like a lot of the real country!!

  13. DeNiro Was one of my favorite actors and my all time favorite movie is “A Bronx Tale”. Now when I see him on T.V. or in a movie all I can think i’s “What an A.-hole”! DeNiro stick to acting not politics you ignorant A-hole. You lost a hard core fan!

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