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Andrew Schulz Shreds Media, W.H.O., for Protecting China

Renegade comic mocks glaring double standards on so-called virus bigotry

Telling “inappropriate” jokes today has its consequences.

Comic Andrew Schulz found that out after he booked a 2022 appearance at Toronto’s Massey Hall.

He’s one of the more popular comics around, using his podcast and online presence to build his comic empire.

What fueled his improbable rise? He hits both sides of the ideological aisle, for starters. Plus, he tells jokes most mainstream comedians avoid, like poking fun of President Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline.

Joe Biden’s Mental Condition is... Presidential | Andrew Schulz

That irreverent spirit shined through in his 2020 Netflix mini-series, “Schulz Saves America.”

Andrew Schulz Explains Why America Is Not That Bad

It helps explain why that Massey Hall gig got canceled. A representative from the hall informed him his past “inappropriate” jokes weren’t suitable for the venue.

Schulz’s response? He found another Toronto club, Meridian Hall, and promptly sold enough tickets to warrant three back-to-back shows.

Now, Schulz is using Twitter to illuminate truths the media and corporate comics won’t touch.

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First, he noticed how the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, wasn’t named Nu or Xi, the next letters in the Greek alphabet.

The media and politicians alike weaponized the pandemic’s name from the jump, in part, to deflect attention from the fact that the virus started in China.

The unspoken decision also reflected President Donald Trump’s willingness to connect China to the virus, which likely came from a Wuhan lab. That’s another inconvenient truth the media, liberal politicians and Big Tech actively worked to downplay.

So clearly the World Health Organization, which often covers for China, didn’t want to name the new variant Xi, the same name as the nation’s leader, Xi Jinping, and a common Chinese surname.

Schulz noticed, too.

Here’s more context behind Schulz’s riff.

Several media outlets deemed his Netflix special bigoted because he made the obvious virus/China connection. Here’s the far-Left Paste weighing in on the subject.

YouTuber Andrew Schulz calls the novel coronavirus “the Asian parasite” and the “Wuhanic Plague.” His language echoes anti-Chinese rhetoric used by Donald Trump and other GOP leaders, which coincided with a rise in racist violence across the country.

It’s important to note that viruses are routinely named by their origin countries and places. Think:

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Ross River Fever
  • West Nile Virus
  • Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

Schulz wasn’t done, though.

He also noted how media outlets are suddenly dubbing Omicron by its potential country of origin … without all the hand-wringing about racial implications.

“Inappropriate” jokes often speak to larger truths, one reason venues like Massey Hall would rather cancel someone like Schulz than let them speak.

It’s also why he boasts nearly 300K Twitter followers, 1.7 million YouTube followers and can sell out major venues.

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