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What Amy Schumer’s Shocking Confession Left Out

Far-Left Oscar host's comments reveal plenty about her, media corruption

You never forget your first cyber death threat.

For this critic, it came after suggesting “Bob’s Burgers” had run its creative course. The hysterical FOX series just wrapped its 12th season, and it’s clear the show’s best days are behind it.

Cue the email death threat.

Comedienne Amy Schumer allegedly faced something more sinister following the 94th Academy Awards telecast last month. Co-host Schumer pretended Kirsten Dunst of “The Power of the Dog” fame was a seat filler, not an Oscar contender.

Schumer said she told Dunst about the bit ahead of time to ensure no ego feathers got ruffled. That didn’t prevent what Schumer described as a wave of death threats for allegedly insulting the starlet.

Given our sensitive times, and how easy it is to send death threats via social media, that’s not surprising. Nor is it anything but ugly.

What Schumer revealed next, though, got plenty of press attention.

Amy Schumer Got Death Threats Over Her Kirsten Dunst Bit at the Oscars

Schumer told Howard Stern what happened days after the Oscar ceremony wrapped and the death threats began.

“They were so bad that the Secret Service reached out to me about that bit.”

“I’m like, ‘I think you have the wrong number. This is Amy, not Will [Smith],’ ” she added, referencing the moment Smith, 53, slapped Chris Rock onstage.

“The misogyny is unbelievable,” Schumer said.

The media ran wild with this interview snippet, and for good reason. Yet has any reporter questioned Schumer’s comments? They suggest two different narratives, both of which are troubling.

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First, why would the Secret Service, typically known for protecting the President, rush to do anything of the kind for a comic actress? Here’s the organization’s official mission statement:

We have an integrated mission of protection and financial investigations to ensure the safety and security of our protectees, key locations, and events of national significance. We also protect the integrity of our currency, and investigate crimes against the U.S. financial system committed by criminals around the world and in cyberspace.

Does any of that apply to Schumer or the comedy bit in question? The “Trainwreck” star is a distant cousin of Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, but does that mean the Democrat’s extended family requires Secret Service attention? 


Schumer is part comic, part progressive activist. She once got herself arrested to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court. She used her Oscar pulpit to promote the Fake News narrative surrounding Florida’s anti-grooming legislation.

Did that help her snag the Secret Service’s attention?

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More importantly, why haven’t any media outlets questioned her narrative? This reporter contacted the Secret Service last week for more information, but the group has yet to respond.

The other possible explanation is equally chilling.

If Schumer made up the anecdote, it’s another example of a progressive star playing the Victim CardTM with a side order of Patriarchy 101.

After all, begin famous in the 21st century sadly involves digital harassment. Meghan McCain, formerly of “The View,” says that’s part of her daily Twitter routine.

Radio superstar Dana Loesch alleges similar harassment, adding she once had to uproot her family to ensure their safety following death threats. There’s no question there are far more people on both sides of the political aisle who endure similar attacks, both analog and digital.

So why would the Secret Service single out Schumer for protection? Shouldn’t the press be asking that question?

Either way, the reaction to Schumer’s comments reveal plenty about the culture in 2022. And none of it is pretty.

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