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Press Attacks Amy Schumer for Defending Israel (UPDATED)

The Intercept's dirt-seeking Tweet captures rage against progressive star's awakening

Amy Schumer can always be counted on to carry the Left’s water.

Gun control. Abortion. The trumped-up allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Don’t say gay.

Schumer embraced those narratives, using her celebrity clout as a cudgel against naysayers.

That changed on Oct. 7, the day Hamas killed, tortured and kidnapped more than 1,400 Israeli citizens. The “Inside Amy Schumer” star has been hammering Hamas for its atrocities ever since via her Instagram page in direct contrast to the Left’s take on the subject.

That’s not all.

Schumer also called out the corrupt press for pushing the Fake News story that Israel bombed a Gaza hospital, killing 500 innocents.

“Many Western outlets published a propaganda LIE, blaming Israel without fact checking. FACTS only reached the headlines an hour later. Fire the @bbcnews @nyt @skynews @cnn editors who put terrorist lies on their homepages,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories.

She was right.

Now, the press is fighting back.

Several news outlets magnified Bernice King’s critique of Schumer after the comic cited Martin Luther King, Jr.’s venom against anti-semitism.

Tut, tut, the media outlets said, using the civil rights icon’s daughter to note King abhorred violence and military interventions.

“He also believed militarism (along with racism and poverty) to be among the interconnected Triple Evils,” she continued. “I am certain he would call for Israel’s bombing of Palestinians to cease, for hostages to be released … and for us to work for true peace, which includes justice.”

It’s impossible to know what King would do today given the complexities of the age and Hamas’ unparalleled barbarism.

The Bernice King angle is open to discussion and hardly a red flag regarding journalistic malpractice. It’s easy to see it as a way to attack Schumer’s activism, but the daughter of the civil rights leader’s opinions are noteworthy on the subject.

Still, some of the framing on the matter is suspect. Consider this headline as an example:

‘Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter corrects Amy Schumer after she references him in Israel social media post’

What The Intercept did, however, crossed a big, red line.

A reporter for the site, co-created by journalist Glenn Greenwald, solicited X users to find any possible dirt on the 42-year-old Schumer. New York Post reporter Jon Levine spotted the outreach effort and added his two cents.

The reporter’s intent couldn’t be more clear, and it’s unlikely he started the story on his own. The Tweet inspired a furious backlash, and it appears The Intercept cut ties with Boguslaw.

Or, he’s trolling his critics.

The link leads to a Substack account for a journalist named Ken Klippenstein, who also works for The Intercept.

Journalists used to share the news. Now, they use social media to provoke outrage.

Schumer is one of the very few Hollywood stars to be actively supporting Israel in the country’s time of crisis. Others have signed open letters of support, finding comfort and security in numbers.

And she’s paid a price for it.

‘I’m sad to have lost so many friends these last few weeks but feel powerful and free knowing I stand for the truth and will fight for it always,’ Schumer wrote in a post to Instagram on Oct. 31.

And she’s not backpedaling.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @amyschumer

Will more press attacks follow?

NOTE: Greenwald says he quit The Intercept after the site he co-created began censoring his stories.

UPDATE: Now, it’s NBC News’ turn to attack Schumer.

The headline speaks volumes:

Celebrities have weighed in on the Israel-Hamas war. Few have been as prolific or controversial as Amy Schumer.

This isn’t the first time celebrities have been outspoken about current events — and received backlash for what they’ve said. But Schumer — who has posted about the conflict more than 40 times on her Instagram, and about five times on X (including three reposts) as of Friday — has shown few signs of relenting.

Rob Reiner has been raging against President Donald Trump nonstop for six or so years. Where’s the article about him?

Next, NBC News insinuates she’s spreading lies without pointing to a single lie she’s spread.

Other social media users have called the contents of some of the posts Islamophobic, or accused Schumer of spreading hate or misinformation.


  1. Excellent piece. Very interesting to see people wake up in degrees. Still, I miss 31 Days of Horror already. Let’s keep going with that!

  2. Amy Schumer is on the right side of history, and if Martin Luther King Jr. was here to see what was happening, he would also support Israel, no question. Anyone with a brain and a heart can see the atrocities that Hamas commited. Stay strong Amy.

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