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Adam Carolla: ‘Every Mainstream Media Narrative … Has Been Wrong’

Podcaster skewers press for litany of lies, from Hunter Biden's laptop to Steele Dossier

Some people are immune to red-pill awakenings.

Take Adam Carolla.

The comedian and podcaster isn’t a conservative or liberal. He’s essentially apolitical with views that cross the ideological spectrum. He only appears to lean Right thanks to the Left’s abandonment of free speech and the rule of law.

He still suffered an awakening of sorts, but it involved the mainstream media. He no longer trusts the press to share fair and honest reporting. And he’s turned “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” into a nonstop critique of media misinformation.

Reporters, sadly, keep the duo busy.

The podcast hosts teed off on the corrupt press earlier this week, ticking off one fake news story after another to buttress their case.

“Every mainstream media narrative of the last five years has been wrong, if you really think about it, or skewed or morphed into something,” Carolla said.

“Maybe you start with Russian collusion and the Steele Dossier. ‘There’s a tape. There’s a pee-pee tape,'” he continued of the debunked attacks on President Donald Trump. “And you roll it all the way through COVID or George Floyd or Kyle Rittenhouse .. Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“They’ve been wrong. And not wrong around the edges… there’s always wrong around the edges. They’ve been flat-out f***ing wrong about all of it,” Carolla said. 

“If you were to talk to some of the people who reported it, they would be confused,” Dr. Pinsky added of journalists who cannot be shamed for their egregious errors.

Carolla brought up “Jim Eagle,” President Joe Biden’s false claim that Georgia’s recently updated voting rights laws would disproportionally hurt minority communities. Major League Baseball even uprooted the annual All-Star Game from Atlanta in response and moved it to Denver, Colo.

“That’s what a big deal it was,” Carolla said.

What happened next?

Record voting turnout among minority voters in the state and the 2024 All-Star Game will be played in Atlanta, as if nothing had happened.

“What happened, CNN? Did they modify these rules,” Carolla asked. “Was it ever a thing?” The media’s incuriosity over their incessant mistakes speaks volumes, he added.

“They don’t care. Rolling Stone doesn’t care. CNN doesn’t care,” the comedian said.

He cautioned listeners to tune out news sites like CNN that have repeatedly shared false stories, sans apology, for the past few years.

“If there’s an earthquake in Ecuador, fine. But if it has anything political attached to it, do not listen to them,” he said.

Carolla has a partial solution to the current, corrupt press landscape.

“It’s really the populace who’s at fault … the information is out there. Go find the f***ing information,” Don’t sit and watch CNN lie all day. Go find some information,” the comedian said.


  1. He’s right, but here’s the problem. Leftism is a cult. That’s not an insult. That’s an analysis. Watch any documentary on cults and compare the symptoms to your average CNN viewer and it becomes clear. You could hold the truth up to their eyes and they would still hand their own kids the Dixie cup full of Kool Aid. They can’t be reasoned with. Logic has no effect on them. They can’t be taught. It’s a cult.

    The bee should not waste its time trying to convince the fly that honey tastes better than poop. The……..won’t…..listen.

  2. Propagandist lie. Simple as that! Stop asking propagandists for the true story. They are no longer in that business and are incapable of telling the truth. They are not going to self incriminate…

  3. No Adam, you can’t start at “They were wrong.” You start at… “They lied and they knew they were lying.”

  4. There was a time when major media outlets would offer retractions for false reporting. As Carolla aptly notes, those days are long gone.

  5. Adam was always the Smart Guy In The Room on The Man Show.. Jimmy Kimmel was (and still is) nothing but the stooge.

  6. Don’t kid yourself. Politics will be attached to even the “earthquake in Ecuador” story (“women and children hardest hit…”).

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