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Carolla: Bill Maher Corrupted by Trump Derangement

Podcaster, Dr. Drew Pinsky decry 'Real Time' hosts' Biden blind spot

Adam Carolla’s “pirate ship” gives him carte blanche to say almost anything he wants.

The comic-turned-podcaster created a broadcasting empire where he calls the shots. You can’t cancel someone who is his own boss. That means he doesn’t kiss up to corporate media or swallow progressive narratives like the pandemic overreach and Russian collusion hoax.

He’s also willing to call out a professional peer when he or she goes astray.

It’s what Carolla did this week, aided by longtime radio partner Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The former “Loveline” hosts shared why HBO star Bill Maher can’t be trusted on the biggest issue in the political world.

Donald J. Trump.

The pair decried Maher’s descent into Trump Derangement Syndrome and its many tentacles. Namely, how Maher convinced himself Trump’s number-one adversary isn’t suffering from a dementia-like condition.

We’ve all seen countless examples of Biden’s decline, from word salad speeches to his oft-frozen visage. It’s sad but obvious, and it took the president’s live meltdown in the June 27 debate to force naysayers like Maher to admit the obvious.

It didn’t have to be this way, Carolla and Dr. Pinsky argued.

“Because of Trump Derangement, people like Bill Maher have lost their sense,” Carolla said. “They’re smart, analytical guys who have big blind spots and lost it … [CNN’s] Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper and all the ladies of ‘The View,’ they’ve given up their credibility because of their blindness.”

“They can’t control themselves and they’re unaware of it,” he continued. “[Maher] lost his ability to think clearly on this subject.”

“Yes, yes,” Dr. Pinsky chimed in. Both stars have known Maher for some time and likely consider him a friend, it’s worth noting.

To prove their Maher critique, “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” played a clip from “Real Time with Bill Maher” where the host spins Biden’s obvious decline.

Maher deconstructs several of Biden’s recent malfunctions to say it isn’t as bad as the president’s detractors suggest.

Overtime: Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Rep. Adam Kinzinger | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

“The Democrats have to find a way to communicate that [Biden] is mentally there,” Maher said on his HBO showcase, wrapping up the embarrassing spin.

Carolla and Dr. Pinsky weren’t amused.

“People have been compromised because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome and because of their narcissism,” he said of Maher and others who view the former President through an extreme, comically warped lens.

That lens shattered into a thousand pieces following the June 27 debate where Biden appeared frail and mentally confused.

Suddenly, Maher’s TDS lifted, to a degree. He renewed his call for the DNC to replace Biden, and fast.

There’s still one Trump Derangement patient Carolla has yet to call out. He may never do so, at least publicly.

Jimmy Kimmel’s TDS is as strong as anyone in the celebrity space. It’s transformed “Jimmy Kimmel Live” into a DNC platform, complete with Maher-esque denial over the current Commander in Chief.

Yet Carolla never calls Kimmel out, likely due to the pair’s enduring bond. Kimmel helped Carolla jumpstart his career in the 1990s by inviting him on his KROQ morning show.

Carolla created indelible characters like Mr. Birchum, now a DailyWire+ animated series, for Kimmels’ radio broadcasts. The opportunity led to steady work around show business for the former carpenter.

The pair clicked on and off-mic, later creating both “The Man Show” and “Crank Yankers” for Comedy Central. Their professional partnership endures, and Carolla has nothing but warm things to say about his loyal friend.

The podcaster has the power to share Kimmels’ TDS journey. He chooses not to, though.


  1. If you’re going to treat folks like the scum they are for Trump Derangement Syndrome, don’t have a different set of rules for people.

  2. isn’t funny how very few said an effing word when republican fuhrer mitch mcconnell shi* himself on camera frozen, more then once! hypocrites!

  3. I believe it was Jefferson who said “Democracies always eventually fail, republics endure”. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Thats why Dems say we are a threat to democracy. They have gaslighted their zombie lemmings to believe we are a Democracy. They are right about our intentions ; as we are a threat to a socialist democracy eliminating the constitution and thereby destroying the Republic of the United States of America.

  4. But … but … but … Orange Hitler is going to drive up to your house in his big ol’ honkin’ Democracy Stealing Truck, his goons will break down your front door and STEAL YOUR DEMOCRACY!
    For what it’s worth, he can have my democracy. Democracy is 51 percent of the public voting to take the money from the other 49 percent at the point of a gun. Color me unimpressed.

    1. That’s why, thank God, we are not a democracy but a constitutional Republic. If we were a democracy every law would be voted on by plebicite, every policy, every regulation and issue. Instead, we vote for proportional representation in the House (the most democratic institution of the Republic) but all states, from Montana to California get 2 Senators. Same with the Electoral College, many small states wield outsize influence due to the apportionment of Electoral Votes, based on House seats plus Senate seats, meaning per capita small states have outsize influence. And that has worked for 250 years. That’s why the democrat party wants to change it.

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