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Drs. Phil, Drew Skewer Rampant Media Corruption

Apolitical TV personalities take turns bemoaning sorry state of journalism

Dr. Phil ruled over syndicated TV for more than two decades. Dr. Drew’s “Loveline” gave troubled teens advice on the radio and MTV.

Neither TV doctor spent much time dwelling on mainstream media bias over the years.

That’s hardly the case today.

Dr. Drew Pinsky rages against the corrupt media landscape on “The Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast,” “Ask Dr. Drew” and any time he’s near a microphone.

The news media’s obsession with “misinformation” ignores the most galling sources of it, he argued on the latest episode of “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show.”

“Everything is thought of as misinformation or disinformation, when in fact so much of what the New York Times reports, which is the source of quote legitimate information, ends up being incorrect or wrong … and then of course, no corrections and no adjustments.”

“What do we do about this?” Dr. Pinsky asked.

Now, Dr. Phil (real name: Phillip Calvin McGraw) is lashing out at the same targets, courtesy of the “Joe Rogan Experience.”

Dr. Phil on China Buying US Farmland

The two spoke extensively about the porous U.S.-Mexico border. Dr. Phil recently visited the region as part of an upcoming investigative piece to air on Merit Street Media.

The new platform promises, according to its Nov. 2023 announcement, “multiple hours of original daily programming, including live news broadcasts that will bring fact-based truth and transparency.”

The latter reflects his frustration with mainstream media outlets that twist the news for narrative’s sake.

Just think:

  • The Russian collusion hoax
  • Burying the Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before a presidential election
  • The “fine people” lie against President Donald Trump
  • Ignoring Hillary Clinton’s role in the Russian collusion hoax

The Washington Post and The New York Times shared a Pulitzer Prize for its Russiangate reportage. Except the story in question wasn’t true.

That’s just a fraction of the distortions pumped out by today’s journalists.

Another example?

Some have been actively hiding President Joe Biden’s mental decline over the past three years but suddenly are sharing that information now.

Rogan and Dr. Phil spent a long time discussing the problems plaguing the U.S./Mexico border, including a crush of Chinese citizens of military age suddenly arriving in large numbers.

Why? What does it mean? Why aren’t journalists from The Washington Post, CNN and other established outlets asking these questions, let alone answering them, Dr. Phil asked.

“It’s a complete failure of corporate media that they’re not asking these questions,” Rogan said.

“That’s the entire reason I did this Merit Street Media,” Dr. Phil said.

TV Doctor Prescribe Cure for Media Bias

The TV doctor recalls channel surfing between different news networks with his wife one day and becoming frustrated by what he saw.

“Why won’t somebody just tell the truth? Why does everything have to be spin, spin spin? The media just won’t say it straight,” the TV personality said of that conversation.

“Well, you are the media,” he recalled Robin McGraw telling him without looking up. “You have a bigger audience than those last three [networks] combined. Why don’t you do something about it?”

“It really hit me hard. Why don’t I do something about it?” Dr. Phil said.

“Somebody needs to say, ‘Have you thought about, or did you know, that last year 33,000-plus Chinese came across the border, illegally?’ I just want you to know and do with it what you will.”

There’s little impetus for two TV-based doctors to weigh in on media bias. It’s not what drove their fame, and it might alienate listeners who still believe the press is fair and honest.

Both are doing so anyway. The reasons why couldn’t be more clear.

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