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Carolla, Dr. Drew Reveal Exactly Why We Mistrust Mainstream Media

Podcasters serve up master class in media bias with Biden lies, softball queries

The Poynter Institute should be screaming from the rooftops about the sorry state of journalism. 

So, too, should the Columbia Journalism Review.

Media bias went nuclear in the Trump era, and it’s gotten worse since then. A new poll shows the fallout from that shift.

Gallup revealed Tuesday that the percentage of people who have “no trust” in journalism outpaces a “great deal/fair amount” for the first time ever.

Yet both institutions have little to say on the subject, typified by the press’ treatment of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

So it’s up to podcasters like Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky to do the work those groups won’t.


“The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” dropped a smart bomb on journalism, again, this week. The show features advice on love, addiction and more, but in recent months the focus shifted to false pandemic narratives and journalism’s rot.

Case in point? The duo played a 1987 news clip in which then-Sen. Joe Biden made up gargantuan lies about his academic record.

And the media called him out on it, no questions asked. Biden quickly backpedaled.

1988 Road to the White House with Sen. Biden

That was then.

“You never see that anymore,” Carolla said of that brisk journalistic takedown. “In 1987 mainstream news was like, ‘[Biden] lies about this, his lying about that…'” 

Today, President Joe Biden’s whoppers require an entire team of fact checkers. Put on another pot of coffee, team. Biden’s got a speech at 2 p.m.

His comments aren’t always lucid, of course, like when he claimed his late son Beau Biden died in Iraq, not from brain cancer. Or how he called for a politician to speak up from the crowd when that same pol died weeks earlier.

That decline is something the media pretends we can’t see with our own eyes. Where are Teams Poynter and CJR? Still, Biden’s on-the-record comments are replete with wholesale lies, and the fact-checkers look the other way.

Not Carolla and Pinsky.

They replayed Biden’s 1987 comments as well as a news report skewering his lies. 

“That’s who he is,” Carolla said of Biden, noting the disparate treatment afforded his predecessor. “But you gotta watch out for Trump. That guy’s a liar.”

They followed up the news flashback with far-Left anchor Jake Tapper lobbing softballs at President Biden during a recent interview. 

The subject?

First son Hunter Biden, the target of an FBI probe. The feds have “voluminous evidence” of criminal activities, according to press reports.

He notes how Tapper must ask Biden about his troubled son. Otherwise, the anchor’s bias would be so obvious Sen. Bernie Sanders would cry foul. What he does, though, is throw a generic question at the president sans follow-up.

And that’s precisely what Tapper did.

“He must check the box, otherwise people will say, ‘you’re not a reporter, you’re in the bag for Democrats,'” he said. “He must ask it, and he will, but who cares?”

It’s like a cop charged with investigating a suspicious man’s trunk, the comic podcaster said. The officer could pop the trunk and peer inside, or he could ask the driver about the trunk’s contents and take his word for it.

The latter is Jake Tapper’s approach.


To be fair, the CNN anchor did ask a follow-up question, one that would make Woodward and Bernstein grind their teeth.

“You’re about to turn 80 next month, Happy Birthday, ahead of time,” Tapper said.

“If you wanna know what I’ve been talking about, look no further than that,” Carolla said. Later, Carolla added a scenario that highlights media mistrust even further.

“It’s not the politician. It’s the news anchor, the reporters, they’re not doing their job,” Carolla said.

The problem is so ingrained in journalism today that we expect Tapper to fall down on the job.

“If Jake Tapper followed up with the Hunter Biden thing and really squeezed him, we’d all be like, ‘oh my God, why did he do that? See what he did?'” Carolla said.

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  1. You have to figure the media doesn’t ask the tough questions because that’s not what their audience wants to hear. All 8 of them that are left.

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