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Adam Carolla: Alison Rosen Didn’t Support Brand, Show

Carolla unloaded on his former co-host Sunday, pushing aside what started as an amicable separation following Rosen’s departure from the show.

“I didn’t want to get into the gory details,” Carolla said at the top of his latest podcast. “Everyone wants to take the high road.”

The time for that, apparently, passed as fans criticized him for firing Rosen and treating her removal in a superficial manner.

Carolla said he envisioned his relationship with Rosen blossoming into the bond shared by Howard Stern and his radio sidekick, Robin Quivers. What Carolla experienced over the past few years, he complained, didn’t mirror that in the slightest.

There’s No ‘I’ in Team

He portrayed Rosen as a reluctant member of the team who did all she could to distance herself from the brand and, perhaps, his right-of-center politics. The podcaster relayed a series of slights, both small and large, which he said made it clear the two should go their separate ways.

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Rosen seemed disinterested in his outside projects, refused to allow the Carolla Digital logo on her podcast’s banner and couldn’t feign interest when the host discussed his passion for racing. She repeatedly refused to add content after he gently implored her to contribute more to the show, praising the quality of her writing. Rosen also came up small during Carolla’s fight against a patent troll, even though other podcasters quickly rallied to his side.

“A couple of incidents … don’t make her a bad person, but it makes her a person I don’t want to co-host a show with,” he said.

Politics in Play

Carolla dismissed any personal grievances with Rosen. His previous co-host, Teresa Strasser, likely shared Rosen’s left-of-center worldview but it never hurt the performance, Carolla said.

“Teresa Strasser and I politically didn’t have much common ground. It didn’t stop us from being friends or putting out a good product together,” he said.

Carolla said Rosen feared losing guests from her podcast due to his conservative-leaning views, and yet he never complained when she repeatedly borrowed guests from his show on her program.

The podcaster spoke for more than 45 minutes on the subject, making a substantive case why he decided she wasn’t a good fit for the show.

Rosen appeared to address Carolla’s arguments on social media today with the following Tweet:

Update: Rosen offered a short blog post on her firing, one that doesn’t delve into Carolla’s arguments for her removal.  

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  1. Alison Rosen was never funny. She is awful. That should have been the first and foremost reason for termination. She handled the termination with a complete lack of grace and continues to put up an “argument” over why she was fired. Someone should tell her when the boss explains why you are fired, accept it, because you sound like a idiot arguing this or that didn’t happen. Something happened the boss didn’t like our you’d still be employed, so you sound dumb arguing you were terminated for some unspecified failing as opposed to what has been offered add the reason. She’s not funny anyway. Next..

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