Are These 7 Movies on the Woke Mob’s Chopping Block?

From comedies to inconvenient dramas, the following films could be 'Gone' next

The most popular movie of all time is going back to the shop for a tune up.

First, the new streaming platform HBO Max announced it was removing “Gone with the Wind” from its content lineup. Now, we’re learning the film will return … with a catch.

The beloved drama starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh will be accompanied by a lecture saying how wrong the material is and how to interpret it properly.

Gone with the Wind (1/6) Movie CLIP - Scarlett Meets Rhett (1939) HD

Who knows if those conditions will be enough to satiate the woke mob? They smell blood across the cultural landscape, and they’re moving with ruthless speed. We’ve already seen the long-running “Cops” get the ax, and other shows, including “Live PD,” are on life support.

What’s next? The following list features films considered deeply “problematic” or sharing messages deemed untenable to the Modern Left. And make no mistake, it’s the Left tearing down statues, rioting nationwide and erasing history wherever it can.

Are these seven films next?

Blazing Saddles” – Cultural observers have had this Mel Brooks classic on their list for some time. The film liberally uses the “n-word,” features stereotypically gay characters and employs slurs now considered taboo. Brooks himself repeatedly tells us he couldn’t make “Blazing Saddles” today, a toxic reality all by itself.

Blazing Saddles (1/10) Movie CLIP - Quicksand! (1974) HD

“Comedy is the lecherous little elf whispering into the king’s ear, always telling the truth about human behavior,” Brooks famously said about his approach to humor and, more specifically, his classic comedy. “Blazing Saddles” mocked racists, not black people, a nuance lost on its critics.

Soul Man” – This forgotten 1986 comedy might make a comeback, but not the kind that’s flattering in any way. C. Thomas Howell stars as a teen who wolfs down tanning pills to darken his skin. Why? He wants to go to Harvard, and by pretending to be black he can access a minority scholarship deal.

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Does it matter that Howell’s character gets a crash course in racism as a result? Of course not. The film could be canceled for featuring a white actor in “blackface.” Context rarely, if ever, matters to the woke mob.

Tropic Thunder” – This Ben Stiller comedy is only 12 years old, but it went from cutting edge to “problematic” in record time. Why? Lines like “you never go full retard,” for starters. That inspired sizable outrage from the disabled rights community at the time. 

More importantly, Robert Downey, Jr. donned blackface to play a black character in the film within a film.

Tropic Thunder (2/10) Movie CLIP - Most Dramatic War Movie (2008) HD

Downey, Jr., who earned an Oscar nomination for the role, has tried to massage the subsequent outrage over the film. That might not be enough if the cyber pitchforks circle back on the film.

Unplanned” – There’s nothing R-rated about this pro-life drama. No one mocks people of color, and the language is suitable for the entire family. The movie’s attack on Planned Parenthood, though, could put it in the Left’s cross hairs. The woke mob doesn’t approve of messages like this. Art is meant to promote progressive ideals. It’s why reviewers and film scribes alike savaged the film upon its debut last year. The current frenzy to erase art offers a chance to redouble their efforts.

“Sixteen Candles” – Elle Magazine called this John Hughes classic an “outdated nightmare.” Molly Ringwald stars as a typical teen with an atypical problem. Her family forgot her birthday. Along the way we get some clunky Asian stereotypes, a nerd who wields a girl’s panties as a sign of conquest and other bawdy teen behaviors. Ringwald herself turned on her own Hughes films in recent years.

If the film’s star thinks it’s troublesome, imagine what some keyboard warriors have to say about it.

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Dirty Harry” – The Woke Mob could get a twofer here. Not only would they love to see this “fascist” cop thriller memory holed, they could strike a blow against its star, conservative legend Clint Eastwood. “Dirty Harry” took down minority criminals, going so far as to mock their dialects in the process. The Left loathes white male vigilantes, too, while often cheering women who take the law into their own hands.

Animal House” – Can you imagine a movie set in the early 1960s where the characters act … like they’re living in the early 1960s? Even worse? The film’s antiheroes are pledging a boozy, bawdy fraternity. That means racial insensitivity, anti-social behavior and women treated as sex objects. 

Once hailed as a comedy masterpiece, “Animal House” is under assault these days for its problematic plot points. “Is it OK to laugh at ‘Animal House?‘ one USA Today headline asked. Soon, we may not be able to even watch it.


  1. Come on now Long Duck Dong was the best character in 16 candles. Only a joyless loser would get offended by the character. Hey, Howard, there’s your Chinaman!

  2. They needn’t bother It seems with 1/2 trillion dollars in losses this year alone America has cancelled Hollywood.

  3. 21st Century Samizdat is when people meet in in back alleys to furtively exchange DVD’s of Rosanne’s canceled TV show.

  4. Hollywood is filled with idiots. Movies need to make money first and foremost.
    The 355 movie was a Big fail at the box office. The CBSUniversal movie, is an example of the liberal feminist crap Hollywood is putting out. Who would expect a movie like this to make money? Spiderman with no liberal social agenda is still hot, so this is not a failure because of Covid. You would expect the money men to be more careful with what they produce. They should be sued, there should be a class action lawsuit against this radical behavior.

    1. “Movies need to make money first and foremost.”

      No, in Hollywood, movies need to promote “The Message”. Profits are irrelevant yucky Capitalist concerns.

  5. Four of my favorite movies are on this list, and I watch each of them every summer. There are probably more of my favorites yet to be chapped and scrubbed.

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