7 Awkward Questions the Press Should Ask Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo has nothing on his green alter ego these days.

Sure, the actor’s signature character is mean, green and out of control. Compare that to what Ruffalo says in a new interview with the UK Independent:

“We are approaching mass extinctions, food systems failing, hundreds of millions of displaced people looking for places that are hospitable.”

Ruffalo spoke to the news outlet to promote “Dark Waters,” a fact-based film which hit theaters last year but failed to gain awards season buzz. The actor plays a lawyer fighting a powerful corporation tied to environmental-based deaths.

DARK WATERS | Official Trailer | In Theaters November 22

The press seized on two key items from Ruffalo’s Feb. 22 chat:

Provocative angles, no doubt. Still, the press missed all the buried ledes in the story. Again.

The interview, along with Ruffalo’s past comments, demand a more thorough Q&A. Think how podcast giant Rogan invited Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey back on his show after their first, lackluster chat. Dorsey got grilled by intrepid journalist Tim Pool the second time around.

It wasn’t pretty, but it sure proved illuminating.

Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

Along those lines, The Independent (or another press outlet) should snag Ruffalo for a follow-up interview. The following questions would serve as a proper guide…

1. Should Russia Be Allowed to Influence U.S. Elections?

Ruffalo railed against President Donald Trump early and often in the Independent interview, culminating with this battle cry.

“I’m inviting the rest of the world to get involved in our next election, because the fate of the world is in the f***ing balance. And you can print that.”

Does that include Russia, the country liberals swear changed the outcome of the 2016 presidential election without proof? Does Ruffalo realize the implications of his demands, starting with the loss of our sovereignty?

2. Should Hollywood Genuflect to China, the World’s Biggest Polluter?

We all know film studios will do or say virtually anything to appease Chinese officials.

  • Edit “insensitive” scenes out of existing movies
  • Add scenes to placate Chinese censorsWhatfinger News
  • Avoid depicting Chinese characters in an unflattering light

Why? Because the country’s box office receipts ballooned in recent years, directly impacting Hollywood’s coffers. A film could theoretically flop stateside but crush it at Chinese theaters, avoiding a fiscal disaster.

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Meanwhile, China emits more carbon than any other nation, according to Time magazine. The Chinese government isn’t a bastion of fairness, or transparency, regarding its climate change efforts. Plus, the country’s ghastly record on human rights should be something Ruffalo and his peers care deeply about.

Does all of the above keep the actor up at night, like President Trump’s mere presence does?

3. What Sacrifices Do You Make to Protect the Planet? Please Be Specific…

‘Nuff said.

4. Why Work in an Industry You Call a Bastion for ‘White Supremacy?’

Surely Ruffalo has other marketable skills. Why would he take part, for decades, in a field where black and brown people are treated so shabbily?

5. Why Do Your Films Look So … White?

Ruffalo is no longer just an actor for hire. He’s leveraged his Hollywood clout to become a producer, too. He recently produced or served as an executive producer on “Dark Waters,” “Anything” and the upcoming TV series “I Know This Much Is True.”

All of those projects feature overwhelmingly white casts. Where are the stars of color?

dark waters ruffalo cast

Cast of Mark Ruffalo film

6. Are You Worried How Often the Climate Change Science Is Wrong?

Climate scientists told us snowfalls would soon be a thing of the past. That’s just one prediction among man that proved dramatically false.

Now, we’re told we only have 12 years left to reverse course or the planet is doomed. Do you understand why many people may not buy that scenario given what we’ve been repeatedly told?

7. Why Should Anyone Listen to Hollywood Hypocrites?

This question cuts to the heart of the matter. Even Joaquin Phoenix called his fellow stars out during the recent Golden Globes telecast. The condensed version? Dear Fellow Actors, start practicing what you preach, beginning with all the private plane trips you take.

Even Ruffalo copped to the problem in the Independent interview:

“…actors shouldn’t be flying around in private jets. We don’t have to do that. It’s going to take some sacrifice, we all have to be a little bit uncomfortable… you can no longer think, ‘It’s just about me.’ You have to see that it has impact in all other directions.

“So yes, Hollywood, it is systemic, but it’s like asking a fish about water. They’ve been swimming in it their whole lives. This is a hundred years of a certain culture, starting with vilifying Native Americans in film and making them the villains for years and years, moving to black people and villainising them and then a homogenous culture of white supremacy, really. And until we start, consciously as a whole industry, making those changes – that includes actors also saying, ‘Hey, we need diversity on our sets,’ – it’s not going to change. It’s just passing the buck.”

Yes it is. And, until the American public sees action from Hollywood, Inc. – not the virtue signaling kind, by the way – why should they follow your demands?


  1. He got owned in FrackNation for supporting a couple of frauds too. He’s been on the wrong side of these enviro-wacko causes pretty consistently.

    I like the guy as an actor, but man is he a dope when it comes to reality….

  2. Credit where credit is due: no Black Widow action figure by or after second Avengers movie. Reality: he’s full of it.

  3. An entitled Gas Bag. Mark, I’ll bet you $100K straight up that the world will be here in 12 years and doing fine. Wish I had done that with Paul Erlich of the Population Bomb.

  4. Excellent column. But, and forgive me, but who is a Mark Ruffalo and why should I give a flying fudge about what he says?

  5. Here is a better suggestion. Since this clown’s opinion on matters of science, economics and public policy are irrelevant, ignore him. He plays make believe for a living.

  6. “We are approaching mass extinctions, food systems failing, hundreds of millions of displaced people looking for places that are hospitable.”
    Does this social justice warrior have any proof, evidence or data to back this up..?
    It is always “approaching”, “coming soon to a theater near you” or in “x” years, we swear to God” the end of the world is gonna happen.
    This “actor” feels the need to stay relevant and needed.
    He needs to sell all of his “stuff”, quit the “racist system” and move into a mud hut, never to be heard from again…

  7. “RELATED: Ruffalo Demands No More White Conservatives on

    There are any NOW????????????????? How did THAT happen?

  8. Curse my reading comprehension, I can’t find the part of the story where he states which non-white actor he wants to replace him as Hulk.

    1. Isn’t there ONE guy in Hollywood, who sort of walks the walk and Talk the Talk? I think it’s Ed Begley Jr who bicycles everywhere he goes? But would that be considered ‘commitment to his beliefs’ or simply being ‘odd’?

      1. Ed Begley is certainly an odd duck by contemporary standards, but at least he actively tries to walk the talk in his life style choices. I can think of no other “Hollywood Stars” who do anything but hector us lesser beings.

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