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Woody Harrelson Shreds Big Pharma, the Media, ‘SNL’ (And Its Audience)

'Champions' star pummels pandemic overreach to stunned, silent crowd

Members of “Saturday Night Live’s” audience have come to expect certain things from the long-running show.

And it’s not always laughter.

“SNL” is now part of the Democratic propaganda machine. Just watch this week’s “cold open” which skewers the president who visited East Palestine, Ohio following a chemical cloud crisis, not the one who couldn’t t be bothered to even speak to the town’s Mayor.

The propaganda is that thick and unrelenting. And it’s been that way since President Barack Obama took the oath of office in 2009.

The Trump years poured kerosene on that partisan fire. Now, the show bends over backward to avoid mocking President Joe Biden.

Enter Woody Harrelson. The star of the March 10 release “Champions” hosted “SNL” for the fifth time last night, and he used his monologue time to shred Big Pharma … and everyone who did its bidding.

Woody Harrelson Monologue - SNL

It’s amazing “SNL” brass let Harrelson uncork his monologue, his way. His rant indirectly targeted the show, NBC and its fawning coverage of the government’s COVID-19 regulations.

The inadvertent target? The “SNL” audience.

The monologue began with Harrelson discussing his copious weed intake, his previous “SNL” hosting gigs and other random items. He slowly found his way to the monologue’s point, and it’s a doozy. He recalled reading a crazy script circa 2019.

“The movie goes like this: The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force allllll the people in the world to stay locked in their homes and people can only come out if they take the cartels’ drugs and keep taking them over and over.

“I threw the script away. I mean, who was gonna believe this crazy idea?”

Crazy, indeed.


Hollywood and Comedy, Inc. have mostly avoided Big Pharma over the last few years despite the industry’s curious behavior. “SNL” certainly has.

In fact, the show has propped up Dr. Anthony Fauci on many occasions as he pushed the lockdown rhetoric, vaccine mandates and other parts of Harrelson’s “Cartel” machinations.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Cold Open - SNL

Fauci Holiday Message Cold Open - SNL

Dr. Fauci & Dr. Birx Cold Open - SNL

The most interesting part?

The audience, which Harrelson had in his hip pocket for the first two-thirds of the monologue, went stone silent during the peak of his anti-Big Pharma screed.

Crickets. No laughs. No boos. You can’t hear much of anything from the normally boisterous New York crowd.

This was likely the first time someone they like and respect, a liberal Hollywood actor, laid down some hard truths for them.

And they didn’t know what to say.

“SNL” remains a far-Left institution, incapable of speaking truth to power if it interferes with the DNC agenda. 

Harrelson, the pot-smoking, socialist-leaning actor, allowed a glimmer of real satire to emerge for 27 glorious seconds.


  1. That unintelligible too long to get to BULLSHIT would excite you complete morons. You MAJOR in MINORS and it is a BOOT LICK SPECIAL that you would laud some “COMMIE /HIPPIE/MARXIST/ ANARCHIST” who labeled himself thusly basically DEFECATING on everything you morons allegedly believe before lightly swerving into your “pharma bad” lane. You disgust me.

  2. Literally one of the best monologues in years. I could not believe he went for it – but bravo! Every day we get another study or another bit of research proving how useless masks were, how detrimental lockdowns were for families and children, and how the entire pandemic was handled poorly by “government experts”. Honest debate was shut down. Noted researchers and scientists critical of the response were deplatformed, shunned, and silenced.

    Harrelson went right for the throat … but he snuck up on it in a way they never saw coming. Glorious.

  3. They likely turned down the audience microphones so you can’t hear the boos or yeahs. Either response wouldn’t be the narrative. A boo means Woody is on the target. A yeah means the audience agrees. SNL. should be avoided for the relic it is.

  4. And of course the mainstream media is ripping Harrelson for this, because we all know that if there’s one thing liberals cannot abide, it’s people using SNL for political purposes.

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