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Woke Chelsea Handler Ignores Her Actual Privilege

Remember Chelsea Handler 1.0?

The bawdy comic bragged about her unexpurgated sex life … in between bouts of extreme alcohol abuse. She even used her brand on her best-selling books like “My Horizontal Life” and “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.”

She once bent over and let a man swat her with a paddle, a bit shared for all to see on social media.

That was then.

Lately, Handler is most famous for feeling guilty about her fame. She’s spent the Age of Trump railing against the Commander in Chief, transforming herself into Alyssa Milano Lite.

Now, Handler has gone full woke. And to prove it, she’s crafted a new Netflix special dedicated to her wokeness.


“Hello, Privilege, It’s Me, Chelsea” has the comedienne investigating her own “white privilege.” Sounds hysterical.

Once again, she’s proving she’s never met a progressive talking point she didn’t exaggerate. Monday night she broke down her new special on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” a fellow far-left traveler.

Chelsea Handler on White Privilege, Sexual Harassment Training & Drinking Less

“I always thought it was a certain group of people that get into Harvard or Yale or that have rich parents,” Handler told Kimmel. “It’s a privilege just to have white skin in this country, it’s a privilege just to go into a grocery store and not be stared at, it’s a privilege to get pulled over and not worry if it’s a life or death situation.”

Handler also admitted to something that would get many people in piping hot water. She slapped a black woman’s posterior, an act which she now regales as a learning lesson.

Most people don’t need to do that act to realize it’s wildly inappropriate, for what it’s worth. The special shows Handler undergoing sexual harassment training after the incident.

“Immediately I became defensive. I’m like, I’m not hitting on her. So, I got on the phone and I said,’Please tell me what I did wrong.'”

“She said, ‘Listen, for years and years, black women have been defined by their hair and their asses. You have no right to touch my body,'” Handler continued.

The moment proved eye-opening, she swears.

“It’s not about how you mean it, it’s about what that person takes it as.”

To her credit, Handler just drilled down to the core of the woke movement. Intent doesn’t matter. Nor does content. It’s all about the feels, as Millennials say.

More importantly, Handler emerged from her newly woke persona missing her bona fide privilege. She’s a Hollywood liberal, and boy can they get away with plenty.

Consider Katy Perry, recently accused of sexual harassment by not one but two people. Yet the stories haven’t gotten much media traction. In fact, it’s slipped entirely off the news radar, unless you count stories framing the pop star as innocent.

Or consider Handler herself. She recorded some Netflix content in her previous life as a comedienne, including a special titled, “Uganda Be Kidding Me.”

Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me Live | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Later, she “quit” her Netflix talk show to become a full-time activist. That one didn’t pass the smell test, but media outlets parroted her talking point without a glimmer of skepticism. Why would an activist give up a massive media platform?

What about other Handler comments?

She’s suggested people who tell racist jokes should be arrested, even though she’s done just that herself.

Her activism is no different than your standard unhinged celebrity. It’s full of salty language, poorly realized arguments and flat out hate.

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Why would Netflix bother to give her more programming time? Why does her every anti-Trump squeal generate headlines? Why is Kimmel engaging her in a serious debate about “white privilege” when she’s yet to display any serious grip on political matters?

Liberal celebrity privilege. It’s what keeps her current career afloat, and it’s the one thing she won’t dare mention.

By the way, Kimmel chuckled as Handler told him about smacking a strange woman’s buttocks. He’s part of the protected class, too. Just recall how Megyn Kelly lost her job for discussing black face and Kimmel wore it repeatedly on “The Man Show” with nary a consequence.

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