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11 Brutal Responses to Chelsea Handler’s ‘Fascist’ Tweet

Chelsea Handler began her Netflix talk show by admitting she doesn’t know nearly enough about politics.

It was … refreshing.

“Chelsea” would be her way to learn, and grow, and take the audience along with her. That process hasn’t gone as smoothly as she might think.

Handler spends much of her time now regurgitating liberal talking points. That’s hardly the sign of a mature political evolution. It’s more like copying and pasting other ideas onto your show.

It still wasn’t as bad as her most recent Tweet. The message, an attempt at being woke, played into the worst aspects of today’s totalitarian Left. And Twitter users let her have it.

Here’s her original comment.

Now, here’s just a sample of the backlash she endured after posting it.


  1. If you have to mask your politics in unfunny “humor”, perhaps you aren’t capable of being serious about politics. And you shouldn’t expect anyone else to take your politics seriously.

  2. I now agree with the left, and Chelsea should be the authority on what is considered hate speech, she seems so in touch and bright. /sarcasm off

    What a complete moron.

  3. I think we should have laws that restrict “Virtue Signaling” in any form.
    Heck if we did all of Hollywood and most of the coasts would go silent.

  4. Whenever someone says they want to criminalize hate speech, my answer is, “agreed, if you agree to let me decide what is and is not hate speech”. I have yet to have someone take me up on that.

    1. That is akin to the technique of dividing a cookie between two kids. One divides and the other chooses first.

      1. Except any intelligent person will accept that cookie division method, because it is perfectly fair, and nobody in their right minds would take the hate definition method, because it is inherently unfair.

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