Is Chelsea Handler Hollywood’s Biggest Hypocrite?

Chelsea Handler kicked off her Netflix talk show last year with a startling confession.

She doesn’t know everything.

“I’m not afraid to express my opinion no matter how ill-informed they may be,” she says. “I think people are afraid to ask too many questions because they are afraid of appearing stupid. I’m not afraid of being stupid.”

Chelsea,” she vowed, would be “The college education I never got.”

It was odd … and oddly charming. She talked about using her show, which debuted in May 2016 on Netflix, as a forum to educate both herself and her audience.

What followed betrayed that promise.

“Chelsea” became yet another hard-left talk show, espousing progressive causes and showing little curiosity for views outside her celebrity bubble.

Farewell to the Obamas | Chelsea | Netflix

That was then. Today, she’s a leader of the feminist celebrity throng. That’s where she competes for the Hollywood’s Leading Hypocrite honors.
So far she’s winning. Bigly.

Handler led the Women’s March at the Sundance Film Festival. The event rallied against President Donald Trump. She spoke to Variety about how Trump’s win changed her views on politics.

“Divisiveness is not the answer, and I think to get that message, we have to reach across party lines,” Handler said. “Forget your party. I’m registering as an independent. I’m not going to be a Democrat anymore because it’s too divisive. This isn’t working, this two-party system.”

Refreshing, right?

She contradicts herself in the very next breath. So, would she interview President Trump on her Netflix show?

No. She calls him “the grossest. Physically, emotionally, mentally.”

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How about the new First Lady, Melania Trump?

No. Why?

“To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

The First Lady speaks with an accent, yes. She also is fluent in five languages, for what it’s worth.

And let’s not forget what this hypocrite said following the election.

Here are snippets from her “open letter” following the election

  • 94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, because unlike white women, black women don’t take their rights, liberties, or justice for granted. (not exactly a “can’t we all get along” message)
  • Let’s stop it with the dialogue about how women look or what they wear, or if they’ve gained or lost weight. We are more guilty of this with each other than most men are. (Like insulting a woman because she speaks with an accent)

Or, consider ANOTHER open letter Handler penned earlier this week on the election and how she plans to fight the “predator in chief.” Keep in mind the star’s wish to reach across the aisle and end divisiveness.

  • Women are under a right-wing political assault, and I intend to fight back with all my might against a Republican president, a Republican Congress, and the radical, religious right who are drooling to defund Planned Parenthood health services nationwide.
  • Let’s teach our Predator-In-Chief a lesson that he can’t do anything he wants, and that he can’t trample all over the rights of America’s 162 million women and girls.
  • And to Republicans who are ready to repeal laws and defund institutions that ensure crucial care for men and women, get your heads away from the nation’s bedroom windows, and go get some treatment for your vaginitis at Planned Parenthood.

Seems Handler’s effort to reach across the aisle isn’t as sincere as one might hope.


  1. time for these celebtards to be washed from public conscience, i am actively not supporting any of their trashy vulgar endeavours.

  2. You are forgetting the biggest hypocrisy of all. She promised if Trump was elected to move to Spain. Even said I know people say it I really mean it.

  3. Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer remind me of the nasty girl in grade school who would tease and mock the other children and call them all sorts of cruel names and would then run crying to the teacher that no one wanted to be her friend.

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