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Will Ferrell: ‘Isn’t It Just Time for Women to Run the Planet?

Woke comedy icon pleads for female leadership, Kerry Washington as next President

Will Ferrell did his part to smash the “patriarchy” in 2023.

The “Elf” alum played the head of Mattel in “Barbie,” the year’s box office champion and a nonstop feminist screed.

Ferrell played along with the comedy’s messaging.

“It’s a loving homage to the brand and, at the same time, couldn’t be more satirical — just an amazing comment on male patriarchy and women in society and why Barbie’s criticized and yet why every little girl still wants to play with Barbie. Boy, when I read it, I was like, ‘This is fantastic.’”

He later cheered the film’s potential impact on society.

“When I walked onto those sets and saw that Mattel was actually letting this happen, I thought ‘Oh my gosh, this could have a real chance to be one of those zeitgeist things that has a real cultural statement.'”

It’s an odd take from an actor renowned for playing one man-child after another on the big screen, from “Old School” to “Step Brothers.” Both movies likely couldn’t be made in today’s work world.

Earlier this week, Ferrell snagged a spot at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Gala. He used his podium time to channel his inner feminist.


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“Forget about the entertainment world. Isn’t it just time for women to run the planet?

I’m not just trying to placate you. I swear. I don’t know what else to do because we men, we’ve been running the show since what, 10,000 B.C., and we’re not doing so good. So, please, can you guys just take over?”

Later, he pleaded with far-Left actress Kerry Washington to run for President.

Ferrell’s feminist streak isn’t a new pose. He co-created Gloria Sanchez Productions in 2014 to “work with established and emerging female comedic talent.”

Yet in 2011 he took a more lighthearted look at the battle of the sexes. 

… the group Conscious Men, a new movement asking men to sign a document that “acknowledges many thousands of years of dominance of masculine power, and offers an apology for the suppression of women, in the spirit of a fresh start”? The group feels that “balance and equal respect for both energies will allow for a new wave of evolution on our planet.”

Ferrell, along with Will Forte and other comedians, mocked the efforts with their own “Dear Woman” video.


  1. Some man pretending to be a woman would just take over anyway and would mess things up worse than the women would.

  2. No it is time for the best person to run things, Anytime you pick a certain group you are either sexist, racist etc.

  3. And women leaders are more inclined NOT to go to war, except:

    Queen Gwendolen, Cleopatra, Fulvia, wife of Mark Antony, Mother Lü, Trưng Sisters, Boudica, Veleda, Syrian queen Zenobia, Queen Mavia, Maire o Ciaragain, Gaitana, Nzinga of Ndongo, Granny Nanny, Marretje Arents, Gabriela Silang, Laskarina Bouboulina, Emilia Plater, Golda Meir (the first Iron Lady), Margaret Thatcher,

    Damn, that’s almost all of them.

  4. Do you want to know what the world would look like if women ran the show?

    Just look at our public schools. 77% of teachers and administrators in the U.S. public schools are women.

    Let it sink in…

  5. Don’t you think this Woke has gone too far?
    When will Disney make a movie for boys? The femininity of men that Progressives DEI want. If Davy Crockett was to be remade by Disney, she would be a black lesbian. Where have all the white man gone?

  6. No, no and no they’ve done enough damage in the few offices they’re in now. I love women but not in power over the country, they just can’t govern.

  7. non sequitur but when #believe all women began, I thought of Princess Bride where the Spaniard offers Westley help climbing the Cliffs of Insanity. “no good. i’ve known too many spaniards”
    women are super cool but they are not magical creatures lol

  8. I guess this man-boy missed the Congressional hearings with Ivy presidents this week. Or maybe he’s never seen our current VP in (in)action. Or the NM governor unilaterally declaring the 2nd Amendment null and void. Or Hillary’s, “We came. We saw. We killed.” Qadaffi, which started the Libyan civil war and is responsible for a flood of immigrants fleeing to Europe.

    1. spoken like a total loser looking to have sex with any woman. Did he miss the anti Semitic women college Presidents.. disgusting little racists and they were all women in charge of these so called higher learning schools.

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