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5 Shocking Reasons Media Savaged ‘Sound of Freedom’

Reporters pummel fact-based film about heroic special agent saving children

The Netflix movie “Cuties” showcased young girls, dressed in provocative attire, gyrating toward the camera.

Even free speech devotees wondered if that visual approach was necessary to tell the story in play. The media, en masse, rallied to the movie’s side, suggesting “Cuties” critics had it all wrong.

Cuties | Official Trailer | Netflix

We’re seeing the opposite in play with “Sound of Freedom.” The summer’s sleeper smash follows a special agent (Jim Caviezel) attempt to rescue a little girl from child sex traffickers.

And it’s based on a true story, no less.

The media is rallying once again, but this time it’s to attack the film, not praise it. 

They all savaged “Sound of Freedom” for various reasons. Some suggested, without evidence, that “Freedom” is a QAnon battle cry. Others intimated child sex trafficking doesn’t exist, or at least not at a level we should worry about.

The U.S. government begs to differ.

A few pummeled Caviezel for the crime of being a Christian and allegedly spreading QAnon theories.

Why? Why would journalists embarrass themselves with such nakedly biased reportage? Why savage a film attempting to highlight one of the most horrific crime networks imaginable?

It’s Tribalism on Steroids

The mainstream media and the film critic community lean to the Left. Hard. They make no bones about it and often push past journalistic standards to flex that cold, hard truth.

Remember the Russia Collusion HoaxTM?

Reporters quickly realized “Sound of Freedom” would be both successful and catnip to right-leaning viewers, even though the film isn’t political or overtly Christian. When those two groups rallied to make the movie a hit, critics and journalists used their various outlets to fight back.

Storytelling Is For Liberals, Dummy

Hollywood, and its various off-shoots, is almost exclusively for left-leaning artists. Outlets like The Daily Wire and indie projects like “That Show Tonight” are the exceptions that prove the rule. Liberal journalists don’t take kindly to right-leaning art invading their space. It’s why they demean or ignore right-leaning success stories like Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” and The Daily Wire’s “What Is a Woman?”

When an indie hit like “Sound of Freedom” comes along, these journalists decry a subversive story within their progressive landscape. And they act (out) accordingly.

‘Freedom’ Exposes Groomers, Inc.

Conservatives have been attacking the Left for its alleged grooming tactics. Drag Queen Story Hours. Pride parades where sexually-charged acts are performed for all-ages crowds. Kiddie content featuring mature themes like non-binary characters and trans-related issues.

So-called gender-affirming surgery on minors.

No matter where one stands on these issues, the Right says it’s protecting children while the Left vehemently disagrees. That narrative plays into “Sound of Freedom” through no direct fault of the filmmakers or product. “Freedom” was completed five years ago and sat on the proverbial shelf until now.

Still, it arrives at a time when protecting children is a core tenet of conservative policy. Journalists are reacting to that atmosphere.

Hollywood Hates Christians (So Do Some Journalists)

How much more proof do we need on this front?

The stories of Christian actors being ignored, mistreated or maligned are too numerous to discard. Film critics routinely savage faith-based movies, whether they’re good, bad or indifferent.

The press is no better.

Is it any wonder journalists would rally against “Sound of Freedom,” a movie embraced by the faith-based community and featuring a powerful line like, “God’s children are not for sale.”

They Hate Caviezel More

Liberal film critic Roger Moore didn’t just skewer “Sound of Freedom,” which is perfectly fine since art is always subjective. He directed his ire at Caviezel.

Caviezel made it his business to cynically pander to this conservative religious “QAnon” friendly audience, long before he starred in TV’s “Person of Interest,” which was canceled because he’s just not an interesting, expressive actor person.

“Person of Interest” ran for five seasons on CBS, for what it’s worth.

Some of today’s biggest stars have behaved very badly off-screen. “The Flash” star Ezra Miller’s rap sheet is both long and frightening. Alec Baldwin accidentally shot a cinematographer to death on the set of “Rust,” a production with an armorer hired by co-producer Baldwin who was accused of malfeasance.

Caviezel has nothing of the kind on his resume. He’s a steadily working actor who anchored one of the 21st century’s most shocking success stories – “The Passion of the Christ.”

Yet the actor’s strong faith, and willingness to call out media corruption, put a target on his back. That coaxed The Washington Post to call out his views to detract from “Sound of Freedom” and its message.


  1. I’m a Christian AND a Liberal who is married to a Liberal Muslim. I’m also a filmmaker, so I contribute to the media. I don’t feel like the media hates the Christian side of me. Maybe the only Christians that any of us find distasteful are the Christians who hate Liberals. And the Christians who want to force everyone else to live according to their own Christian beliefs.

    I think Qanon is a false religion that has ruined the lives of many people by sucking them into a cult. My mentally ill brother is one of them.

    I’ve met Tim Ballard and heard him speak at my church. He’s endangered his life and done great things to save children. I admire him and I’m grateful for his work.

    Why is this article trying to divide us and politicize this issue with it’s non-fact based, generalized statements?

  2. I don’t get how ANYONE could have a problem with a film that highlights one of our societies problems, that any reasonable person would want stopped!! If you think Sex Trafficking isn’t a major issue and has become an even bigger issue since the border has been flooded with illegal migrates, then you are Willfully Ignorant!

  3. After reading most of the comments, I am appalled at the ignorance and hatred expressed by some.
    The movie IS BASED ON FACTS and so is fact based. That the telling of a happening in a movie, there are certain things and images that must be changed. BUT NEVER THE FACTS!
    Ballard devoted two decades of his life saving children. This movie was made over 5 years ago. He paid his dues, without ever considering his own life.
    If you really want the truth of the film, go see it for yourself. )if it is still showing anywhere, (
    it was limited because certain venues would not air it.)
    What on earth difference does it make if some of those that see the film, are Christians, or that he worked in third world countries? Shame on all of you that vilify saving children!

  4. You guys seem to be confused as to why they hate Christians. Be confused no longer.

    1. PREPARE YOURSELVES it’s only going to get worse. But those who manage to become born again like this Acts 2:4, Acts 2:38, John 3:-8. DON’T HAVE TO WORRY. Those who have adopted false doctrines not found in the BIBLE , should worry.
    Matthew 24:8-10
    King James Version
    8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

    9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

    10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.


    LUKE 6:22
    Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.

    3. It’s a fool’s errand to think that they’re going to treat US better than they treated HIM.

    John 15:18
    If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

    4. If indeed you actually have been BORN AGAIN and this is doubtful in many cases since there are more FAKE CHURCHES than real ones by a factor of over 100 to 1. But if you actually did EXACTLY as the Apostles commanded in “Acts 2:38” and received from Christ EXACTLY what THEY received “Acts 2:4, John 7:38-39, John 14:26 then THIS IS THE REASON THAT THEY HATE YOU.
    John 15:19
    If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

    Those of us who have actually had the LORD SPEAK THROUGH US IN LANGUAGES WE NEVER LEARNED, should not be surprised that they hate us. It was preached to us beforehand by the Lord himself.
    1 John 3:13
    Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.

    1. Keith, I don’t care how many languages you claim to have spoken in tongues, your posts convey nothing but judgment and condemnation from anyone whose opinions differ from yours. Personally, I think you should start a congregation (that no one would come to), and do your sermonizing there. In whatever language you want.

  5. Any savaging of the movie was well reasoned and well deserved. It’s nothing more than a poorly constructed polemic.

  6. Political Tribalism
    If this movie had been made by the usual Liberal Filmmakers, the Media would be all over it, proclaiming it a ‘Masterpiece’!
    And yet, there’s nothing in this film that’s insulting to Liberals….unless they support Exploiting and Abusing Children!

  7. Even the media is being forced to report on it’s “surprise” success. Must be a fairly good movie, think I’ll watch it.

  8. The media savaged this movie because no one wants to see a film with such a depressing and horrible subject matter. Audiences want to be entertained. We want films like Top Gun Maverick and Fast and Furious.

    1. The audience numbers don’t care about your opinion.

      Find a different excuse – that one is obvious BS.

    2. Thats a load of bull, and you know it. A large nunber of very popular movies/shows are BASED on true stories with horrific subject matter! Most military/combat movies, horror movies about demons, etc, and shows like the hundreds of different true crime types showcasing/glorifying murders, rapists, drugs, gangs, etc.

      That’s just a VERY weak excuse. If you’re not going to add or benefit the conversation/debate, then just shut up.

  9. Jesus christ, what kind of article did I just read? You sound such a whiney little bitch. The movie was ok, it wasn’t anything to write home about. Besides, half of the movie is just downright lies. So, while yes its great we are taking the time to bring a very serious subject to light, it doesn’t help when you lie about the events. Either way, the right’s crusade against child trafficking is hurting law enforcement’s ability to prevent it by pushing false narratives like the wayfair nonsense and pizzagate that hinder law enforcement more than help.

    1. It didn’t say it was a true story. It said it was based on a true story do you know the difference?

  10. You left out the biggest reason of all, Mr. Toto; an appalling number of Leftists, probably most of them, including in the media, are sexual predators in general and child sexual predators in specific. They don’t want sex trafficking exposed and eradicated. It’s not just hatred of the Right and Christianity, it’s that they’re actually evil. More and more on the Right are coming to realize this basic fact, as hard to accept as it is.

      1. “I will make no attempt to disprove anything you said, but I will call you names” really says a lot about your dedication to the truth and civilized conversation.

      2. Wow, Chris… just…wow. Lol

        When people resort to name-calling and the use of insults instead of using facts, reason, logic, or even complete sentences… it’s a clear indication to everyone listening that the conversation has turned from healthy debating to an illogical and ignorant attack based on pure emotions.

        Better to let them THINK you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
        In a nutshell: No matter what facts either side may or may not have, YOU lost the debate the moment you lashed out with name-calling and insults. That’s always an immediate loss… no matter which side a person is on.

    1. Sexual predators aren’t political. My best friend was sexually abused by her RELIGIOUS REPUBLICAN father. And what about priests? They’re Christian and how many children have they abused? You are blinded by hatred which the MEDIA has drilled into YOU. You talk about left wing media- but where did you get your information? That’s right- right wing MEDIA! I come from three generations of military service and we are all Christian and a mix of republicans and liberals. We don’t hate each other because we have different views. But we scoff at accusations like these. Attaching pedophilia and child trafficking to a political party is just absurd. Where is the evidence? I’ve found ZERO.

      1. Your rant is a self-righteous heap of blather. Utterly meaningless except for the correct statement that sexual predators come with every sort of label. BTW, a label doesn’t mean what’s in the package is actually what the label says.

      2. Well well well the tables have turned. Liberals don’t like being labeled pedo lovers??? You mean to tell me all left liberals arent pedophiles? Doubtful!!! Just like y’all love to shout “bigot! Racist! Homophobic!” To anyone who identifies as a conservative. Bunch of hypocrites.

    2. The biggest coherent group of sexual predators to date has been the Catholic church. That for damn sure isn’t the left.

      1. Not true. The biggest group of sexual predators in the US comes from public schools. And child abuse by school teachers is on the increase. It just doesn’t get as much publicity because the left protects them and their unions.

      2. The abuse by the church was indeed horrible. It involved several hundred people over many decades, though a significant number of that “several hundred” were just willing to cover it up, not participate.

        Now, compare to the number from the public schools. There is less coverage, and certainly, there is less “ultimate betrayal” feeling to go with it.

        But no, your claim of “The biggest coherent group of sexual predators to date has been the Catholic church” is not remotely true. It was the most shocking, and it got the most coverage. Those are not the same thing.

  11. You don’t need to be a Christian to appreciate this movie. It’s about being a human being with a heart.

    1. Judi, no one wants to see a movie about this horrific subject matter. Having a heart has nothing to do with it.

      1. Dan, the only reason anyone is talking about this movie is because of the number of people who are paying to see it.

  12. Interesting that our media was more than happy to spout 3 years of Russia nonsense, never questioning the truth of the claims, but all of a sudden they’re deeply concerned that this fine movie might have taken artistic license with some of the story line to improve the viewing experience. – This is a new low for these pathetic turds, and that’s saying alot,. – But at the end of the day one can only assume that they’re fine with child sex trafficking, and/or consider it a minor problem, and are quite upset that Caviezel and Co. dare bring it to light.

  13. “. Others intimated child sex trafficking doesn’t exist, or at least not at a level we should worry about. The U.S. government begs to differ.” Nothing in the link gives any indication what the US governments view on how common child sex taffickingis or supports the claim of the author of this piece.
    “Remember the Russia Collusion HoaxTM?” Always keep in mind that it was in fact proven that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russian intelligence.

    1. Really? That’s news to Robert Muller. Perhaps you should have come forward and presented that evidence to him.

    2. Sir, the assertion that Trump colluded with Russia has been documented and proven to be a piece of misinformation manufactured by the Hillary Clinton campaign. If you were unaware of that fact you’ve been living under a rock. Look it up.

    3. The reason you hate Russia isn’t because they colluded with Trump, it’s because the Russians wouldn’t lie for the Ds and make up the evidence proving a connection. That’s all the Ds wanted – a fake confession. But the Russians wouldn’t play and now Americans are supposed to hate them for…………having more integrity than our media, the D party and the R party ADDED TOGETHER.

      And, yes, that means I’m rooting for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine / s

    4. No, it absolutely was NOT proven that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russian intelligence. In fact, the exact OPPOSITE was proven. And made very, very public even on Leftist news sites. My God, stop pushing that ridiculous lie. Everyone and anyone with any intelligence who is also paying attention knows this. Why don’t you?

      1. It’s simply amazing how badly both sides are screwing up the story on Trump and Russia. Mueller simply said he didn’t have the evidence to prove Trump colluded with Russia. It proved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Mueller didn’t prove Trump was colluding, and it CERTAINLY didn’t prove he wasn’t. Maybe do more than read headlines and repeat talking points?

    5. “Always keep in mind that it was in fact proven that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russian intelligence.”

      Always remember the left will absolutely lie their face off.

      The FBI has admitted that it never had any actionable intelligence on Trump colluding with Russia. The entire thing was made up, mostly by the Clinton campaign – see “the Steele Dossier”.

      Now, there WAS proven “colluding with Russians” – *that is what produced the Steele dossier*! The Democrats paid a foreign national for dirt on their political opponent – that particular “foreign national” was British, and he checked with several other foreign nationals, at least some of whom were Russian.

      So, the Democrats commit the crime, use the product of the crime as evidence that Trump committed the crime, and you continue to believe it.

      None of this is remotely hidden. It is all 100% public. Every single bit of it is uncontested or outfight admitted by the people involved, include Steele himself!

  14. “fact-based film about heroic special agent saving children” There’s a fair amount of evidence that the movie is not fact based and the former agent has never rescued a child since becoming former. It appears the movie is primarily intended to raise funds for his group and his group is in fact total fraud.

    1. You are a total idiot! Jim would not put this movie out unless it was totally true! He is a born again Christian but that of course means nothing to you! I hope the Lord Jesus points to you for salvation!

      1. Lol he’s literally said the movie isn’t totally true and he never went into a jungle to rescue anyone. Furthermore, I thought you people were all about ‘America First’ so if trafficking is such an issue in the US why isn’t he doing anything here? Look I’m not denying child sex traffic exists, just like basically all ‘liberals’ aren’t. However, the issue has been majorly overblown by Qanon/Right wingers..Some of the stats thrown around over the years are extremely exaggerated and kills credibility. Also, his credibility has been questioned for years long before the movie by law enforcement agencies etc. who claim his involvement in operations he claims to be a key part of are either made up or extremely exaggerated

      2. Why don’t you watch some of the documentaries on you tube. He has a couple on there if your interested…

      3. Why worry about defending so much. If it exists it is a problem. If the USA is number 1 consumer is that not a sick problem? Left center or right???!!!

      4. Joe Trump lol…it sounds like you are into this stuff…talking to much nonsense..bad Joe

      5. Because Americans go abroad. If there were no demand they would not need the supply. His name is Tim. When backing someone at least know the first name.

      6. This reply is for everyone in this thread. It’s not the view on exposing sex trafficking that’s controversial. Both sides agree it’s horrific and needs to be fought tooth and nail. What’s controversial are many of the attitudes above. You all sound absolutely paranoid and gullible to believe this stuff. Normal people can’t believe you buy into a deep state satanic cabal that feeds on kids’ hormones to have eternal life. The lead actor has been very vocal about his QAnon beliefs. That’s the problem. Democrats in no way are trying to defend child trafficking or saying it’s anything but an abomination. It’s because it’s got the QAnon community stirred up and they’re using it to recruit people. The actor ALREADY believed all this before he signed onto the movie. It doesn’t take a detective to put two and two together. I will not be answering any responses because it won’t be a rational discussion. I agree 100% with the people above who spoke out against child trafficking and who parroting QAnon talking points. This message is not directed toward you at all.

    2. Ballard himself says that he has not been in the field rescuing children for years. He is the face of two organizations, one that rescues children and the other persecuted religious people. He would be instantly recognized by those people his groups are targeting. You say “facts” but present none.

    3. The movie enlightens the nation about the horrors of child sex trafficking. Just this past week, we had a trafficked girl found at Camp Pendleton and a routine traffic stop found a missing girl from FL. Human trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the world and the US has the largest appetite for it.

      Why are you criticizing a movie that bring awareness to child sex trafficking?

      1. I see this movie as normalizing it and making people numb to it. So that the producers and their friends won’t be prosecuted. The majority of pedophiles being arrested and convicted are white Christian men. Look it up.

      2. If they are doing this they are not Christian. They may claim to be, but they are not.

      3. They are criticizing the movie because they are pedophiles and promote grooming and the sexualization of children. Liberalism is a mental disease, for which there is no cure.

    4. What hate filled Soros backed fake fact checking group did you get that information from? Yes alor most fact base movies play with the truth (atristic license) but from my reserch the storie is in affect true. why hate on somthing that gets to word out about a real problem human trfficing is a thing, a horrible thing. its not about what tribe your with it;s about helping children. As far as crazy groups go they’re on both sides of the spectrom.

    5. this movie brings light to these hideous crimes and criminals, but your opinion and comment it’s kinda SUS to me, who could be against the message of this movie? who is harmed because of it?

  15. Does the mainstream media really hate us so much that they would instinctively downplay child trafficking when they see us condemning it?
    Yes, they do. They really hate us that much.
    Wasn’t there some dude who once said he came not to unite us but to divide us a while back?

      1. Somebody check Gary’s hard drive. There are plenty of Republicans being convicted and in Epstein’s private black book. Moronic comments like this make the speaker suspect.

      2. This should have nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. I I am sick of people using it to divide our country. What is important is child trafficking and the cartels taking over America. Like the movie says God’s children are not for sale! Don’t some of you understand those words. ?? I think probably not, or you would keep your mouth shut.

      3. Why obsess on Republicans. This issue shouldn’t be about Republicans or Democrats. Child trafficking and slavery is about small children’s lives be ruined for profit. Evil is evil, and not defending the most vulnerable is evil.

      4. No. The trouble with “Sound of Freedom” is a narrative critical of pedophiles, the next sort of perv the Left wants to force us to affirm (rebranded MAPs (minor attracted persons))

      5. This movie was amazing! Any person who takes it upon the issue of child sex trafficking should be thanked and honored. This should have been nominated for best picture in the academy awards. I’m so glad that Mel Gibson produced this movie.

      6. Oh I bet there are a LOT ! More Dems on that list. And if there are Republicans they are probably well known Rinos !

      7. No s***
        Totally agree
        To mention Republicans when trafficking children proves the statement comes from a piece of s*** person
        Partisanship has nothing to Do with the subject.

      8. Not the point. Do you want to protect child sex traffickers? Do you want to stop pedophiles? It has NO bearing what political affiliation you have. Either you are for this evil, or you’re against it.

    1. Do you have any examples of MSM downplaying sex trafficking? Also, if it’s such a serious issue in the US why doesn’t he have any missions here?

      1. Please go see the movie. The US is the largest consumer of child trafficking. There is a video on YouTube with Tim Ballard and president Trump where he explains it

      2. You are correct. In churches it is taught as sins of omission and sins of commission. “Forgive me for what I have done and have failed to do” is part of a Catholic prayer. We have responsibilities, as people sharing a world, to help one another, not ignore a problem, because you don’t believe it will ever touch you

      1. Former LA Head of FBI, Ted Gunderson, he tried desperately to educate us on CIA & child trafficking, even satanic sacrifice. Archive Gunderson.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. Hollywood and Deep State joined at the hip. They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the forehead!

    3. Actually I don’t know if it is hate or the fact that they are afraid that the truth will come out. I have to ask this question to those on the left. What exactly do you have to hide???

    4. The Mainstream Media is complicit. They’re Owned by the DeepState. & clearly-They’re okay with child trafficking. Anybody bashing the film, focusing on the wrong things, should be investigated! Their laptops & servers should be investigated! They’re telling on themselves by reacting so negatively to this film.

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