‘War on Truth’ Should Shock Every American

Subversive documentary tracks Team Biden's pursuit of J6 protesters

Nick Searcy can’t let it go.

The “Justified” alum has seen too many suppressed videos and interviewed too many people punished by Team Biden.

The actor’s 2022 documentary “Capitol Punishment” showed the U.S. government cracking down on Jan. 6 protesters with extreme prejudice. “The War on Truth” bears a different name but builds on that legacy.

We’re once again forced to consider a terrible question. Has the Biden Administration declared war on MAGA nation and, by extension, our freedom to protest?

The answers aren’t simple. Some facts remain out of reach. Searcy’s film offers no rebuttals. It’s still hard to dismiss the first-person testimonies suggesting just that.


The 2022 film included details that seemed far-fetched at first blush. Even conservatives may have questioned a few of “Capitol Punishment’s” charges. Then, slowly, one news cycle after another backed some of the claims.

Searcy and co. proved prescient, and he brought some of the receipts.

The semi-sequel introduces us to more Jan. 6 protesters. Some claim they committed no violent acts on that fateful day. Others report inhumane conditions like undrinkable water and sheets of mold clinging to the jail cell sinks.

We hear repeated examples of the U.S. government treating these political outcasts as deadly foes. Why break out laser-guided rifles and flash bang grenades when a simple knock on the door would suffice?

Are these grandmas, military veterans and mild-mannered souls a clear and present danger? Hardly. And it doesn’t end there.

Some Trump supporters describe being banned by major tech platforms like PayPal, Venmo and Patreon following their arrests. Others reveal a system where taking a plea becomes the only option when facing the government’s legal team.

A few describe legal nightmares where critical evidence can’t be shared in court.

“The War on Truth” uncovers a sizable overlap with the Christian community. Many J6 protesters have a sturdy spiritual side, which guides their path through the haze of punishment.

Did that also put a target on their backs?


Like “Capitol Punishment,” “The War on Truth” occasionally sugarcoats the nature of the Jan. 6 protests. Some were clearly violent, and police officers took the brunt of their actions. The melee that followed proved a shameful spectacle.

No matter how many times we see MAGA patriots singing and praying that cold reality remains.

A haunting interview late in the film finds a J6 protester describing how she nearly got trampled in the day’s chaos. Later, she claims Capitol police pummeled her with metal batons even though she never threatened them.

Video footage from the encounter proves hard to make out, but it appears to corroborate some of her story.

She also claims that footage was held back from her legal team, a common charge related to Jan. 6 footage. Remember how media outlets howled over the prospect of more footage being released to the public?

She, too, got an early wake-up call from a small army of police and federal agents at her door on Arrest Day.

Is she making it up? Are the others? We’ve already seen enough Ring camera footage in the previous film to suggest otherwise.

“Truth” runs roughly two hours, and it’s shocking there’s enough galling information to push the documentary to that point. The film doesn’t offer much in the way of slick production values, sticking to traditional nonfiction visuals.

The stories provide all the necessary color.

Documentaries can weave powerful narratives while leaving key details behind. The mainstream media is expert at this approach. We still don’t know all the stories surrounding Jan. 6 and the extreme actions to bring those who broke the law that day to justice.

The folks featured in “The War on Truth” may not be sharing all the pertinent details of their cases. Searcy’s heart goes out to the assembled voices in the film, and he occasionally is overwhelmed by emotion hearing their tales.

There’s no “other side of the story” presented here.

“The War on Truth” demands we keep digging into the matter, asking more questions and letting the protesters speak.

It’s hard to disagree with that. It’s an American’s duty to do so.

HiT or Miss: What “The War on Truth” lacks in Hollywood polish it more than makes up for in its dizzying array of inconvenient truths.


  1. We all know the mainstream press lie.

    When the NY Times said Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance of winning the 2016 election, they were lying through their teeth.

    The real leaders of America are intelligence agents. The real policies of America are written in secret rooms.

    Democracy is dead, which is why they plot against Donald Trump who, at worst, is a Burlesconi type figure, a rich buffoon. But they’ve turned him into Hitler 2.0 so they can wage war against democracy, against voters, against the very idea of elections.

    J6 had it’s darker moments, but so have many protests. We all know leftist protesters had occupied Capitol buildings just a year or so before. Nobody complains about that. But when Donald Trump supporters do it, it’s a conspiracy of the highest order.

    It’s a conspiracy because there is a conspiracy: of Langley versus the People. And Langley is winning. How else can you explain the NY Times publishing articles openly defending the deep state? Everyone in a position of influence in American has been compromised by the deep state. None of them tell the truth.

    I pray Donald Trump wins, and rides Pentagon tanks right into Langley and puts an end to this evil order. We will have peace on earth once again.

  2. We still don’t know exactly how many Federal Agents were embedded with the demonstrators, but it has been confirmed before Congress that several were present. (I’ve seen some figures suggest at least five dozen.)

    So if we talk about the violence occurring on January 6th, we really don’t know WHO committed that violence. Were they Feds? Video evidence seems to suggest that they were, as we repeatedly see figures breaking windows while those around them point at them and call them Feds.

    So many questions that the FBI refuses to answer.

  3. I remember on January 5th there were calls by antifa members and others to show up at the rally in Trump gear and start trouble.

  4. The mainstream media gave favorable coverage to the BLM/antifa violence, but not one conservative speaker or outlet did anything but condemn the J6 riot. I was disgusted by it myself. Still, the media successfully painted the mostly non-violent protesters as hate-filled loonies bent on overthrowing the government. The lefties’ most brilliant idea was labeling the riot an “insurrection,” as if a bunch of unarmed aging civilians had any intentions or hopes of seizing power.

    While some J6ers truly deserved punishment, most of those who were prosecuted were mere victims of circumstance who were treated badly, from their arrest by jack-booted thugs to their imprisonment under horrible conditions. It really is one of the most shameful episodes in the history of America.

    1. I agree with everything you said. I didn’t like how War on Truth sugarcoated some of the violence, but conservatives by and large have been too cowardly to call out the injustices hiding in plain sight. Nick has the courage to do just that …

    2. We live in a two-tier system of justice. Remember those 2 thugs that burned down a Wendy’s. I believe they got off on a small fine and some community service. Meanwhile, someone walking through a building and gets thrown in jail for years and treated like a terrorist.

      This is why I despise democrats. They are vermin that infest our govt. They can do what they please and when we try to fight back, we get punished. We need to knock that filth out of our govt. But we have to be vigilant, as they cheat and lie to keep power.

  5. How many police died at the Capitol? How many police were shot down? How many police were beaten to death? Contrast the sentences given to the Jan 6th demonstrators with the Antifa and BLM rioters who destroyed billions, injured hundreds, and killed how many? Its really difficult trying to rational the defense of these people and trying to defend Biden’s and the Left’s police state.

  6. Considering how much damage and violence the BLM riots caused with little punishment, it seems the Biden regime went out of their way to punish those that were at J6. We live in a two-tier system of justice. If you are approved by the democrat party, you can get away with a lot. If you are not, then you will be punished. That’s what the democrats want, you to be afraid.

    1. And in the meantime, even as Chris Wray, FBI Director still sees white supremacists as the biggest terror threat, all the while ignoring all the real terrorists streaming across our open borders and spreading throughout this country. See the Jordanian nationals in their truck trying to ram their way into Quantico Marine Corps Base back on May 3.

  7. I don’t know why you’re pushing the lie of a violent attack on J6, but all you’re doing by spreading that BS is helping the very people you claim to be opposing, and hurting the people you’re supposedly trying to help. You can’t accept the left’s false framing of an issue and then try to quibble with the details. It will never work. Your half-assed defense is worse than nothing. If that’s all you can do, STFU and let people braver than you take your spot.

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