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Wanda Sykes Delivers Master Class in Biden Protection

Far-left comic brings up president's scandal but pulls every satirical punch

President Joe Biden put late night comedians in a bind this month.

The 80-year-old leader, who routinely avoids tough questions from the press, got caught with classified documents stashed in multiple spots, some dating back to his Senate days.

A few valuable documents ended up in his Delaware garage mere feet from his treasured ’67 Corvette.

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and other far-Left figures had to mention the scandal in some capacity. They took turns diminishing the matter, evoking Biden’s advanced age and circling back to President Donald Trump’s docu-scandal as a distraction.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

The newest kid on the block, Wanda Sykes, served up a master class in the Biden protection racket, shaming her established peers in the process.

Wanda Sykes Tackles Trump's Awkward Eulogy & Biden's Classified Documents | The Daily Show

Sykes, the latest guest host at “The Daily Show,” suggested she’s going to get tough on Biden while bringing up the subject.

“I don’t know how your 2023 has been going, but it has not been going well for President Joe Biden,” she began. Her mood quickly shifted from somber to light.

“At this point, the FBI is just decluttering his house for him,” she cracked (a genuinely funny line). “This list of spies does not spark joy.” Then, Sykes segued to “spin mode,” assuring her audience there’s nothing to see here. She literally said as much.

“Honestly, this doesn’t bother me at all,” she said, prepping the only acceptable way to frame Biden jokes for propaganda comedians.

He’s old.

Never mind that Biden shakes hands with invisible people, forgot the name of the woman he sang “Happy Birthday” to or routinely reads teleprompter cues as part of his speeches.

Tell that to Sykes.

“The man has been in public office for 238 years. I bet you most of the s*** he has isn’t even classified anymore. You read his notes, and it’s like, ‘keep an eye on this Hitler guy.’ It’s just history now,” she said.

Now, for the effortless shift from Biden to Team GOP.

“They’re teaching this stuff in schools … well, not in Florida,” she said, alluding to the Fake News reports that Gov. Ron DeSantis is preventing valuable information from being shared in Sunshine State classrooms, like black history and gay rights.

It’s a tour de force of progressive late night high jinks. Sykes’ self-titled late night show only lasted one season, but it’s clear she learned a thing or two from the experience.

She had one more ace up her sleeve, though, thanks to her curious career track.

Before becoming a stand-up comic, Sykes worked at the NSA for seven years. She even had a security clearance during her time with the agency.

“I’m sitting here, thinking, ‘damn … what’s in my garage?” she said. “I put that back, right?” Here’s betting Stephen Colbert raised a glass to that maneuver.

Finally, Sykes struck a playful tone on the scandal.

“In Biden’s defense, at least he is cooperating with the FBI searches,” she added, pivoting effortlessly to the Trump document matter. “He’s been so cooperative, is he hoping [the FBI] do work around the house for him? ‘You know, fellas, I think I have some documents in the gutter. You might have to clear the leaves out first.'”

Can we get a fact check, please?

Sykes may not have the “The Daily Show” gig for long. Other liberal comics are queued up next, and Comedy Central may choose someone else to replace the low-rated Trevor Noah, who left the show late last year.

To her credit, Sykes displayed a near-perfect ability to protect Democrats during her trial run.


  1. Remember Clark Gable, John Wayne? Class, elegance, culture, good movies. Hollywood wanted to let the black people in, now shocked to get ghetto violence and cultural degenerates.

  2. Oh yeah, I remember her. She was the one who said she hoped Rush Limbaugh would die as one of her “jokes” at the White House Correspondents Dinner.
    But remember, she’s a gay, black woman, so she’s got this gig as long as she wants it. She’s unccancellable, no matter how low her ratings are. She can write her own check.

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