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Uproxx Facebook Fans Cheer Conservative’s Death

Fewer and fewer moments bring us together as Americans.

We fight over politics, immigration, parenting standards and so much more. Much of that vitriol occurs in social media, where seemingly ordinary souls bare their fangs for all to see.

One exception? The sudden death of someone far too young, talented and kind. So when Bre Payton, a 26-year-old writer for The Federalist, died this week after contracting H1N1 Flu it united most of us in mourning. Even those who never got to know the young woman felt the loss.

There were exceptions, though., a liberal entertainment site, posted a tasteful obituary for Payton. Why does that simple act of decency deserve attention? Consider how the Associated Press reported on her passing.

The Uproxx feature drew only a handful of comments, including some heartfelt words as well as the following:


“conservative journalist and commentator who made appearances on Fox News”
Let me guess, she was trying to pray the sickness away.

The web site later shared a Tweet featuring its obituary. Most news sites share their articles that way. The Tweet in question didn’t draw any social media activity.

That wasn’t the case over at Facebook. The hate flowed at the site’s Facebook page. Some voices were appalled at the vile comments. They were outnumbered.

Michael Esparza: Those thoughts and prayers really helped apparently. That stuff really works….

When someone complained about his ugly comment, he doubled down:

Michael Esparza: Somebody needed to. These religious zealots need to be shown the truth of their so called “faith”.

Some chastised his comments. Others cheered him on:

Anthony M Zamarron: Michael this comment gave me life and then some ..keep up the good work

One commenter played the Hitler Card against the dead journalist.

Amber Whitchurch: Just because someone died, doesn’t mean they were a good person. Hitler died, does that mean that everything bad he did never happened and we should only mention good stuff? You should look up this person and what she wrote about rape victims.

Some arguments delved into the alleged folly of “thoughts and prayers,” a notion that roared to life on Twitter once Payton’s health crisis became public. Others simply went for the jugular.

Phillip Twist Michael Esparza they say the truth can’t hurt ya, well it might have killed this fox newswoman

Heather Dunn We feel for her what Fox staff feels about the babies who died at the border.

A few commenters blasted those sharing toxic thoughts. They were the exception.

Ty Thaxton Ysidro Garcia Zepeda funny how seem to think I’m a right winger. Been a registered Dem since I could vote. This isn’t about party lines, it’s about being a decent person and not a piece of s*** who makes jokes when someone f***ing dies.

Collin Calvert after reading some of her articles…… god did it.

Michael Arens People die. It’s what we’re good at. False sentiment is killing society… “thoughts and prayers” what a joke. I’m not glad she died but I honestly don’t care.

John T Wright I guess she won’t get that random White House position, now.

Dave Davis Fox News and the federalist? This is sad because a human died but that’s about it

Others made her passing about President Donald Trump or other GOP leaders.

Jermaine Lewis One less hot chick for Frump to eye f***

Victor Coca The devil needed new good recruits for his army. Bush is the leader.

James Munos Not a good person but condolences I guess

Had Munos peeked at Twitter he would have seen countless examples of Payton’s generosity, humor and good cheer, the very definition of a “good person.”

Another common refrain? She worked at Fox News, and therefore deserves no sympathy.

Jamar Quindelle She worked for fox news. She was a plague anyway

Roger Dartez The only brunette bimbo the have on the roster, all the others are blonde and look similar….I smell a conspiracy!

Jose Olivera Fuck Fox News and everyone that works for them and haves works for them. 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

Others were simply hateful.

David Denyes I guess God meant it when he said thou shall not lie.

Hilppa Gioia Great republican less to spread BS!

Chris Watts HYYYOOOOOO #DingDong

Simeon Robertson one less trashy conservative down

Conner Egger-Bovet Not that sad tho

Reed Cast The lying news kild her

LeLe Smith She was part of advocating violence & death of “others” so we are “supposed” to care about someone that WANTED them (melanated skin people)to die 👉FOR HER COMFORT?😒 HELL NO🙅
#Gods will

Jonathan Moore Duh, we can’t talk face to face with her because she’s dead.

Ahmed Clay: what a waste, she had a good hairline 🙁

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