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You Won’t Believe How Trevor Noah Spins Hamas’ Assault on Israel

The far-left host embraces the 'both sides' canard in the very worst way possible

Trevor Noah’s moral compass took an odd spin this week.

The “Daily Show” host addressed the latest round of violence in the Middle East with neither humor nor insight. Hamas fired a massive number of rockets into Israel in an unprovoked military attack earlier this month. The missiles weren’t aimed at military targets, just Israeli land and, by extension, its civilians.


Hundreds, and hundreds, of missiles got caught in Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense shield. Some, however, weren’t intercepted and struck a variety of targets. innocents died. Once again, Israel responded with a tough, targeted attack on military targets, avoiding civilian casualties whenever possible.

Israel air defence system intercepts rockets launched from Gaza | AFP

It’s a cycle we’ve seen time and time again, and the Left generally sides with Hamas in these exchanges or plays a moral equivalency card that makes little sense.

That’s being kind.

The latter explanation is exactly what Noah did on his corporate Comedy Central showcase. Except this time the “both sides” rationale sounds even more nauseating than usual.

“If you start from ‘Israel fired rockets into Gaza,’ then Israel is the bad guy, because they’re bombing Gaza,” Noah explained. “But then you take a step back in time, and you go, ‘Well, but Hamas fired rockets at Israel.’ Then Hamas is the bad guy. But then you take a step back, and you go, ‘But the Israeli police went in and started beating people up in a mosque during Ramadan, the most holy time in the Muslim calendar.’ Well then, Israel is the bad guy.

That’s about as disingenuous an explanation as a “comedy” host could offer.

“And back and back and back, and who knows how far. The first cavemen who hit each other with clubs were probably Israeli and Palestinian. I don’t know.”

No laughs, just a weak spin on actual events.

Let’s remember – Hamas is a terrorist organization that routinely targets civilians– this time half a million people stood in its cross hairs.

Noah’s next argument is even more alarming, and he’s hardly the first progressive to attempt it. Israel has superior fire power, and by the Left’s standards should think twice before using it.

“I just want to ask an honest question here,” Noah said. “If you are in a fight where the other person cannot beat you, how much should you retaliate when they try to hurt you?”

Tell that to the Israeli mothers cowering in their homes, desperate to protect their loved ones.

Sorry, ma’am, Israel won’t defend you robustly enough because Hamas lacks the appropriate firepower to overwhelm your homeland’s defenses. Although if they could, they would.

“Everyone has a different answer to the question, and I’m not trying to answer the question, nor do I think I’m smart enough to solve it. All I ask is, when you have this much power, what is your responsibility?”

Your responsibility is to protect your country and its citizens against a force aiming to wipe you off the planet. How could Noah not see this?

It’s hardly the first time Noah’s moral compass sounded wobbly. During the 2020 riots Noah essentially defended the destruction that hammered city after city, business after business.

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Lives were lost. Millions in damages, the kind that can’t be made whole by insurance, were left in the protests’ wake. Here, the host with the $27.5 million home explains why it’s morally acceptable to accept the destruction.

When you see George Floyd on the ground losing his life in a way that no person should ever have to lose their life at the hands of someone who is supposed to enforce the law, what part of the contract is that? A lot of people say, ‘Well, what good does this do?’ Yeah, but what good doesn’t it do? How does it help you to not loot Target? Because the only reason you didn’t loot Target before was because you were upholding society’s contract. There is no contract if the law and people in power don’t uphold their end of it.”

“That unease that you felt watching that Target being looted, try to imagine how it must feel for black Americans when they watch themselves being looted every single day,” he added. “Because that’s fundamentally what’s happening in America.

The media, of course, lapped out that rhetoric.

Tell that to the men and women who owned those shops. They saw their hard fought American dreams disappear in an inferno. Some of those businesses were owned by people of color, something Noah can’t bother mentioning.

Neither could the celebrities who rushed to bail out violent protesters in the Twin Cities last year.

Moral compasses aren’t what they used to be in La La Land.

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