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Trevor Noah’s ‘Attack’ on Antifa Hits Fox News, Trump

Trevor Noah couldn’t hold out any longer regarding those violent Antifa thugs.

“The Daily Show” host, like most liberal late night comics, avoids topics that reflect poorly on the Left. When was the last time Stephen Colbert blasted college snowflakes? Has Seth Meyers pounced on James Comey’s attempt to crush the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton before all the facts were in?

That helps explain why Antifa hasn’t come up more often on the Comedy Central show. Current events forced his hand, though.

Major media outlets finally began telling the truth about the violent wing of the Democratic party. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., released a blunt attack on Antifa.

“The violent actions of people calling themselves Antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation.”

What else could Noah do but address the matter? Only he did so in a fashion that reveals plenty about his addiction to partisanship and reluctance to tell the whole truth.

Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Antagonists of the Alt-Right: The Daily Show

Noah began his Antifa commentary Thursday by saying “one particular [violent] incident caught my eye.”

He mocked the fact that the violence happened in Berkeley … again?

“They should start offering a degree in ass whupping,” he cracked. Because violence is funny! Of course, left unsaid is that the vast majority of said violence is aimed at right-of-center folks and committed by hard leftists.

Bias by omission? Check.

“Another peaceful protest interrupted by violence,” he moans, fulfilling the media’s “mostly peaceful’ rhetoric when describing violence involving liberals.

So far, so hopelessly unbalanced.

He then focuses on a single Antifa member who vows to expose and shame racists. Good on them, Noah cries. Later in the segment we see news footage of the “other” Antifa. Burning stuff. Breaking stuff. Bashing cops. Literally.

Ingraham: Antifa violence ignored, they're felons

It’s hardly breaking news, It might be to “Daily Show” viewers, though. They rarely see Noah address this very real, and dangerous, problem.

Noah showed even more Antifa violence and dubbed the group “Vegan ISIS.” Truth to power at long last.


“When you think you’re punching Nazis you don’t realize you’re also punching your cause,” he says, like a stern uncle trying to mentor a wayward lad. Suddenly, Noah pivots to his comfort zone.

“Your opponents, they’ll just use every violent incident to discredit your entire movement. And they make it seem like in a world where white supremacists have a friend in the White House the real problem is you guys.”

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We then see a series of Fox News clips that are absolutely correct in condemning Antifa. See? It’s that dern Fox News turning countless acts of violence performed by Antifa into a damning statement against the group.

Noah then does some generic President Trump bashing, ignoring the fact that Trump accurately said there were bad actors on both sides of the current protest movement.

So there you have it. Noah couldn’t ignore Antifa’s barbarism even while pretending the “anti-Fascist” movement isn’t fascist to the core. He ended up smiting Fox News and Trump to cap the segment.

Anyone surprised?


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