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Kathy Griffin Hasn’t Learned a Thing from Trump Pic

Kathy Griffin is sorry that she’s sorry. And this time she means it. Really.

Griffin is on a new media tour. Call it the Anti-Apology Offensive.

The comedienne drew flack earlier this year for holding President Trump’s bloody head in the air as part of an edgy photo shoot. The moment took plenty of planning, complete with a wink-wink release of the visual to TMZ.com.

Then reality hit. Hard. Just about everyone blasted the stunt. Condemnation came from all sides. What Griffin expected to be an easy publicity hit went south.

Kathy Griffin apologizes for Trump photo

So she apologized. Groveled. Then she lawyered up.

Griffin appeared at a disastrous press conference days later. She played the Victim Card and whined against the Trump clan. It’s all their fault, she said. His immediate family is being mean to me!

No one, not even the left-leaning USA Today, bought Griffin’s defense. So she went away for a spell. Licked her wounds.

Now, she’s back. And she wants you all to know she wasn’t sorry in the first place.

It’s OK. We didn’t believe you the first time. The politically correct culture your ideological team created forced you to do it.

But since that hasn’t resurrected her career as planned, Griffin is fighting back. Here are snippets from her new interview with TheCut.com. The excerpts show she hasn’t learned much from her self-inflicted career wound.

Example 1: She’s Bad at Political Commentary

“[Trump] said there are some good Nazis, and he’s kicking out young adults who were brought here as kids by their parents, and I’m the one who has to continue to apologize?

Actually, you should apologize for twisting the President’s words. He said there were good people at the Charlottesville march who stood against taking down Confederate statues. That’s a highly debatable remark, but it doesn’t mean he condones Nazism.

Example 2: Truth to Power MIA for Eight Years

“Comics by their nature are anti-Establishment. They are charged with the often unenviable task of going after people in power. I will never abdicate that responsibility.”

Griffin and her colleagues don’t really mean this. Or rather they mean it only if a Republican is in the White House. Comedians like Griffin sat on their hands when President Barack Obama was in charge, lying about health care, stoking racial fires and leading from behind on the world stage.

Example 3: She Ignores the Big, Big Difference

“I am in a position of privilege, I will be fine,” she says. “But what about any American citizen, whether they’re artists or not, who innocently post a shocking photo on social media — will they face a federal investigation?

Well, yes. If the image threatens the President. She still doesn’t understand why her visual was so different, so very wrong, that it united a deeply divided culture in the process. It’s on par with Dan Rather carrying on with his journalism career as if he never promoted fraudulent documents aimed at a sitting president.

Example 4: What About Antifa? College Censors?

Griffin says she wants to focus on First Amendment issues now. She’s hoping to organize a First Amendment concert with the ACLU, and she’s working on a documentary film of her upcoming international tour, as well as a docu-series, although none of these projects has come to fruition yet.

Great news! Now, can you share a syllable about artists being attacked for their lack of “woke-ness?” What about the HBO show “Confederate” under attack before the first episode airs? Maybe rush to the aid of conservatives physically assaulted on college campuses nationwide? Until then, your First Amendment shtick is funnier than your material.

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