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Tom MacDonald: Facebook, Instagram Censored My ‘Names’ Video

Did woke-averse rapper's newest viral sensation trigger Big Tech outrage?

Tom MacDonald has the woke-free rap game more or less to himself.

The apolitical musician preaches tolerance and love, and he does so by smiting those eager to separate Americans from their neighbors.

The rapper’s “Fake Woke” and “Snowflakes” scorch woke bromides like Identity Politics which draw stark lines between people. He’s also no fan of the press, suggesting reporters purposely agitate us, further alienating the populace.

And he’s making a handsome living from rapping what others won’t. Now, he says he’s running into a new road block, albeit one too familiar to those who defy progressive groupthink.

Big Tech.

MacDonald’s new video, “Names,” finds him straddling the lines between the Left and Right.

Call me racist, I don’t make no BLM donations
I can stand with black folks without a branded corporation
All this systemic prejudice, if you live in this nation
You privileged, black or Caucasian

Except he says both Instagram and Facebook (part of the same mega company now known as Meta) censored first the sound and then the video itself.

The song is already a hit on social media, much like his previous releases. He’s generated 2.6 million views on YouTube in just four days.

Tom MacDonald - "Names"

That isn’t the only place where “Names” is gaining traction.

This reporter visited both Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms currently allow users to play the audio and video tied to “Names.”

MacDonald has a sizable army of fans, and Big Tech platforms often backtrack when pressed by right-leaning news organizations or extreme fan feedback.

It’s possible each blocked the track initially and then had a change of heart. Or, the rapper understands’ his fans’ grievance with modern censorship and got creative with his marketing push.

MacDonald remains an independent voice able to compete against the biggest stars in music. He belongs to no label and lacks a fancy PR arm to promote his work. His girlfriend, Nova Rockefeller, directs his inventive music videos.

Then again, what label would embrace a star who defies the far-Left as aggressively as MacDonald? This line from “Names” alone might infuriate most record executives:

Social justice warriors destroyin’ us with woke ways
Mad because they voted for the POTUS with the most hate (Hmm)

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