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Tom MacDonald Doubles Down on Aldean’s ‘Small Town’ Rage

Rapper's 'American Flags' celebrates bare-knuckled patriotism, slams woke mob

Tom MacDonald’s reaction to Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” couldn’t be more clear.

Hold my beer.

The rapper is known for his plain-spoken rants that bounce from Left to Right and back again. His willingness to speak freely and boost those who do the same won him plenty of conservative fans.

Now, he’s taken the baton from Aldean, who caught serious heat for his song eviscerating the violent BLM/Antifa protests that roiled the country following George Floyd’s death three years ago.

MacDonald ups the ante on Aldean’s muscular anthem.

Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun - "American Flags"

The music video for “American Flags” dropped earlier today and quickly generated more than a half million views. The song featuring rapper/comedian Adam Calhoun offers a red-meat salute to the Stars and Stripes along with a heapin’ helping of patriotism.

It’s the kind of sentiment Heartland USA loves and your average blue city dweller finds “deplorable.” Consider the following lyrics:

My patriots the craziest, they ain’t afraid of breakin’ fists on faces
If you want a taste of this, no safety tip
The same mistake is ready to keep, I pray you miss
‘Cause if you don’t, they gon’ go wacko
Automatic gun smoke like tobacco
Never hit a lady but it’s pretty hard to tell if you’re a girl or a they, them, theirs, these, that, those
I ain’t never gonna take a knee for the anthem, smack em’
I don’t give a damn, can’t stand em’


Calhoun’s refrain is even more pugilistic:

Take a look inside my closet, you gon’ see way more than hangers
Hammers like I do construction, ammo, Imma shoot at somethin’
Why you think we own these guns? So we can just go do some huntin’?
You must not pay close attention
Government, they want division
Only treason if you lose, I guarantee we come out winnin’
Let my flag fly high like eagles
I went down for all my people
You can’t change me with procedures
I’m ‘bout freedom, you ‘bout evil
Leave you hangin’ from the ceilin’, like chandeliers in cathedrals
Never have the safety on, and when we run out we just reload

MacDonald’s songs never pull punches, but he’s upped the aggressive imagery in his latest track. Even his rapping speed is accelerated, with an edge to his already potent voice. And, of course, MacDonald takes a swipe at the “woke mind virus.”

Will he be canceled for his “American Flags?” It might not be possible.

He doesn’t have a record contract or traditional music trappings. He’s an independent artist who shoots his own videos, courtesy of Nova Rockafeller. He gets little love from traditional radio stations.

He speaks directly to the consumer, sans filter. Fans have gobbled up his songs in sizable numbers up until now. Chances are they’ll do the same with “American Flags” with or without media outrage.


  1. He’s a Canadian making money off of Americans who pretend to care about the flag, but wear it is Trump underwear, or put it on a poll to stab police officers on January 6th. .

    Just watch it realize this is a Canadian. Suckers

  2. Considering the left screams their hatred for America from every rooftop. Openly destroys our flag, kneels for the Anthem. It’s about time we fight back. I’m tired of leftists crapping on this country and tired of having to just take it. When we fight, they call us every -ist & -phobe in the books. Well, those words aren’t scaring us anymore.

    If you hate America, get the hell out.

    1. We hate ignorant bigots like you being in America, not America. People like you who can’t distinguish patriotism from xenophobia. Once you leave and join your fellow fascists in Hungary and Poland, we’ll love America just fine.

      1. Some people are clueless that what they’re doing is destroying this country. Those people do not love America. Many of them love nothing. Just a bunch of self-absorbed labelers who have low self-esteem and hope to create some form of personal relevance that might gain them a little clout. Sorry life sucked growing up, but most of us actually have loved ours and everyone in it until they created all this hatred.

      2. No you won’t, you locked in an ever tightening purity spiral and you will never be satisfied, the revolution never ends, it just ends for you when your no longer useful and are discarded. What flavourful of victimized are you? And finally just read The Gulag Archipelago.

    2. Oh no, our flag… Stupid f***ers who wrap themselves in the American flag and pretend to be tough guy patriots. Whining and crying about disrespect, blah, blah, blah. You probably lack the 6th grade education to even attempt to understand the constitution and what our founders meant.

    3. If only. Then we could get rid of the real racist, bigots out there! They know they’re soft, weak, and less than who they could have been and they actually want someone else controlling them because they cannot control themselves.

    4. You’re profoundly non-patriotic, so maybe you should leave and come back when you understand that being able to express your opinion is one of the foundational American rights. That you wish to deprive others of that right because you disagree is what Nazis do. You’re not one of those are you?

  3. You forgot the most important part – he’s a Canadian citizen. No US citizenship (although he claims on TikTok he’s going to get it “soon”)

    1. Every society in human history that embraced sexual androgeny, corrupted morality, victimhood, weakness, and hedonism…was slapped down hard by Alpha-centric traditionalists. Sometimes it brought age of peace and prosperity. Sometimes it brought the Taliban. If you’re an emotional cripple that doesn’t know what gender you are, and wants feelings to be held above the standards of nature, deal with it personally, privately. Because if you push it upon everone…the reaction will be extreme because nature always asserts itself. Men need to be men, women need to be women. The state must interfere as little as possible in people’s autonomy.

      1. Typical response from an intellectually stunted, morally bankrupt, psuedo tough guy

      2. What do you do for society?…other than sit like us and make opinions based off of social media?!?

    1. That’s all you live do is judge others and then blame the MAGA republicans for there racism. When not a shred of proof of racism from trump. But there is tons of evidence the dems are racist. Tons.

    1. Yea I can see how a soy boy would say that. If y’all hate this country so much why not go live somewhere where you can be told how to live. That’s what y’all really want. To be told how to live and how much money we can make. This is the USA. Greatest country in the world. If you don’t believe us go try and live somewhere else. Just ask the basketball woman who got arrested in Russia how much she missed America. Mr dumass

    2. Please. Clowns? Maga? Trump?
      Instead of screaming out you hate, why don’t you do something positive and helpful for others not as lucky as you are.

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