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Tim Robbins: ‘Orwellian’ COVID Rules Based on Politics, Not Science

Oscar winner tells Russell Brand how he saw the light on media bias

Tim Robbins fell for the media’s COVID-19 narratives hook, line and sinker. But not for long.

The actor/director came out earlier this year against vaccine mandates for his fellow thespians, understanding it made little sense given what we’ve learned about the medication.

The jab doesn’t stop the spread, nor does it prevent the recipient from getting the virus.

Now, he’s taken that learning curve public, courtesy of Russell Brand’s 6+ million YouTube subscribers.

The Covid Redemption with Tim Robbins

Robbins, one of Hollywood’s most consistently progressive voices, revealed how he initially followed the government’s COVID-19 protocols and silently shamed anyone who didn’t. Then he traveled to England in 2021 and saw many people defying those orders.

He predicted death and destruction would follow. Except it didn’t. And that’s when his awakening began.

He later joined an anti-lockdown protest in New York City, noting how the media’s description of the protesters didn’t match the reality.

These weren’t hateful bigots on the streets. It was fellow liberals recoiling against government overreach and media misinformation. That led him to publicly distancing himself from the art-world mandates via Twitter.

“We became aware of the idea that the vaccinated could spread [the virus] and catch it like the unvaccinated … to continue the policy of lockdowns or mandates after that didn’t seem to be following the science. It was following a political agenda. That’s where I really started to have problems with it,” Robbins said to Brand, who has been tracking pandemic misinformation for months on his YouTube and Rumble accounts.

Robbins, his inner liberal starting to emerge, noticed other “Orwellian” signs tied to the pandemic. He saw official bodies changing the meaning of established words like “vaccine” and denying, against the scientific consensus that natural immunity mattered.

“The fact that there were these changes of definitions … my alarm bells went off. I wondered, what is going on?” he asked. “In the past natural immunity was one of the building blocks to moving forward,” he said, questioning why the scientific community, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, dismissed it.

He also questioned why entire communities locked down, a policy that clashed with previous dictates.

“The WHO changed its protocol on virus outbreaks,” he said. “In the past you locked down the vulnerable,  but you let society go on so it can build its herd immunity. This was changed as well. We went into lockdown with healthy people and children.”

Robbins acknowledged he lacks the medical background to fully process evolving research on viruses. He’s still aware of how the lockdowns and misleading policy pronouncements impacted his fellow Americans.

“We turned into tribal, angry vengeful people .. and I don’t think that’s something sustainable for the Earth,” he said, noting how some (including Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern) suggested the unvaccinated weren’t worthy of hospital beds, let alone treatment.

He noted how that differed with drug addicts who, through their own toxic choices, became critically ill.

“We take care of them … we save their lives. We’re compassionate,” he said. That wasn’t how many viewed the vaccine-hesitant masses. 

“This turned into, ‘you should f***ing die because you have not complied. It’s incredibly dangerous.”


  1. I was infected early on before the vaccines. Not all in the healthcare industry were comfortable with the vaccines. The first person who told me she “wasn’t taking an experimental technology with no longitudinal studies” was my CVS pharmacist. It was the moving of the goal posts and Fauci’s serial lies that made me hesitant. I determined from a cost benefit analysis that I could deal with a 1% mortality risk and bank on my natural immunity. That turned out to be true as I had asymptomatic omicron later.

  2. Russel Brand is from London, UK (just outside London in Essex actually but he lives in London). I know a lot of people who know him personally and he’s well known to be a very poor judge of character, naive and idiolistic in his personal life. e.g. He was paying the medical bills of a conman called Paul One Love. If you’ve ever met Paul he’s clearly a liar and a complete bulls****er and you can see that within 1 minute of meeting him (we all know the type of person I mean). He was on the dole but works, still takes drugs, has sex with his sponsees and all manner of other sketchy things. But Russel was taken in by him and believed his lies because he WANTS to believe. The reason I say this is because I do not think Russel (based on what people have said) is a bad person and his heart is the right place but he’s naive and doesn’t realise that he is. He’s been used and believes idiotic things.

  3. Changing the definition of Vaccine was a huge indicator for me. I noticed it early in 2021. Had this been described as a “shot” from the beginning, MAYBE the public would have had more trust. Changing shot to vaccine was a HUGE mistake.

  4. Several things
    1) Russell Brand jumped onto the anything and everything is a conspiracy money-making machine and is milking it like a cult leader.
    1) Robbins acknowledged he lacks the medical background to fully process evolving research on viruses.
    Yup and that puts him and most of us at a knowledge disadvantage.
    3) He’s still aware of how the lockdowns and misleading policy pronouncements impacted his fellow Americans.
    All timelines and persuasions of such misleading pronouncements?
    4) “We turned into tribal, angry vengeful people .. and I don’t think that’s something sustainable for the Earth,”
    We have been such people since the beginning of time. Robbins and Brand know this. It is not a secret. Fortunately there are periods of time when more of us try our damnedest not to be.
    5) Tell the hospital personnel who had to deal with the never ending sick and dying this “seeing the light”. 9 out of ten would gladly knock out your lights,

    1. If you’re one of the medical personnel that want to control and order around the entire world then I know quite a few that would gladly knock out your lights. Try your best, you will be met with extreme resistance. The medical industry is quite perhaps the most corrupt and evil in the entire world. Is that where your paycheck comes from?

  5. I am shocked he could be this STUPID or that it too THAT LONG for him to WAKE UP ! This is a man who use to socialize with Gore Vidal one of the smartest men to ever walk the earth! No wonder Susan left him! What a moron!

  6. He privately shamed and cancelled them when he thought they were hateful Republicans protesting but when he saw they were loving liberals, he was ok. Who is the one politicizing?

  7. Robbins saw the light…but only after it was shoved in front of his face. Perhaps if he started thinking through things instead of listening to the echo chamber, he would find that many of his pet perceptions are merely reflections off the bubble he lives within.

  8. I think I was 13 years old when I completely understood that the government world of adults was staffed by pathological liars. That was 45 years ago. I think Tim is a little slow on the upchuck, to put it mildly.

    1. A young man that is not a liberal has no heart, an old man who is not a conservative has no brain. Congratulations Tim, better late than never.

  9. See it every day at work. Most have finally stopped wearing the masks. But a few, mostly those in their 20’s, still refuse to take them off. Those in the low 20’s were first in line for the boosters when they were offered at work. I’ve noted it’s the youngest or the most far left that are still clinging to fear. And also, the first to attack others that don’t comply. It’s frightening to be honest. We are seeing the rise of our own version of the Brown Shirts.

    1. I’ve thought he was a d*** for many, many years for being a rabid liberal, but he is a big deal in movies, and in a lot that I like. That said, the upside to being a rabid liberal (dated Susan Sarandon for 20+ years, if that tells you anything) is that his awakening, short of red-pilling, shows that the narrative is falling apart even among the kind of people who would hold fund-raisers for 0bama or a Clinton.

      1. boom. some wish to believe everything they’re told. and worse, become foot shoulders for the government. “where’s your mask?!!!” useful idiots indeed. so for on of them to break free says a lot.

      2. It’s adorable that you guys think you’re revolutionaries for freedom by refusing wear a mask or wash your hands. “Freedom” is just another word for “gotta be a dick whenever and wherever possible.”

    2. You would not know a great actor if you fell over one! Tim is actually waking up and using his brain to think for himself. A trait that very few people use these days.

    3. He’s not a b-list Hollywood actor at all. He’s a movie director mostly and his film The Shawshank Redemption is a classic.

    4. I don’t take into consideration whatever makes Tim Robbins newsworthy! He is TELLING the TRUTH! The truth
      multiple millions of us have learned the hard way! Why are YOU COVERING for the groups that LIED to us and
      treated us like mindless CATTLE?! You should be ashamed at your condescension!

  10. This episode of “sanity” will probably be short-lived. He is what he has become and this means nothing because his fellow”thespians” are in lockstep with the insanity and he will be pressured by these folks to get in step.

    1. Speak for yourself. Some of us are still hurting over the damage done to our lives for making our OWN health decisions. It is none of your business if I choose to forego medical treatment that does not impact you. The same group screaming “my body my choice” suddenly didn’t think I should be allowed ro make the choice for MY BODY. Hypocrite.

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