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Tim Pool Threatens Suit Against Bandcamp for Unchecked Censorship

Pool, Five Times August canceled as part of new, repressive reality

Another day, another Big Tech platform suppressing art.

Bandcamp, a major source for music lovers, removed the songs of podcast giant Tim Pool and veteran singer Brad Skistimas, better known as Five Times August.

Pool, host of the popular Timcast IRL, is mulling a crowdfunded lawsuit as a result.

“We’re in a different kind of political and cultural landscape,” Pool said during a recent Timcast IRL show concerning the current censorship wave. “We’re exploring a crowdfund and a potential class action [lawsuit].”

Pool expanded on this plan, noting how customers who purchased his music through Bandcamp can no longer access the tracks.

“I’m talking with a prominent lawyer on censorship issues,” Pool said, noting how rapper Bryson Gray previously got booted from Bandcamp. “The combined fan bases who purchased music through that platform is gonna be in the tens of thousands. It’s gonna be a huge lawsuit.”

Tim Pool Discusses Plan For MASSIVE LAWSUIT Against Woke Music Company, It's Time To Fight Back

Pool’s foray into music found instant success. Songs like “Only Ever Wanted” and “Will of the People” rocketed up the charts, buoyed by the artist’s sizable following.

Five Times August has been on the scene much longer, and his most recent work, “Silent War,” offers searing social commentary on the media, pandemic overreach and more.

"Sad Little Man" by Five Times August (Official Music Video)

Bandcamp removed the aforementioned  artists’ work without warning or explanation. Attempts to learn why the songs are suddenly gone have come up empty, to date.

That censorship proved similar to other Big Tech platforms. Kickstarter and Crowdfundr both booted campaigns by comic book writer Mike Baron without specifically sharing why his titles ran afoul of the company’s policies.

Twitter, under the old regime, routinely shadow banned voices without explanation.

Comedians also feel the Big Tech wrath for telling jokes that don’t fit the progressive worldview. Tyler Fischer’s Dr. Fauci bits have been stung by TikTok censors, for example, without explanation.

The “explanations” are simple, even if they’re rarely stated.

Big Tech and its progressive leaders want to promote conformity and silence debate. Stars who stir the pot, and question authority, increasingly find their voices silenced.

The censorship is akin to repressive regimes like China, which punish independent thought without clarification. That leaves the canceled voice unsure of what he or she said wrong and more likely to self-censor moving forward.


  1. I thought band camp was ethical and that’s why I bought Pool’s last song genocide on the platform but a few days later when I went to download the song on my computer the account was there but all the songs were taken down, I tried emailing Timcast and Bandcamp and no one responded.

  2. And it’s just going to get worse. Big Tech and Megacorps are so powerful it’s nearly impossible to fight them. Since the American government is on the side of corps and censorship, not much can be done. The reason they don’t tell anyone why they censored creators is to not give ammunition for a lawsuit. Vague terms of service are vague on purpose. And they can just use the “we’re a private company” defense.

    Also, stop calling them progressives. They are communists.

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