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Theo Von, Dana White Mock Peloton for Silencing RFK Jr.

Comedian shares why exercise company wanted to yank ads from 'This Past Weekend'

Theo Von is getting a crash course in Cancel Culture, with a minor in Big Tech censorship.

His unexpurgated chat with Roseanne Barr got censored by YouTube for Barr’s Holocaust-themed crack a few months back. Barr, who is Jewish, doesn’t hold back with her comedy, and the Google-owned company pretended her joke meant she didn’t believe the Holocaust happened.

Now, Von is sharing how another high-profile guest caused more problems for him behind the scenes.

Von invited UFC maestro Dana White on his “This Past Weekend” video podcast, and the two got into a discussion of sponsorships.

Dana White | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #470

White suggested shows should be aware of a sponsor’s beliefs before starting a long-term relationship meant to benefit both sides.

The conversation coaxed Von to share what happened when he invited presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy on his show earlier in the year. The candidate’s strong views on vaccines, particularly the COVID-19 boosters, have seen his opinions censored across select media platforms.

Something similar happened to “This Past Weekend.”

Two sponsors balked at Kennedy’s appearance on the show, according to the comic host.

“You need to take this episode down,” they demanded, according to Von.

White mocked the unnamed sponsors, defending Kennedy as a brilliant man who dares to ask hard questions.

“He’s a Democrat with common sense,” said White, whose prefers former President Donald Trump in next year’s election. “This is America. You can have whoever you f***ing want on your podcast.”


White shared how he faced similar pressure from a “big” UFC sponsor after he shared a pro-Trump video on his personal social media account.

“Take that down,” they said. White demurred, although he didn’t phrase it so eloquently.

“You vote for whoever you want to vote for, and I’ll vote for whoever I wanna vote for. That’s how this works,” White said.

White also defended his decision to partner with Bud Light, the brand that took a massive PR hit after aligning with trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney.

The UFC CEO said the company in question hires 65,000 American employees, supports U.S military veterans and reflects his personal values.

Later in the show, Von announced that one of the sponsors that demanded he remove the Kennedy episode was Peloton.

“Peloton sells stationary bikes, and they have a problem with Robert F***ing Kennedy,” White said.

Von and White proceeded to roast the company and its CEO, Barry McCarthy, for several minutes.

“You have to fight back. You’re gonna let that f***ing guy tell you what to do?” White asked Von.

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  1. Didn’t Peloton’s “wokeness” first come to light when it WOULD NOT ALLOW members to share the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon on its platform?! Uh, yeah…

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