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‘Ted Lasso’s’ White House Visit Proves Woke Is a Joke (Again)

Black journalist dressed down by press corp for trying to finally ask a question

The Left thinks conservatives who weaponize the word “woke” can’t even define what it means.

Fake News reports decried Bethany Mandel, the co-author of “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation,” for stumbling over the question recently, fueling the false meme.

Anyone seeking a solid definition of woke should look at the White House this week.

The principals behind the Apple TV+ smash “Ted Lasso” hit D.C. to discuss mental health issues. Yes, “Saturday Night Live” alum Jason Sudeikis and friends got access to the Biden administration because they star in a show that revels in happiness against all odds.

Ted Lasso Cast at the White House Press Briefing

The show is sweet and funny, an elixir for our troubled times. What that has to do with mental health, though, is anyone’s guess.

It’s hardly the first time the White House overlapped with pop culture. Remember Nixon and Elvis?

The bigger issue happened during the press briefing tied to the appearance. Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba tried to ask a question during the event and got shot down.


Ateba says he’s been trying to ask a question at the press briefing for months – seven, in total – without luck.

And he had enough.

What happened next? The White House press corps the same folks who let President Joe Biden tell some of the biggest whoppers in U.S. history without a fact-checking brigade savaged Ateba for speaking out of turn.

That ignores how press briefings often featured journalists shouting out questions during the last administration.

See the hypocrisy?

It gets worse, though.

Ateba is black. Some of the reporters shushing him down were white. Now, imagine if Ateba attempted to ask a question during the Trump years and several white reporters lectured him on decorum.

The outrage would lead the news cycle, and the Trump administration would be forced to make an apology or, at least, address the racially-charged insult.

Instead, nothing of the sort is happening. The White House press corps shut Ateba out and no one has raised any alarms over it – beyond some commentary from the right side of the political aisle.

It’s the epitome of the modern woke world. Woke is supposed to address so-called systemic racism, yet a black reporter straining to have his voice heard gets shouted down by his peers.

No outrage. No hashtag campaigns decrying systemic racism.


Ironically, Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson let Ateba share his side of the story. The same Carlson who is accused of being a white supremacist.

“So what has been happening in the White House is in the past seven months, I’ve done all the right things. I’ve not been called on. I’ve gone to [Jean-Pierre’s] office to seek meetings. She said that she would meet with me next year…

“I’ve sent questions about the Nigerian election, about, you know, the problems, challenges in Africa. And they’ve not called on me. Even as the vice president is going to Africa, even as the first lady, Jill Biden, went to Africa, even went to receive 50 African leaders for the U.S. African summit in Washington, D.C. The guy who covers the White House, the African guy who covered the White House, is looked down upon in the greatest country in the world, in the most advanced country, where freedom of speech is protected.”

None of this is new.

Remember how Morgan Wallen saw his career collapse after using the N-word once, in private, and not against a person of color? Yet First Son Hunter Biden texted the same noxious word repeatedly and faced zero repercussions.

Do you think politics has something to do with when woke is applied and when the mob stands down?

That’s rhetorical.

Woke is a joke, a politically-motivated cudgel to crush right-leaning voices under the guise of making a more just society.


  1. I assumed that the show cast was there to receive treatment from Dr. Jill Biden, the third greatest doctor in America.

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