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David Spade Seizes on Obama’s Ego … at Long Last

The 'SNL' grad hits the president where it hurts, while fellow comics run and hide

Ever since Obama entered the national scene, the word from comics was that he was a nightmare for political humor.

He was too good, too accomplished to mock. Heck, his cool factor alone made him invulnerable to late night quips.

It was nonsense, naturally.

Every politician has flaws, even if they aren’t as ripe as a Bill Clinton’s or a George W. Bush’s. Obama’s ego stood out as his vulnerable trait. There it was for all to see in Denver when he accepted his party’s presidential nomination. He addressed the crowd in front of what Reuters dubbed “a miniature Greek temple.” The scene should have made satirists salivate.

Instead, the meme that he couldn’t be mocked clung to Obama like a life vest. Comedians could have seen the obvious. They looked away instead or wrote punch lines to enhance his image.

Key & Peele - Obama's Anger Translator - Meet Luther - Uncensored

And Obama’s ego became more pronounced, more inescapable, in the years to come. Conservatives gleefully tallied up how many times he referenced himself in his speeches.

His administration slapped his image on everything from T-shirts to basketballs. He gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod as a gift in 2009. It wasn’t just any iPod. The gadget came complete with images of Obama and audio of some of his more notable speeches.

Still, crickets from the comic community.

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Then came the media appearances. It wasn’t just the occasional “Tonight Show” slot. He showed up time and again on “The View,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and any other show that would have him. He even sat down with faux interviewer Zach Galifianakis for that now infamous “Between Two Ferns” chat. He deigned to introduce a broadcast of the 1962 film classic “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

By the time Obama gave GloZell Green, best known eating Fruit Loops from a bathtub, an interview America let out one, long sigh.

Someone finally noticed this week. Was it Trevor Noah, Bill Maher or the team at “Saturday Night Live?” Surely HBO’s John Oliver found it first, right? We’re told he’s brilliant by a fawning press.

Joe Dirt: Snakes and sparklers HD CLIP

Turns out it was Joe Dirt himself, “SNL” alum David Spade, who made the call. And he isn’t even a political comic by trade. Spade’s comments to TMZ came after Obama appeared on the reality series “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.”

“A president should have a little more dignity … I realize Woodrow Wilson went on Dancing with the Stars once. But what president is doing reality shows? It just seems weird to me.”

“It just seems a bit thirsty for me, is all.”

Spade’s shot hit pay dirt. He didn’t directly attack Obama’s ego, just his insatiable need to go before every available camera to spread his message. It was close enough to shame his peers.

Will other comics pile on? Perhaps they’ll target Spade instead. No matter what happens, their dereliction of comic duty has been as obvious as Obama’s ego for some time.

UPDATE: Nothing worth mocking here, right? (From Obama’s official Twitter feed)


photo credit: NH, 8/19/07-8/20/07 via photopin (license)


  1. Remember the old fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Perhaps Spade is the kid who finally pointed out that the emperor is naked.

  2. This, too, will go down the memory hole. No one would want to deal with the social justice warriors that Organizing for America would turn loose on anyone who mocks the Lightbringer.

  3. Comics can’t mock Obama, they’ve be labeled as racists and not get the good gigs…or get invited to the right parties…of course, if the next president is a Republican, they won’t mock him because then they’d be labeled as bigots…yeah right, horseshyte!

  4. Can you blame the comics? They would be banned from all the right places if they made fun of Obama.

    It was so good having Bush around to dump on. Even if the humor wasn’t funny, was gross, and incited to violence, it was BUSH you were dissing. All the right people applauded. Life was good.

    What a sick society.

    1. So the characterization of comics as fearless truth-tellers speaking truth to power ain’t ‘zactly true, you’re saying.

  5. If riding a girls’ bike in mom jeans and a bulbous helmet didn’t bring on the guffaws, nothing will. Current comedians are simpering wimps.

    1. It’s literally a target -rich environment for Boingo the Not Magnificent
      Just laugh at his “golf” game, best described as hackers who duff a lot
      Or “basketball” That is fall down materiel, the loser can’t even hit free throws. Can you imagine him trying one on one? He’d have half the bones in his upper body shattered, with his physique (if you can call it that….)

    2. It was all part o the “If you make fun of Obama, you are racist” meme. It worked for a long time. It will never work again.

      I really want Hillary to trot out the “War on Women” meme. If might take a Trump to shut that down because Jeb would not deign to say anything, but plenty of non politicians will.

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