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‘Sound of Freedom’ Eyes Stunning $20 Million Debut

Child-trafficking thriller offers ultimate counter-programming to summer fare

The summer’s biggest disappointment – and sleeper – are hitting theaters within days of each other.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” earned a measly $60 million at the U.S. box office over the weekend, combined with a lackluster global bow. Those numbers, paired with the film’s reported $295 million budget, mean Dr. Indiana Jones rides off into retirement in the red.

Meanwhile, a fledgling film studio’s second major release looks to score an impressive debut with a story unlike anything in the summer film marketplace.

Sound of Freedom,” starring Jim Caviezel in a fact-based tale of child trafficking, already locked in $10 million in pre-sales before today’s official release. Angel Studios’ aggressive, pay-it-forward policy means it’s a likely hit before it graces a single screen.

Sound of Freedom | Theatrical Trailer | Angel Studios

The news is even better for the studio, which expanded beyond its small-screen offerings (Dry Bar Comedy, “The Chosen”) earlier this year with “His Only Son.”

The far-Left Deadline predicts “Sound of Freedom” will earn $20 million in its first six days of release on 2,600+ screens. That’s far fewer than “Dial of Destiny” (4,600) as well as south of most major film releases.

“Sound of Freedom” represents the ultimate in summer movie counter-programming. It’s serious, sober and a far cry from roller-coaster-style movies like “The Flash” and “Fast X.”

“Time and again, Angel fans have proven that they’ll support films that are entertaining and inspiring, and ‘Sound of Freedom’ is no exception,” said Jared Geesey, SVP of Global Distribution for Angel Studios in a statement. “We are now closer to our goal of selling two million tickets this opening week to symbolize the two million children who are trapped in the horrors of trafficking each year. ”


The film isn’t getting much help from Rotten Tomatoes.

The release isn’t featured in the “new and upcoming” section on its front page. The slideshow-like gallery showcases 20 films (both obscure and mainstream titles) but leaves “Sound of Freedom” out.

The site’s critical roundup, as of early July 4, stands at an impressive 85 percent/99 percent “fresh” rating from critics/audiences.

Variety gave the film a hearty recommendation, but not before attacking both Christians and conservatives in its review.

“Sound of Freedom” has been heavily marketed on right-wing media, like Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, and — one of the grand subtexts of all of this — in taking on the issue of the horrific criminals who kidnap and traffic children, the film could be seen as adjacent to the alt-right paranoia that was originally stoked by 4Chan and QAnon: the wing-nut conspiracy theory about a Washington, D.C., pizza parlor being a front for a pedophile ring, extending into the larger conspiracy theory that says that the culture of liberalism is a racket to protect and cover up the actions of pedophiles.

Child trafficking is a shocking and sad reality, which means the critic’s tangent makes no sense.

That hardly seems to matter for “Sound of Freedom,” a fact-based story on track to give Summer 2023 its biggest sleeper success story.


  1. “culture of liberalism is a racket to protect and cover up the actions of pedophiles”

    This sounds more like an admission and confession than a refutation, thus they have tainted their recommendation as I stated in my previous comment in the other article. They can’t bring themselves to like this movie because of associations with the Right that they further associate with the Alt-Right. Next thing, they’ll call it a GamerGate conspiracy.

    1. Absolutely. This movie was movie and heart wrenching and Jim Caviezel was brilliant. Tim ballard is a true hero .Everyone should see this movie

      1. Agree I loved it and would see it again. I think the even Christians refuse to see for fear of their own selfish reasons..

        1. Way to make it NOT about sex trafficking. This isn’t a Christian-nonChristian topic. This is about evil. Something everybody should want to stop.

    2. Amen! For anyone to criticize anything that hAs to do with the vile atrocities surrounding children being trafficked for labor, sex, organ harvesting and child sacrifice, yes you didn’t misunderstand me! I said child sacrifice and organ harvesting!! The sick perverts and pedophiles people can’t understand or imagine if they don’t believe in God because this is of the devil.

      1. My wife, as a 3 year old prayed for god to come and rescue her from a church member whose wife baby sat her and her siblings. He performed oral sex on a 3 year old that wrecked her jaw for the rest of her life. She’s had six jaw surgeries and a titanium jaw replacement that has lead to a life of constant pain. She’s 65 now and is going back to the surgeon again for severe TMJ pain. Sorry, ain’t got no time for an imaginary guy in the sky. We’re on our own and hopefully the next child that’s being raped is saved, but isn’t gonna be by any god..

    3. Well put PP! Honestly, I’m surprised they even allow comments on here. This article showed up on my Google recommend feed which connects to dots between big tech and Hollywood! This movie needs to be shared far and wide. God’s children are not for sale….. Powerful statement indeed.

  2. I watch a lot of movies when they first come out. Some are good many are lousy. This is the best movie of 2023. I actually enjoyed it more than Indiana Jones. That is now my second favorite movie of 2023. Yes, my wife cried throughout the movie and I even heard others around me crying. It is a riveting incredible movie. The reason it is so amazing is that it is a true story. The person Tim Ballard is a modern day hero like no other. Please see this movie and join a movement to help those victims portrayed in the movie. The movie is over and my household is still talking about it when we got home. Incredible. . . Go see it!

    1. It is truly a great movie and well done. Hopefully it will wake some up to the fact of what is really going on in the Child Sex Trafficking world. When I went this evening it was nearly a Full house .If you are going for an action packed shoot em up movie. This not the one you want to see. But it is really inspiring. And God Bless them for getting this out there .They hit so many road blocks trying to get this out. It was finished in 2018 and they were just now able to show. But not without a battle.

  3. Will they donate to help in this. They did made a movie about it. We know it’s out there. Can this movie help the reality of what going on with this defenseless children. Can this movie help the rest of them. It’s truly up to humanity now or is there more pedophiles out there? Children are our future.

    1. The man gave up his job and works with many many people to fund the mission work of Operation Underground Railroad. They have to pay to produce the movie and get it into theaters, but I am sure they are going to use whatever they gain to help children. They have been fundraising for years, the movie was produced in 2018 and they had to buy it back from Disney who shelved it when they bought 20th Century Fox in order to release it five years later. They’ve sacrificed a lot for children and to tell Miguel and Rocio’s story.

      1. I am1 of 4 owners of, a registered non profit. Artists Against Sex Trafficking and Exploitation. Buy items there. 100% goes directly to Tim Ballard / Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). Also I will send the link to donate directly to OUR. It costs about $3,500 to rescue 1 child. I’m also one of 9,500 volunteers on their behalf.
        Angel Studios owns the movie now, not Tim. Jim Caviezel and Tim have been hitting the Christian based podcasts World wide. If you’re doing nothing, you’re part of the problem! Rise Up! 7-30 is World Trafficking Awareness Day. Make an impact.
        Susie Webster

        1. Maybe instead of spending 14 million on a movie they should have spent the money actually saving kids

          1. Disagree! This movie has brought awareness to thousands who are now seeing the evil underbelly of the beast who consumes children for profit. This movie has opened my eyes. I now see what’s behind the curtain. It’s motivated me to invest my time and money to save our precious children from this atrocity. And there will be many like me. This is how you build a grassroots army. Kuddos to all who pushed to get this movie into theaters!

          2. The arts are a way of informing people about what is happening in the world; the arts have been informing us for centuries. Before there was twitter or facebook there was Vermeer, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Fra Angelica, Tanner and many more. There is a place for and value in this movie.

    2. If you didn’t know about the real facts about the making of this impressive movie, this is a true story, based on true facts, this is what’s going on right before our eyes, but goverments, governors,and high ranked officials are turning a blind eye side.

    3. The man the lead character is based on has started an organization called Operation Underground Railroad. They have saved thousands, the youngest was 19 months old, the oldest I believe is 81 yrs old. The human trafficking, especially with children, is absolutely horrific. I hope that this movie is able to bring these atrocities to a more public light so that people don’t continue to believe they are just conspiracy theories.

  4. This movie reflects the very sad reality that we live in everyday. This has been going on way to long as a result of the Deep State, The Cabal, The US GOVERNMENT and all governments tied to, and participating in these evil, and sickening activities, driven by satanic principles. All involved WILL PAY THE PRICE ! Military tribunals will end this.

    ALL citizens / brothers and sisters MUST be active in saving OUR future. SAVE THE CHILDREN ! THEY ARE OUR FUTURE.

  5. Extraordinary movie in a sea of Hollywood mediocrity and worse. Terrific acting, terrific edge of your seat real storyline, heartbreaking reality. May this be used to help save the children , humanity and the World from such evil. Boycott Disney and the other studios, who refuse to do the right thing and show these films.

    1. Yes. Everyone that turns a blind eye to this horror should be held responsible by the people. Us. The whole world must come together to stop this. How can our Government allow this to happen? Build that damn wall asap! These innocent children should be brought to America to live not to be some sick adults toy. Stand up and fight for the children of the world.

  6. Dear God please help the children. Many go missing everyday and are sexually, mentally, physically tortured then are used for adrenacrome and organs. The evil is deep and right in our faces. Time to fight for the survival of the children. ❤️

  7. Absolutely. This movie was movie and heart wrenching and Jim Caviezel was brilliant. Tim ballard is a true hero .Everyone should see this movie

  8. I saw this movie and it was touching. I dated someone who transitioned herself out of adult entertainment. I provided a lot of emotional and mental support to her for over a year and a half. After an intervention she’s in a much better place. She was a victim of a kidnapping and got into meeting her first trick online at age 16.

    It’s the best movie of 2023 no doubt.

  9. I went to see it with my husband and sister. It is a powerful movie to watch! There were moments that everybody in the theater wanted to cry. It was done in a tasteful way to show the horrific abuse that children suffer in the hands of pedophiles. Highly recommend it, overall the best movie of 2023! We all need to do our part and raise awareness to the disgusting issue of child trafficking! I even ordered the t-shirts saying “Gods children are not for sale”. Do not worry that it will be graphic because there are no scenes showing any abuse. God bless Tim Ballard for being a real life hero!

  10. You mean Michael Knowles, not the Ben Shapiro. He’s a shill, controlled opposition and a person that mocks Jesus.
    Jim Caviezel is the opposite of Ben Shapiro, warm, genuinely a kind person, while Ben Shapiro is a cold, shrewd, snobbish, money first.

  11. Eyeopener that will bring you to tears. You will leave heartbroken and angry. The most memorable line in this movie..
    “God’s children are not for sale”…..

    1. The problem is God’s children ARE for sale. This is what we must understand and stop.

  12. This movie get to the heart of children being exploited and we must not continue to turn a blind eye to this horrible crime being brought against our children. Wake up people, let’s help in sny way we can.

  13. Amazing eye opener!! Never imagined our country being the #1 in this horrible crime of sex trafficking our children!!!!

  14. Does make you wonder if perhaps the pizza parlor story was true after all. Hollywood has and is covering for the pedophiles in its midst and always has, who is kidding who here. The problem with liberalism is that it knows no bounds and leads to very dark places. Nothing new here, just reminding folks of “the evil that men do”.

    1. Equating Liberalism to Pedophilia and pushing a conspiracy theory in a view to a movie for a political cause is exactly why no one can trust or take you weirdo Conservatives seriously.

      1. It is better for you to tie cement to your leg and jump in a lake then to support ANYTHING against God’s children…is not word for word, but it is in the Bible… if you are still alive and reading this then you still have time to repent…

      2. You’re calling conservatives weirdos? Lmfao. It’s liberals who have whitewashed pedophiles by calling them minor attracted person and can’t even define a woman. Who’s the weirdo?

  15. You can see it free by taking advantage of those who are paying it forward and buying tickets for those who cannot afford them. You can claim the tickets at and going down to the “claim your free tickets” link. God bless the children of the world

  16. The Variety review and comments about far right wing conspiracy theories, QAnon and Pizzagate, shows no regard for the child victims portrayed in the true story, The Sound of Freedom. Hollywood is deeply in involved in child trafficking and and satanic rituals involving children. It’s no wonder, they would write a cover piece as their review. Mel Gibson said “Hollywood is a den of parasites, who feast of the blood of children.” He wasn’t allowed to make a movie, since The Passion of Christ” Hollywood and other Global Elites are the ones who purchase these poor innocent children, for sex, satanic rituals and sacrifices. You need look for further than ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and his Crackhead son.

    1. When all sorts of other sexual deviance is now being called normal, did anyone really think that pedophilia was going to be kept locked in Pandora’s Box? Short of God stirring a revival here, the U.S. has reached the final stages of decline before its collapse. We’re mirroring the same path as other prominent Western Civilizations throughout history like Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

  17. I have not been to a movie in a long time. I have been waiting about 4 years to see this film and its important message to the world. All countries and governments are guilty of profiting off these trafficers. I hope this movie reaches everyone. I live in Appleton Wi and proud to say all shows were sold out . Not a dry eye left this movie grown men with tears as their eyes were opened to the horrors of our evil world. I worry about this Trans movement as the real pedos out there wring their hands as these kids promote this evil to children for them. We have to stand and SAVE THE CHILDREN. This movie needs to be shared and talked about this film had so many roadblocks, so glad it finally made it to the masses. I paid it forward with a free ticket. I am not a rich person and live very frugal but another senior ticket I could afford.

  18. This movie presents the truthful reality of the tragic, heart breaking, demonic epidemic taking place in our country and throughout the world. This is nothing short of barbaric child slavery. It must and can be stopped if we educate people and work together to take action and do what God is calling us to do.

  19. I love the variety review. It’s horribly wrong, but it brings up several evils in this world being done. The movie sound of freedom does so too. Their review nicely links it all together. Those suffering from cognitive dissonance wont be fazed, but those on the verge of waking up may be. I look forward to seeing this movie this weekend. It’ll be a 4 hour drive, but I expect it will be good.

  20. Our entire family attended “Sound of Freedom” last night. The film’s message was firm, “God’s children are not for sale”.
    Additionally, the film was moving in so many ways; great cinematography, plot, action packed etc.. The theatre was sold out!
    An especially great moment happened at the end of the film when the crowd erupted in applause. I honestly cannot remember a movie where the audience showed their approval so vigorously.. We pray for Tim Ballard, his entire crew, his family and the great Jim Caviezel. Kudos to Jim for his willingness to put himself out there and to be an example to other actors. Out hope is that more actors will follow his lead and take a stand to follow God and not just money and fame.

  21. Seriously? How many of those 20 Million $ tix were given away for free? Probably at least 75% . I myself got two free tickets to last nights showing at a local theatre, and when I went in I saw “Asteroid City” instead. And yet they count my two tickets as part of the Box Office for this movie…LOL

  22. It is good to see a movie that focuses on liberal left wing ideals. It is very progressive, but it does not focus enough on Christian views. But I think all liberals will enough itm I can see right wing conservatives getting upset over it, but liberals will enjoy it as it shares our values.

  23. I saw the movie. I thought it was very moving. I love Jim Cavezial (sp?). It was very hard to watch due to my own abuse I received as a child. I was very determined to watch it despite that fact.

  24. I took my grandkids and friends to see it yesterday and will take my daughter in laws on Saturday. We must open the eyes of those who are in denial of horrible things being done to children.
    God bless you all

  25. Incredible movie from the second it began until Jim Caviezel’s personal message at the end. Sadly though it only scratches the surface. Do a little deep diving and you’ll learn the atrocities are taking place all day every day…right under our feet. Literally

  26. THANK YOU, Jim Caviezel and rest of cast. God Bless you, Keep You and may He shine HIS light on you! This movie was exceptionally well made. The actors delivered the message, I could not stop weeping and yet thanking God for having true heros like Tim Ballard. He’s doing God’s work. I loved this movie very much! Thank you, Jesus!

  27. Steve, you truly must have a despicable lack of ethic and can only be a miserable being (note absence of “human”) who brags about ripping off well-,meaning, generous donors by failing to attend the intended. film! I pity you and will pray that God’s goodness will affect you in a positive way, so that you learn to have empathy for others.

  28. This movie is anything but fact-based. Tim Ballard is a proven liar and has actually caused more harm to children. This movie is just Qanon drivel and meant to bolster the reputation of a charlatan.

  29. This is a must see. No matter your religious (or non-religious) beliefs or political leanings. I didn’t see anything that would lean to either side in the movie. It’s emotional, but not gratuitous. It’s heart wrenching, but hopeful. It has the earmarks of an “action thriller” but is a true story. It’s one you will remember for a long time.

  30. God’s children ARE for sale! We have allowed this to continue. Hopefully this is a wakeup call.

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