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Will Social Justice Warriors Target These Next?

Yes, those Social Justice Warriors are having a busy May, trying to force their values on pop culture touchstones embraced by the masses.

With Daniel Craig stepping away from the Bond franchise, SJWs are determined to cast “X-Files” alum Gillian Anderson as the next 007. Never mind that the character has been “manned” by seven different actors over the past 50 years.

Social justice must be done.

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And then there’s Captain America, the so-called first Avenger. The SJW brigade wants to cast aside the character’s romantic DNA to make him fall for his long-time chum, Bucky. Let’s ignore the buss Cap planted on the dishy blonde in “Civil War.”

Social justice must be done.

So what’s next? What other pop culture properties will be targeted by SJWs? Consider the following as ripe targets for a fresh hashtag battlefront:

  • Kirk and Spock: A New Frontier: This scenario actually predates our current social justice times. Fan fiction based on a Kirk-Spock romance is decades old. A third “Star Trek” film is coming this summer, so it’s too late to tinker with whatever its story has in mind. But don’t be surprised to see fans demand these iconic characters explore new romantic worlds in a fourth feature film.
  • Indiana Jones: The Last Caucasian: Harrison Ford will return as Indy in a fifth “Jones” adventure. What next? Clearly, an adventurer who travels the globe doesn’t have to be white, does he? In this case, the social justice warriors could have a point. Besides, Ford is simply irreplaceable as Indy. So if we must have more adventures from his iconic character, perhaps a very fresh start would be in order.
  • Rambo: Minutemen Beware: Sylvester Stallone’s second most famous role is never truly retired. He’s talked about bringing John Rambo back for some time. Chances are, though, he holds legal sway over the property and won’t take kindly to suggestions. That won’t stop SJWs, though. They may demand that not only Stallone let go of the character but make him fight a new enemy. Imagine Rambo opening fire on volunteer Minutemen who protect the U.S. border from illegal Mexican immigrants.
  • Die Hard: TransAmerican Hero: We’ve already seen one too many “Die Hard” sequels that failed to capture the glory of the original. Clearly, a reboot is in order. Why not go all the way? SJWs might insist the Bruce Willis character be changed to allow a transgender star to be caught barefoot and defenseless while baddies take over Nakatomi Plaza?
  • Logan’s Run: Female Utopia: the 1976 original served up a chilling premise. What if people were only allowed to live until their 30th birthday? Hollywood has been trying to remake the film for some time, with only serious progress being made late last year. Could SJWs sway the upcoming remake? Imagine a tale where men are no longer needed for human reproduction, but a rogue male is accidentally born and must be eliminated in case he sparks war, hatred or other masculine-based woes.


  1. The all-female Logan’s Run idea is actually a cliche that was driven straight into the ground in the Seventies, and nowadays only resurfaces in the worst SJW-driven science fiction writing (and believe me, there’s a LOT of awful SJW sci-fi out there!).

  2. I think that female Logan’s Run idea actually has some real promise as science fiction. Of course, the problem is that if made today the message would likely be that the society of women killing off men was right and men are terrible.

  3. Even non-Conservative film critics are on our side on this: “Geez, if they want to create a female answer to James Bond…create a FEMALE *ANSWER* to James Bond! Bond is a guy–that’s who HE is!” “Geez, if they want a gay superhero…MAKE ONE. Don’t rewrite a pre-existing one–HOW HARD IS THAT?!?”

  4. Logan’s Run: Female Utopia??? Nah, no matter what they say, the ladies will always want a little snu-snu.

    “And ladies like sex just as much as we do, guys, but they act like they don’t. But they do. There’s not a woman in this room that wouldn’t rather be somewhere else with a nice stiff one in them.”

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